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Social Media presentation ran by Sam Mutimer of thinktank media. This covers off perceived trends for 2011, successful case studies and tactics.

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Social Media for 2011 - Feb

  1. 1. social media what you need to know for 2011 and beyond brought to you by: sam mutimer -director of social media @ thinktank media - feb 2011Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  2. 2. Expectations......InteractiveThe more you give, the more you get backShare your experiences and frustrationsQuestions and answersSmilesConversationCase studiesSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  3. 3. What we will nail this morning!2010 - The year in reviewBest platforms and the best tactics to use to maximise your returns within thesocial media space!Best campaigns in 2010 and why they became so successful.Perceived trends for 2011 and how to be reactional to these.What you need to do to either get your social media program up and running ortighten up your efforts so far.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  4. 4. “Australia is the country with the second largest reach (behind Brazil), with 72%of their internet population active users of social networking/blogging”“Australians spend the most time on social networks/blogs, averaging 7 hours19 minutes and 13 seconds per month”Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  5. 5. What does that mean for YOU?HUGE OPPORTUNITYPotential customers are waiting to hear what you have to sayThey are actively looking...right nowPeople who trust, like and respect you...will assist in marketingfor you ( unconsciously and consciously )Opportunity to be listened to by your target market 1. solid strategy2. great product 3. exciting/meaningful creative 4. execute wiselySpend a quarter of the costs of traditional media AND havea bigger impactSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  6. 6. Let’s take a look at Australia...... stats Sept 2010Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  7. 7. The game is changing with more people shifting their focus to social networks for:Trusted referrals from their friends and online connectionsSocial channels for recruitment - gaining insight into a possibe candidateCloser contact with the brandIncreased touch points to connect then sell products/servicesAnother communication channelOrganic search rankingsRealtime newsNetworking with highly targeted audiencesSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  8. 8. Facebook Statistics, Stats and Facts for 2011Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth,with over 250 million of them (over 50%) who log in every day. Theaverage user still has about 130 friends, but that should expand in2011.48% of 18- 34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with28% doing so before even getting out .The 35+ demographic is growing rapidly, now with over 30% of theentire Facebook user base. The core 18-24 year old segment is nowgrowing the fastest at 74% year on year.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  9. 9. Over 700 billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook, 20 million applicationsare installed per day and over 250 million people interact with Facebook fromoutside the official website on a monthly basis, across 2 million websites.Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone. 48% of youngpeople said they now get their news through Facebook. Meanwhile, in just 20minutes on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requestsare accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  10. 10. 2011 Trends:What we saw in 2010:a) Putting greater focus on data in social media – people increasingly point out the difficulty of using easily obtained measures, such as pageviews, bounce rates and so forth.b) Defining your audience and learning to join conversations are key – it is becoming increasingly more critical to produce content that has real value and relevance for your target audience.c) The importance of a social media strategy - it’s simply just not about settingup a facebook page and assuming thousands will “like”it!Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  11. 11. So what’s in store for 2011 ?What is a Facebook fan worth?Social media marketing is becoming a significant driver of consumer productdiscovery.Clicking ‘Like’ on a brand’s page is one thing, but regularly returning to thatpage or reading its content is another matter.Trend 1: IntegrationTrend 2: Location based marketingTrend 3: Group buyingTrend 4: Social gamingTrend 5: Realtime interaction - planning sm around events, product launches, promotions etc Trend 6: The “always on” consumerSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  12. 12. Communications and BrandingThe mindset required for social mediacampaign success:Genuine quality of the product and theway you engage with the people.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  13. 13. Trend 1 : IntegrationSocial media has gone past its infancy phase and many brands are now using itin brilliant and imaginative ways.Integrating your most effective communication channels is key. We can nolonger take a single channel approach to implementing strategy as the idea isdiluted.Create your big engaging idea, integrate it through all channels (all togetherteam! No heros!) and reap the rewards.