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  1. 1. IMPACT GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING PVT.LTD ABOUT OUR COMPANY We introduce ourselves as one of the fastest excelling service providers active in the hospitality sectors, engaged in the offering value addedservices including house keeping services, office housekeeping services, building housekeeping services, office security services, building security services, maintenance services, commercial management services, security management services & housekeeping management services. We provide our services to clients from the residential, commercial as well as corporate sectors.Our complete expertise in the industry ensures that we offer best services all round. Motivated by our team spirit and professionalism , our focus is on the quality of workmaking sure our workforce deliver the best possible service every time. Impact General Maintenance & Cleaning PVT LTD No.8B, (C) 5th Cross Street, Guruswamy, Nagar, Anakaputtur, Chennai – 600070. Tel: 9092312656.
  2. 2. OUR SERVICES Our services include professional manpower management, engineering as well as other equipment management and maintenance, managing facilities and undertaking minor repair, which are essential for a smooth operation and able functioning of the equipment, which we use in the delivery of all our services. We maintain a proper check list or reports on the daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, half yearly and annually. In addition to our efforts regarding the assurance of our integrated facilities, we also make sure that we recruit highly qualified, dynamic and young professionals to deliver varioushospitality services. Our Services include office security guards, commercial security guards, residential security guards, security management services, housekeeping management services, industrial maintenance services and many more.
  3. 3. CORPORATE MAINTENANCE SERVICE We offer our clients corporate maintenance services, keeping your building well maintained . For this, we undertake all the work from renovation to maintenance, decoration to cleaning from top to bottom ensuring maximum quality. These solutions are achieved through our systematic approach with scheduled checksand servicing, that is divided into hours, days, monthly and yearly basis. We carry out ourstrict approach as per usual to provide our service that meet the exact need of our clients. CORPORATE MANAGEMENT SERVICEBeing an experienced service provider in this field, we cater to the needs of our clients forcorporate management. These services are provided to help improve management system of our clients to the present dynamics by introducing effective systems and procedures.Our services are undertaken by our highly skilled professionals, who have vast experience in their respective fields. As we have progressed throughout the years our services are known for their reliability, timeliness and affordibility.
  4. 4. COMMERCIAL SERVICES Our facility management service has drastically expanded and served our clients efficiently with qualitative services regrading commercial cleaning, commercial housekeeping services, commercial maintenance services, commercial security services, office security services, office housekeeping services and varied other allied services. We provide our clients with a highly trained team, which has in-depth expertise in delivering these services to meet the requirements of our clients needs. COMMERCIAL MANAGMENT We offer valuable services to our clients for commercial management that includes all the work from maintenance to housekeeping of the property. These services are developed to meet the specific requirements of the clients keeping in mind budget and time. Our services are rendered by our expert professionals, who assist us in systematic management of all the related work. MALL MANAGEMENTWe specialize in offering mall management services to our clients that are appreciated for their reliability, systematic approach and timeliness. For this, we undertake housekeeping, maintenance, security & engineering solutions for all types of malls bigor small. Our services are catered by our trained team of personnels, who have in-depth expertise in delivering these services in a professional and hassle free manner. RESIDENTIAL SERVICES We offer great and affordable services to various buildings and apartments, which come under residential sectors. We facilitate our clients in these sectors with residential cleaning services, residential security services, residential house cleaning services, residential housekeeping services, residential management services, home security services, residential maintenance services, building security services, building housekeeping services, engineering services and varied other facility management services as per the requirements of our clients. RESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES We have an expert work force to provide services for management of residential places that caters to the needs of builders, RWAs and residential societies. Having a team of qualified personnel, who help us in successfully meeting the requirements and specifications of our clients. For this we undertake all the work related housekeeping, maintenance, security, management etc of these residential establishments.
  5. 5. HOUSE KEEPING SERVICES “WE PROVIDE A SAFE, SECURE AND HYGIENIC ENVIRONMENT FOR THE PLEASURE OF THE PEOPLE” We provide housekeeping professionals for different housekeeping services like residential housekeeping services, office housekeeping services, commercial housekeeping services and weekly housekeeping services, to people holdingimportant offices, corporate buildings, group housing societiesand malls. We make sure that all the personnel recruited by usare efficient enough to offer excellent housekeeping services to our clients.
