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  1. 1. Elizabethan England By: Samantha Reimer •Historical events/People •Shakespeare and His Influences •Arts and Architecture •Everyday Life •Conclusion
  2. 2. Extra! Extra! History is on its• wayis it? Elizabethan England- What ! • A era in the late 1500’s. Mainly associated with the reign of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth l. Her reign lasted from 1558-1603. • The period focused on renaissance- like thinking, of new ideas, concepts, arts, and more. One of these ideas or creations being the printer, which is used on a common basis today. • This led to even more science and technology, even works with the supernatural, which led more into the witch craft and ghost sort of crazes. • The era of elizabethan had different defintions of “science” than we do today though, they believed science meant to work in the studies philosophies of nature, and natural universes.
  3. 3. Historical People and occurances of the era of Elizabeth• Queen Elizabeth l ~ 1558-1603• Captain Phillip Amadas~ 1550-1618- was an English navigator who was sent to explore the north American lands by Walter Raleigh. Still known as the “ new land”• Captain Arthur Barlow~ 1550-1620- Also sent to explore the Northern American lands by Walter Raleigh, brought back 2 Indians, Manteo and Wanchese.• Manteo- one of the Indians brought back from the new lands for propaganda purposes and was taught to work and speak English.• Sir Walter Raleigh~ 1540-1593- Navigator, poet, historian, soldier, and explorer. Very diverse and respected by all, including the queen.• The list could go on and on, but these four people are who we’re focusing on in my presentation.
  4. 4. Arts, Shakespeare and Architecture• Shakespeare – 1564-1616• Early life is unsure or known of, still a big mystery• He was well known for his comical plays which include some of the following: • Love’s Labours Lost • Much Ado About Nothing • The Tempest( also now a movie) • All’s Well That Ends Well( now common saying)
  5. 5. • He had more plays, he had 2 main genre’s, history and drama/ romance: • King John • Henry lV- pt. 1&2 • Henry Vlll ( these are not all his historical plays, just more known plays ) • Antony and Cleopatra • Romeo and Juliet • Hamlet Fun Fact: Will had a extreme fear/phobia of the bubonic plague because sadly, 2-3 of his siblings passed from it
  6. 6. • Stained Glass was extremely popular among the rich, if you had glass, you had class!• Very intricate and detailed designs and patterns were added to armor, curtains, etc.• Pretty much, anything that could have “bling” on it, would get its “bling” on• Elizabethan era designs and arts were close to those as the Tudor style: Italian royal style• The arts in this era were very intricate, and different Whether it was the army’s armor, or your chimney, it would be very detailed to show wealth
  7. 7. • Life as a peasant in this era was ROUGH• Clothing: Usually earth colors(rust, green, tan)• Clothes had NO design what-so-ever, they couldn’t afford the stitching or its materials• Had two, three outfits to wear at the most• Their “poorness” was divided into 4 levels: begger, low peasant, mild peasant, and high peasant, even though they were all peasants, this order mattered• They had a light and general meal, everyday: Bread, stew, veggies and mostly fish if they were lucky!• They mainly survived on wheat, water and beans…. O.O
  8. 8. Pictures…
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