Social Media For Small Business


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Social Media For Small Business

  1. 1. social media for small business ownersmay 2011 hosted by : colac otway shire council presented by: sam mutimer thinktank media
  2. 2. expectations• interactive• the more you give, the more you get back - ask great q’s!• share your experiences and frustrations• questions and answers• smiles• conversation• case studies - localised• listen, digest, be active in conversation• downloadable presentations on Colac Otway Shire council website and thinktank media thinktank media
  3. 3. what we will cover• definition of social media• opportunities for small business• benefits and risks• importance of strategy• monitoring/listening• tool identification• facebook case studies• twitter overview and live update• localised small business case study• questions and answers thinktank media
  4. 4. a few definitions...“Two-way digital conversations in which users co-create value by participating,” Ben Acott, Creative Director. “The platform where social connection, interaction and engagement takes place through content sharing andrelationship building,” Sam Mutimer, Director of Social Media. thinktank media
  5. 5. ‘the state of our nation’ thinktank media
  6. 6. so, how does it work? creates targeted connections • builds relationships leading to trust • sharing • authenticity shows your business caresTRUST = WORD OF MOUTH/LEADS/SALES thinktank media
  7. 7. end result a powerful community that will refer you on why? they have experienced a personal side to the business. they feel part of your brand. they trust yourbusiness...a radio/tv or online ad doesn’t give you this! TRUST = LEADS/SALES thinktank media
  8. 8. most social media leads are leads built on trust.they are usually warm leads as a connection has already been made with the brand, or positive word of mouth. leads from social media are more statistically trackable compared with traditional media, so ROI can be reported on far more effectively. thinktank media
  9. 9. social media stats and factsthe most prolific social media users in the world are in... australia thinktank media
  10. 10. 47% of social media users in australia have sold products or services through social media sitesfacebook is the tool of choice for sellers58% of sellers have sold through facebook optus report sept 2010 thinktank media
  11. 11. the state of our nation - mobile According to the AIMIA mobile survey, the proportion of respondents who own aNokia or Motorola handset has declined over the last few years, while those owning an Apple handset has increased dramatically. 24% of respondents used their mobile phone for banking at least on a monthly basis, compared to 19% last year.In September 2010, one third of Australians accessed the internet via their mobile phone in the past 30 days and 13 % accessed the internet via a handheld media device other than a mobile. thinktank media
  12. 12. small business benefits• brand awareness - creating targeted leads• creating brand advocates who will market the brand/product for you• increased search ranking in google/bing/yahoo• real-time communication - a fundamental shift in the way people communicate and share opinions• create excitement and involvement around the brand• warm leads and sales• customer service - quick and responsive communication• leading the pack in innovation• traditional and online media integration to grab attention for your business, through social media campaigns. thinktank media
  13. 13. so, where’s the opportunity for small business owners?only 18% of all organisations have a social media strategy. thus for those which need to understand more about the importance of social media here are a few statistics thinktank media
  14. 14. 1 in 2 australians use social networking sites, such as facebook or twitter.11% of the time australians spend on the internet is on social networking sites and each session on these sites range between 20 – 30 minutes in length. a few social networking sites user profile stats: facebook gender: 57% female / 43% male avg household income: 90% of users have a household income of above $75,000 linkedin gender: 62% male / 38% female. avg household income: $109, 703 average age: 41 years old thinktank media
  15. 15. these statistics demonstrate the “need” to be whereyour target market is spending their time on the web. In addition, it demonstrates the time people are investing in their online relationships. time that can often influence decisions on a range of topics and products. thinktank media
  16. 16. risks need to be taken seriously• not knowing what’s being said about your business (no monitoring) and not having any avenues for responding.• not publishing relevant content.• not publishing content frequently enough.• not managing the process correctly - “zero” policy (crisis management).• deleting or ignoring posts or comments.• leaving employees to their own free will without education on why your business is utilising social media. Communication of goals and what it means for them. How does it fit into their everyday life at your business? thinktank media
  17. 17. potential ramifications these can all lead to the brand being percieved as: • lazy • having a lack of care• a lack of understanding of what they are doing • a bad brand experience • a PR nightmare in minutes • negative word of mouth thinktank media
