Tbc CC-CRM evaluation


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Blog Review: http://saevolgo.blogspot.com/2012/12/call-center-solution-techincal-review.html
Review of a new innovative call center management platform.

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Tbc CC-CRM evaluation

  1. 1. Call Center & CRM Solution
  2. 2. ProfileTech Bridge Consultancy is a leading provider of technology services and solutions with aglobal presence in North America, Europe and Asia. We believe that innovation, quality,integrity and effective client partnership are the key to success.Since our inception in 2005, we have built a strong reputation as a technology leader, bypartnering with our clients to engineer high quality solutions which out-performexpectations. Through a balanced combination of a wide range of services, cutting edgeinformation solutions, dedicated professionals and a collaborative client-value approach;we help businesses realize success.Drawing upon 10 years of cumulative extensive project management experience, wetranslate strategies into creative, robust, and effective systems that leverage our clients’unique competitive advantage. Our mission is to build long term, mutually profitablerelationships with our clients, by providing products and services which meet and in mostcases, surpass expectations.
  3. 3. IntroductionThe Tech Bridge Consultancy Call Center Application provide a rich set offeatures, which fulfill the Sales & Marketing and Customer Support needs of anorganization and provide a very effective and easy start of a Call Centre with aCustomer Relationship Management system. Provide a Corporate Look to your organization Manage your departments effectively Manage your customer in a better way Monitor your customer calls effectively either a sales call or a customer support call. Will provide a detail information about Sales & Marketing efforts and Customer Handling Make it easy to take critical decisions It provides better control and centralized monitoring of calls Integrated CRM helps to manage client appointments on run time
  4. 4. FeaturesCall Center Development CRM Application In Bound Calls System Leads Management Out Bound Calls System Agent Management Call Recordings Agent Assignment to Campaigns Real Time Call Data Records Heard About Us Super Agent Panel Auto Dialer Voice Mails Auto Dialer Campaigns IVR Automation Leads Association with Campaigns Call Backs Campaigns Management Auto Dialer Marketing Campaign Analysis Call Forwarding Call Receiving Popup Automatic Call Distribution Potential Leads Live Call Monitoring Sales Rep Management Live Agents Monitoring Reporting Call Whispering Barg-in by Super Agent Outbound Calling with Desired CLI
  5. 5. Call Center Features
  6. 6. In Bound Calls System All calls will land on call center Agents will be able to receive call and answer customers against their queries. Manage your agent priorities. Agents take calls according to the priority Automatic call distribution facility
  7. 7. Out Bound Call System Agents will be able to call their customers using soft phone. Only the privileged users will be able to dial out for promotional purposes.
  8. 8. Call Recordings All inbound and outbound calls will be recorded and will be available for listening/monitoring and quality assurance purposes. These recordings can be used to trained new agents. Call Recordings can be used for future references as well. All calls will be saved till its purge time.
  9. 9. Real Time Call Data Records It will provide the real time call data records of all the calls which will make it easy to determine: Effectiveness of Marketing campaigns Customer trends
  10. 10. Super Agent Panel A custom interface designed for Agents Supervisor, Super Agent can perform following tasks.: Agents Live calls Call backs Auto Dialer Super agent will also be responsible to start, pause and stop auto dialer campaigns.
  11. 11. Live Call Monitoring Super agent can listen live calls of the agents Monitor and make points for the improvements of their agents.
  12. 12. Live Agent Monitoring Super agent can monitor their agents. Super agent will have a complete view that how many agents are logged in, busy and working effectively. Super Agent can kick off any agent at any point of time with a single click.
  13. 13. Call whispering Super Agent can listen any call using whisper functionality just with a click. Super Agent can talk to the agent only without being listened by caller if required.
  14. 14. Barg-in By Super Agent Super Agent can talk to the agent only Super Agent can takeover the call and talk to the agent and customer simultaneously.
  15. 15. Voice Mail Call Center Application provide a facility to the callers to leave a voice mail. Caller can leave a voice mail if there are off hours of the company If it is taking too long to connect to the agent then still caller can leave a voice mail. Voicemail facility will not let a company miss any caller.
