How Open Data can help entrepreneurs - ITFest 2014 E2


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Introduction of open data to startup entrepreneurs at ITFest 2014 E2 seminar.

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How Open Data can help entrepreneurs - ITFest 2014 E2

  1. 1. How Open Data can help entrepreneurs Sammy Fung ITFest 2014 E2 on 2014/04/13
  2. 2. We want a better life with public data.
  3. 3. We want a easier way to access the public data.
  4. 4. Sammy Fung ● Software Developer – use and develop open source software. – Perl → PHP → Python. – own a startup of web and mobile technology. ● 15+ years in Open Source Communities. – started Linux User Group and few IT Communities since 1997. – organize and attend Open Source / Web / Mobile Conferences and Communities in Asia.
  5. 5. What is Open Data ?
  6. 6. 3 Laws of Open Data Three Laws of Open Government Data by David Eaves. 1.If it can't be spidered or indexed, it doesn't exist. 2.If it isn't available in open and machine readable format, it can't engage. 3.If a legal framework doesn't allow it to be repurposed, it doesn't empower.
  7. 7. 5 Star deployment scheme of Open Data 1.make your stuff available on the Web (whatever format) under an open license. 2.make it available as structured data (e.g., Excel instead of image scan of a table) 3.use non-proprietary formats (e.g., CSV instead of Excel) 4.use URIs to denote things, so that people can point at your stuff. your data to other data to provide context. by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web.
  8. 8. Before the age of Open Data
  9. 9. Programme List of Paid TVs in 2004
  10. 10. Web Scraping before Open Data ● Live TV program list for football matches on 2 Paid TV services. (2004 – first web scraper) ● Public Transportation (2006-2010) – No map view for bus route. – Poor map UI/UX design of Public Transportation Enquiry System. ● Weather – Auto check for any typhoon heading to HK. – Typhoon track map. – Tweet weather information.
  11. 11. WeatherHK ● ● hourly reports, daily forecasts, special warnings.
  12. 12. WeatherHK ● ● Interview by MetroPop in 2009.
  13. 13. TCTrack ● ● Plot TC current and forecast tracks over Google Map. ● Source: – JTWC – HKO
  14. 14. TCTrack ● ● First typhoon track map in Hong Kong using Google Map API. ● TCTrack -> WUHK -> HKO ● Web Scraping Sources: – HKO – JTWC
  15. 15. Open Data in Hong Kong
  16. 16. Open Data in Hong Kong
  17. 17. Open Data in Hong Kong ● Data.One – – released on 2011/3/31. – 43 datasets are available in Nov 2013. ● 18 JSON/XML datasets ● 10 RSS, 6 XLS, 4 CSV, 3 JPG/PNG, 2 HTML/MDB. – JSON/XML Examples: ● Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), Approved Charitable Fund-raising Activities, Restaurant and Food Licences, Marine Traffic (Arrival/Departure), Traffic Speed and Snapshot Images.....
  18. 18. Open Data from LegCo ● In October 2013, LegCo start to publish voting results of House Committe in XML. ● Not Data.One project. ● My open source software to convert from LegCo vote result XML to JSON. –
  19. 19. Before Open Data......
  20. 20. After Open Data....
  21. 21. Digital21 Strategy Public Consultation Document (G) Public Sector Information (PSI) as Default "34. Through different channels (like press releases, publications, websites, etc.), the Government releases a lot of information in different areas. However, most of such information can only be read but cannot be used. In view of the immense benefits of widening access to PSI for free and easy re-use, we propose to make all Government information released for public consumption machine-readable by default. Where appropriate, datasets will be released with application programming interfaces (APIs), providing predefined functions to make their retrieval easier." (G) 廣泛提供公共資料 "34. 政府透過不同途徑(例如新聞稿、出版物、網站等)發放大量不同範疇的資料。然 而,這些資料大都只可供閱讀而不能使用。有見開放公共資料以供免費再用可帶來巨大 效益,我們建議所有開放予公眾使用的政府資料都須以數碼格式編製。在適用情況下 ,資 料發布時會同時推出應用程式界面 ,以便提供預設功能, 讓公眾輕易地檢索資料。"
  22. 22. Digital21 Strategy Public Consultation Document "33. PSI datasets can be used and meshed together to create innovative new applications, as demonstrated by the creative and useful products and services developed from PSI in Hong Kong and around the world. For example, using PSI datasets on traffic snapshot images, a number of mobile apps have been developed to provide real-time traffic situation for users to avoid traffic jams in planning their traffic routes. Experience from other developed economies shows that widening access to PSI datasets can open up lucrative business opportunities and bring social benefits. By tapping the creativity of the community and entrepreneurs, the use of PSI can lead to positive social outcomes. For instance, in some cities in the United States, application of PSI on hygiene inspections has led to a significant drop in food poisoning incidents."
  23. 23. Digital21 Strategy Public Consultation Document "33. 由本港及世界各地利用公共資料所開發的實用創意 產品及服務所見 , 公共資料可個別及混合使用 , 以開發創 新的應用程式。例如 , 現時已有多個利用交通情況快拍 圖像的公共資料開發的流動應用程式 , 以提供實時交通 情況資料 , 讓使用者計劃行車路線 , 從而避開交通擠塞情 況。根據其他經濟體系的經驗 , 開放公共資料 , 供大眾廣 為使用 , 可開拓有利可圖的商機 , 並為社會帶來禆益。我 們可藉着開放公共資料 , 借助市民及企業家的創意來造 福社會。舉例來說 , 在美國一些城市 , 有關衞生檢查的公 共資料在開放使用後 , 食物中毒事故宗數大幅減少。 "
  24. 24. Digital21 Strategy Public Consultation Document "35. Apart from Government data, there are vast amounts of PSI handled, collected and disseminated by public organisations, which are equally useful for the development of innovative services and products. Therefore, we propose to encourage public organisations (e.g. public utilities and transport operators) to release data owned by them in machine-readable format." "35. 除了政府資料外 , 本港亦備有大量經公共機構處理、收集及發 放的公共資料 , 這些資料對開發創新服務及產品同樣有用。因此 , 我 們建議鼓勵公共機構 ( 例如公用事業及運輸機構 ) 發放以數碼格式編 製的資料。 "
  25. 25. Open Data in Taiwan
  26. 26. 台灣零時政府
  27. 27. Air Pollution Index
  28. 28. Moedict 萌典
  29. 29. Government Budget
  30. 30. Company Registry Lookup
  31. 31. Open Data at Web / Mobile Startup
  32. 32. Open Data at Web / Mobile Startup ● Many successful web / mobile startups provides API and data open to 3rd party developers and end users. ● Open Data – Data read by other computer programs. ● Open API – Data interchange – Application Programming Interface
  33. 33. Open Data at Web / Mobile Startup ● Use Open Data and APIs to create your products and services. – Web Applications. – Mobile Applications. – Social Networks. – Big Data.
  34. 34. Thank You!