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  14. 14. Yellowglen at the racesSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  15. 15. Brilliant example of integration - YellowglenOutdoor-Ambient(projecting bubbles)-Sampling-Installations at site-Billboard-Raceday booklet advertisment.ALL directing people to the Yellowglen fb pageTent at races that only sold Yellowglen sparkling wine. Free make-up sessions/manicures. Photographer taking photos of anyone who wanted one. 4computers set up for Facebook, anyone could use1. Photo taken 2. Given business card and bottle of champagne glass shapedfairy bubbles with the Yellowglen Facebook page address on it with time slot ofwhen photo was taken, so that you could go and look at it. 3.Uploaded all thephoto’s to the page in albums by time frame. 4. You can share with mates.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  16. 16. Trend 2: Location based marketingThe final piece of the social media puzzle. Thewhere of the who, what, where, when, why, how..get it?We’re talking foursquare and facebook places inAustralia.Many businesses have been slow to adopt this inAustralia up until now... however it has been usedeffectively overseas. The Oz maket is now picking up at last.Brilliant twitter location activation from Levis. Simple and effective. It’s 18 months old now but wesee location being extremely important in 2011 so how can you do something matching online andoffline?Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  17. 17. Brilliant example of :Location based marketingLevi’s sent out hand selectedpeople in their signature jeansacross Australia and New Zealandwhile clues were released throughtwitter as to their whereabouts, afterfollowing clues throughout the day,all you had to do was ask the personif they were wearing Levi’s… if youwere right, they dropped their pantsand gave you the jeans on the spot!Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  18. 18. Trend 3: Group BuyingThe more people that buy, the lower the price becomes.Local businesses are finding that they can successfullyattract new and repeat business by introducingcustomers to their services with a deeply-discountedgroup coupon. In fact, Groupon asserts that 97% ofmerchants featured on the site want to be featuredagain, which further demonstrates just how muchdemand they are dealing - more people buy in the more valuable thevoucher getsSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  19. 19. Group buying on facebook - why wouldn’t you apply the deeply discounteddeal model to their own products and services?Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  20. 20. Credible sitesGrouponLeading the way. Over 35 millionregistered users, serving 250 totalmarkets world wide. It’s not in Australiadue to some tricky circumstances sothey are known as Stardeals here.Australias leading are:ScooponCudoSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  21. 21. One to keep your eye on facebook......prototypeFacebook wants to participate in the recent success of Groupon and LivingSocial.Facebook’s - “Buy With Friends” - allowing users to get disounts on virtualgoods purchased by their mates.It works like this. 1. User makes in-app purchase using facebook credits. 2.User shares it in their newsfeed. 3. Friend sees purchase and then can buy thesame item at a discount directly in newsfeed.It’s restricted to virtual goods right now, however physical goods will certainly bein the mix soon with more brands setting up shop on facebook.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  22. 22. Trend 4: Social GamingWith facebook topping over 500 million users and 53% of those users playinggames, there is HUGE opportunity for brands to get their communities involvedand build positive brand experience through gaming.*doesn’t have to be complex, simple with a social experience50Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  23. 23. can be replicated for any product.The mechanics of gaming a game - eg. Kleene x”. It’s about, what’s aIt’s not about “can toilet paper have e brand that we can build that will link to Kleenex. Positiv s value to people, as lo ng as it’s - FUN,Kleenex c reate a game that add EN GAGING,EXPERIENC E,HIGHLY USABLE. It’s NOT about why it’s softer, etc.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  24. 24. The gamefication of advertising is also one to keep your eye on.The New York Times iPad app HTML 5 game banner brings new fun to a tiredformat. HTML5 Gamified Banner Ad on the iPadSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  25. 25. Trend 5: Realtime InteractionA tactic that is increasingly being used this year in terms of success is timelyand realtime responses. Planning social media around events - pre /present andpost, product launches, promotions etcHyper Alerts - For facebook page you’d like to monitor, or you can selectfrom a list of pages you administer. Each email looks like a screen shot of theconversation, but with all facebook links clickable within it.Hugely useful for those posts that you had 2 days ago that inevitably drop offthe radar, but get responded to by fans Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  26. 