  16. 16. IVR Automation(Interactive Voice Response) Custom IVRs can be played for caller ease. Provide callers a better service without the need of any human operator IVRs can be played in different languages. IVR’s is a good promotional tool which can be used effectively Through our Automated IVR system client can upload recordings as per their requirement Assign sequence to play IVR in a desired sequence.
  17. 17. Call Backs Facility to set a call back s for customers to call customers at their convenient time. Callback system will give alert to agent at the time of callback. Call backs will be monitored by the Supervisor as well.
  18. 18. Autodialer Effectively run outbound campaigns through autodialer. Client can create autodialer campaigns easily through the interface. Super Agent will start Autodialer Campaign. As campaign start it will detect how many agents are in queue and then start throwing calls according to the number of agents free to take call.
  19. 19. Call Forwarding Using the facility of Call Forwarding, client can set number forwarding to the desired numbers. Call Forwarding facility can be used effectively in off hours or on official holidays. Using Call Forwarding, calls will automatically route to the assigned number to take care of customers in off days or in after hours as well.
  20. 20. Automatic Call Distribution A key feature of call center application Maintain balance between calls and agents When the calls comes in it look for the priority agent to transfer the call In case agent is busy, put customer on hold and as soon as agent gets free transfer the call to the agent.
  21. 21. CRM Application Features
  22. 22. Leads Management Agents can create new Leads into the system & set appointments with the Customer through integrated scheduler. Agents can schedule appointment according to the schedule of customer and sales person.
  23. 23. Agent Management Administrator can create agent at any time. Administrators will able to manage agent privileges and can setup multilevel Call Center agents.
  24. 24. Agent Assignment to Campaigns (Inbound/Outbound) Administrator can assign agents with specific company Assign them with auto dialer campaign as well.
  25. 25. Heard About us Heard About Us functionality provides an interface to: Identify source of calls Source of the information Helps management take positive decision to focus on the marketing source providing heavy flux.
  26. 26. Autodialer Provides a facility to create unlimited number of campaigns in the system Associate and upload number of potential customer leads by just uploading CSV file into the system For one company there can be only one auto dialer campaign running at a time.
  27. 27. Campaign Management Administrators can manage their campaigns using CRM Application, Campaign Management module. They can add new campaign and assign agents to the campaign. Campaign Management module also offer campaigns, associated users/agents and generated leads monitoring facility.
  28. 28. Marketing Campaign Analysis Marketing Campaign Analysis is a very powerful tool for the higher management to see from which campaigns they are getting more effective results and what is the ROI of that Marketing Campaign.
  29. 29. Call Receiving Popup Whenever there is a call coming into the system and lands on a particular agent softphone, that screen will automatically be changed to an entry form for agent to enter details into the system of a customer who is calling. Automatically popup the existing caller information with the call.
  30. 30. Potential Leads There is an interface provided to all agents who are receiving and making calls, using that interface agents will be able to first build the list of the numbers to whom they want to contact and then by just clicking dial button system connect the call between agent and customer automatically
  31. 31. Sales Representative Management Through this system client can add their sales person into the application. When calls come in then agents can setup a physical meeting with the customer using their sales rep and by visually looking that in which timeframe the sales rep is free.
  32. 32. Reporting Administrative staff and super agent will be able to manage, print and monitor their respective campaign activities: Appointment Summary Report Appointment Detail Report Sales Report Campaign Analysis Report Live Call Detail Report Call Over 45 Second Report Missed Call Report Agents Summary Report Agent Detail Report (Agent Wise) Agent Activity Report (Company Wise) Daily Agent Reports Weekly Agent Reports Sales Summary Report
  33. 33. ResultsTime SavingGain in ProductivityHuge Reduction in CostsAgents have much happier WORK PLACESupervisors CONTROL System and AgentsLIBERATION from Manual SystemA complete monitoring of system through reports
  34. 34. Clients & Partners
  35. 35. Contact Tech Bridge ConsultancyOffice # 722, 7th Floor Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall, Main BLVD Gulberg III, Lahore Pakistan 54600 Tel: (92 42) 3577 4955 www.techbridgeconsultancy.com