  18. 18. risk mitigation• how to clean up the spilt milk:• monitor - listen to who is saying what about the brand and where - eg. free - paid -• interact - respond in a timely manner.• strategy - develop a content and engagement plan.• crisis management plan - for example, to respond in a timely manner, on an identified platform (e.g. YouTube), with identified spokespeople (e.g. business owner, employee, community manager/agency account manager, CEO).• deal with the situation head on - be honest, authentic and transparent. thinktank media
  19. 19. tools we’ll coverfacebook & twitter thinktank media
  20. 20. facebook• central hub to build up strong community of followers• viral nature - i.e. news feed• close and continuous contact with clients/customers/potentials/fans• incentive offerings• campaigns and competitions (within facebook rules) look at iframe/ third party• advertising opportunities to increase fans• channel where you can gain a meaningful insight into your market thinktank media
  21. 21. facebook page setup demo(always have purpose/objectives/strategy) thinktank media
  22. 22. facebook insights thinktank media
  23. 23. so, what’s the most successful way to run a social media program? 7 stage approach thinktank media
  24. 24. stage 1 listen, monitor,measure, analyse thinktank media
  25. 25. stage 1 know where your market are (what platforms e.g. facebook/forums, etc). know what they are sayinghow they are saying it - sentiment - trending words thinktank media
  26. 26. free tools: socialmention.comtwitter search: google alerts: paid tools: thinktank media
  27. 27. demo of social mention thinktank media
  28. 28. stage 2:social media strategy thinktank media
  29. 29. develop a flexible strategy - 3-6 months for what purpose are you using social media? how are you going to measure this? set goals/objectives what tactics will you employ? what platforms will you use? what resources do you have available? - staff/time/budgethow will you intergrate social media into other marketing/comms channels? thinktank media
  30. 30. stage 3:policy, crisis management, style & content guide thinktank media
  31. 31. not a massive one for small business however always have a:basic crisis management plan - who will respond, on what platfrom and in what timeframe? basic employee policy - do’s and don’ts style guide - how does the business want to be portrayed? what words will the business use, in what tone/style? thinktank media
  32. 32. stage 4:set up and brand platforms, employee training thinktank media
  33. 33. stage 4: identify platformsbased on findings in stage 1 (monitoring & measuring) thinktank media
  34. 34. demo of facebook page set up thinktank media
  35. 35. demo of facebook tactics caroline serviced apartments fit n fast richmond football club thinktank media
  36. 36. demo of twitter in action tweetdeck & thinktank media
  37. 37. stage 5:implement and manage thinktank media
  38. 38. calendar/timetable content strategyresource identification thinktank media
  39. 39. stage 6:campaign integration thinktank media
  40. 40. KLM Airways Fit N Fast thinktank media
  41. 41. stage 7:monthly reporting &quarterly executive reporting thinktank media
  42. 42. form measurable objectives from the start google analytics, voucher downloads, facebook insights, impressions, phone calls, leads, sales & engagement thinktank media
  43. 43. local business case study with Paige Allen, owner. thinktank media
  44. 44. Why did you start using Facebook? “I’ve been using facebook on a personal basis for a few years now and i started to notice a lot of businesses advertising and starting up pages onthere. I thought it was a great way to get free advertising and also a way for people that hadn’t had a chance to get in to the shop to see what i had to offer e.g. range of labels and targeted age group.” thinktank media
  45. 45. Was it easy to set up / is it easy to use? “Yes it was very easy to set up. Already being a user of Facebook was probably a benefit, but even for those that have never used it there arepretty straight forward steps to setting it up. Its very easy to use once its up and running too, I update mine as often as possible with pictures of new stock and updates on sales etc.” thinktank media
  46. 46. What exposure do you now have with using Facebook? “facebook gives you massive exposure, with so many people using it now. Once i set my business page up i was able to invite all my friends to join itand then it kind of snowballs by their friends and other people seeing it and also joining to be able to view all of my updates. It doesn’t take long at all for people to view the page and become a fan. I have customers cominginto the shop all the time to buy something they have seen on my facebook page. I also have a few customers that live away from Colac that use my facebook page to shop, and will either pay over the phone and i post the items to them or they get someone to pick it up for them. It’s great.” thinktank media
  47. 47. Has it benefited your business? “It has benefited my business for sure, just being able to show the public what i have to offer them is great. And i’m sure there’s a lot of people that would have never stepped foot in my store or even knew it existed if they hadn’t seen it on facebook. Also by having a FREE way to advertise has helped alot too, withadvertising being a pretty expensive thing to do in the newspaper or radio. Iguess being in a younger fashion retail business is a bonus too as facebook is so huge with the same age demographic at the moment.” thinktank media
  48. 48. your questions answered... thinktank media
  49. 49. connect with us further...keen to get thinktank media to assist with your social media program, or Facebook, iPad,iPhone application or website development? We’d love to help!email: (03) 9023 1487Twitter: @thinktankmedia OR thinktank media