26. Trend 6: the “always on” consumerThe always-on consumer - Smart phones, iPads, tablets, iPhones, Kindles. WiFi.It used to be the Three Screens report - TV, mobile, and computer. Now wemay have up to 5 or 6 screens we juggle. It’s consumers revenge, because if wewant to find the best price or don’t get good service, we can search & find orbe vocal about what we want - on the go - whenever we want!Brands need to be aware of this and impliment their marketing strategies to takeinto consideration this consumer.Mobile sites - eg. jetstar. Social network presence+involvement.Apps etcSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  27. 27. More $$$ are being spent on facebook this year:A few egs of how our clients are monetising....Jones SodaSouth PacificRichmond Football ClubSlap the goonSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  28. 28. tion - co mpetition - faceboo k applica oda Australia*Jones S in Austr alian market perience wareness positive brand exBrand a tes - vira l effect - y of bran d advoca Building communit clients* Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  29. 29. South Pacific Health Clubs -*Facebook application -Free 7 day trialA downloadable coupon to enticepeople to come into the gymHighly Trackable. Offline promotion -stickers on bottles/sticker bombs/flyerhandouts/postersCall to action is facebook >>>*clientsSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  30. 30. Richmond Football Club - facebook application *Provide and experience for their fans - more time spent on page - sharabilitySell merchandise and memberships Social Media Trends 2011 *clients - Feb thinktank media
  31. 31. Great American Country - Facebook Promotion toengage upwards of 20,000 users in a promotion towin merchandise from their favourite country singer,and replicated the results again and again and againwith other campaigns over time, experiencing no falloff in interaction. A winning fan engagement strategy!Sweepstakes approximately once a month overseveral months to engage their fans and attract newones to a constantly rotating but always engaginggrand prize always related to country music.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  32. 32. Slap the goon: facebook store - if you have a fanbase then offer a pointto purchase.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  33. 33. Remember....investing in your Facebook community with greatactivations, rewards for sharing and creating content and distinctiveexperiences in a uniform platform (Facebook itself is just a vehicleremember...) is your key to FB success in 2011. A wall post every otherday doesn’t cut it!Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  34. 34. Case studies:Together Incredible by Orcon - internet and phone company competing withTelecom and Vodafone in NZFeaturing : Pop icon Iggy Pop9 NZers via online auditions and then one day, link them from their homes to IggyPop in his study (Miami) to re-record his hit song “The Passenger.”Iggy coached new band via skype +recorded new song - demoing Orcons fasterbroadband workedUnprompted awarness of the brand up 60% and 20,000 new customers wereadded. Picked up awards also.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  35. 35. Together Incredible - brand awarness and demo of faster broadbandSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  36. 36. Case Studies:Vodafone’s Power Pinata Facebook ChallengeUsing online to create real world outcomes. With Vodafone Facebook app, youwere able to jump in the cue and control the robots next swing of the bat in realtime through the app for chance to win one of 500 prizes.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  37. 37. Case study:An airline that uses social media to create a REAL smile! KLM1. It’s not about social media - it’s about human relationships.2. It’s not about the numbers - it’s about one person.3. It’s not always about coming from a place of “ROI” - It’s coming from giving value and making people happy.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  38. 38. General:Some qualities of a successful social media campaign:Timley - Fun - An experience - User generated content - Access to share withfriends - Make people feel part of the big picture - Caring - A no brainer deal -Intergration with other mediums - Great product/service offering- Using the rightplatforms where your target market hang out eg. facebook - Edgy and different- Fill a need eg. what’s in it for me? - Strokes the ego.Social Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  39. 39. Get in touch!Thanks for attending today’s session.We trust you took some value away with you.If you’re keen to speak with us further then:Contact : 03 90231487Email: @thinktankmedia or @sammutimerFacebook: a downloadable presentation please Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media
  40. 40. Assigning tasks: What Who When SM Policy Monitoring+ Analysis SM Strategy SM Tools Strategy SM Style guide SM Crisis Management SM calendar/timetable Tools set up, branded Resource allocation on roll out Monthly Measurment and ReportingSocial Media Trends 2011 - Feb thinktank media