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Created for a Kindergarten classroom, this power point describes the jobs of eight different community helpers.

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  • Community helpers include police officers, mail carriers, teachers, doctors, firefighters, and many others who help make the community a better place to live.
  • Who are the community helpers in your neighborhood? Today we will learn about some of these important people.
  • Police officers go to work at a police station. Some police officers stay at the station while others patrol our neighborhoods in their cars. Police officers carry flashlights to help them see in dark places and whistles to help them direct traffic. They also have a radio so they can stay in touch with the police officers at the station. Their job is to protect us by enforcing the laws.
  • Doctors work in hospitals or doctor’s offices. Their job is to help you stay healthy. When you visit the doctor he might use his stethoscope to listen to your heart and a tongue depressor to look down your throat. If you are sick he will examine you to see what is wrong and will give you medicine that will help you feel better.
  • A chef works in a restaurant. Chefs use many things to prepare the food we eat including knives to cut and chop, spoons to stir, and pots and pans for cooking. They also work hard to keep their kitchen clean and tidy!
  • Firefighters go to work at the fire station. Whey they get an emergency call they put on their gear and leave in the fire truck to go help. Their job is to put out the fires and rescue people in danger. They also teach us about fire safety. Firefighters wear a special suit that protects them from the fire. They spray water on the fire from fire hoses hooked up to their water trucks or nearby fire hydrants.
  • A mail carrier goes to work at the Post Office, where he picks up the mail he is to deliver that day. He loads the mail into his mail truck and leaves the post office to start his deliveries. He drives along his route, delivering the mail to the addresses on the envelopes.
  • Painters work in our homes and businesses. They help us to choose paint colors and they use paint brushes and rollers to put the paint on our walls and ceilings. Sometimes they have to use ladders to reach way up high.
  • A teacher works in a school. She teaches children about the alphabet and numbers. Teachers also help children learn about lots of other things like math, science, and social studies. Teachers always have plenty of paper and pencils for writing and they love to read books to their students!
  • A veterinarian works at a veterinarian’s office. She helps to keep our pets healthy and takes care of them when they are sick. She uses a stethoscope to listen to their hearts and tummies and gives them shots to keep them well.
  • Community Helpers Power Point

    1. 1. Community Helpers Created by: Sharon Moody
    2. 2. Who are the community helpers in your neighborhood?
    3. 3. Police Officer • Works in a police station • Protects us by enforcing the laws • Gives tickets to people who are speeding • Directs traffic epartment.JPG
    4. 4. Doctor • Works in a hospital or doctor’s office • Helps you stay healthy • Examines you to find out what is wrong • Gives you medicine when you are sick _4962918.jpg
    5. 5. Chef • Works in a restaurant • Prepares food for us to eat • Keeps the kitchen clean and tidy q=tbn:ONH8HhmCygQWSM:http://www.bas 2.jpg
    6. 6. Firefighter • Goes to work at the fire station • Teaches us about fire safety • Puts out fires • Rescues people in danger on1.jpg
    7. 7. Mail Carrier • Goes to work at the Post Office • Makes sure that the mail is delivered to our homes and businesses q=tbn:B2lNMeKJyMVhFM:http://www.ecainte %2520Trucks.jpg
    8. 8. Painter • Works in houses or businesses • Helps you choose paint colors • Uses brushes and rollers to paint the walls or ceilings
    9. 9. Teacher • Works at a school • Teaches children the alphabet and numbers • Reads to children • Helps children learn
    10. 10. Veterinarian • Works at a Veterinarian’s Office • Helps to keep our pets healthy • Takes care of our pets when they are sick