  6. 6. Weekly Housekeeping Services We are offering housekeeping services like industrial housekeeping services, weekly housekeeping services, housekeeping services, commercial housekeeping services with following specification. For a refreshing walk all over the premises, our professionals ensure thorough cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis. They perform the job of weekly housekeeping services which involves scrubbing, polishing and cleaning of ceilings, fittings, windows and partitions at the last day of the week with advanced technology.To keep you away from the embarrassment of bad odour, our experienced professional do the cleaning of manholes, darns, during the last days of the week and as & when required. Before the week ahead our professionals ensure you that parking and water bodies are thoroughly washed and chemically cleaned on the last day of the week. Housekeeping ProfessionalsWe are offering housekeeping professionals:House boys start their work at 0700 hrs, and ensure before you step in, that the premise is in excellent condition which is one of the reasons for you to have a smile on your face as we clean the areas such as: Entrance, Common Parking area, Main Porch, Lobby, Reception, Elevators etc. For the outside view from your office / home, our professional rope assisted cleaners ensure that your view is crystal clear, adding a shine to the glass windows. After a hard days work our professional horticulture team ensure that the garden or the plants around the building are well maintained and cleaned, for you to have a pleasant and relaxing wander. We have professionals, who ensure the high quality of hygiene of special maintenanceareas such as toilets and bathrooms by cleaning the urinal bowls, wash basin, toilets, withdisinfects on the daily basis to provide a pleasant and clean environment for all your mall shoppers or office guests. Housekeeping ReportsWe have team of professionals, which are thoroughly experienced and keep a maintained track record of all the services by ticking off what the tasks they have completed. This ensures in keeping a through check on the hygienic level. All the records in the form of check list or reports are maintained on daily basis, weekly basis and monthly basis and stored for a peace of mind. Housekeeping Recruitment We make sure that all the professionals, we hire for our clients are reliable and trust worthy, who hold excellent morals and values. We strive to take proper care to ensure that these personnel are well experienced in their respective domain and maintain the care bond between our clients and carry out their work full heartedly.
  7. 7. Maintenance Services “Our company provides excellent solutions with maintenance for operating buildings effectively and efficiently”. Enhancing asset value facilities management is a conceptgaining acceptance as it is critical to keep your assets in pristine condition . Our services in this category includes office maintenance services, house maintenance services, residential building maintenance, corporate building maintenance services, professional manpower management, engineering as well as other equipment management and other allied managing facilities. In addition to this, we also undertake minor repair, which is essential to maintain properties to international standards. Our services cater to the requirements of malls, group housing societies, corporate buildings and important offices. Building Maintenance Services We are offering our clients maintenance services for various commercial, corporate ,residential, airport and IT buildings. These includes maintenance of elevators & escalators, transformers, fire fighting system & equipments, security equipments, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant and other equipment. Our services are undertaken by our highly experienced personnel, using latest techniques and instruments. Further, our services are systematically scheduled on timely basis such as hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly to transform your environment into a pleasant place. Vision “TO HAVE THE OPTIMUM USAGE OF THE ASSESTS” Our services like office maintenance services, house maintenance services, residential building maintenance services, corporate building maintenance services includes the thorough maintenance of Elevators & Escalators, Transformers, DG Sets, AC Plants, Fire Fighting System & Equipments, Security Equipments, BMS System, Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant, with the latest techniques and equipment. Approach “TO KEEP YOUR ASSET MAINTAINED FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT” Our approach is achieved through scheduled checks and servicing, which is divided into every hours check, daily check, weekly check & servicing, monthly check & servicing, half yearly check & service and annually check & service. Maintenance Reports Proper maintenance is vital for equipment to work efficiently and get the most productivity out of it. To maintain the smooth running of the equipment, we maintain check list / reports on the daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis, half yearly basis and annually. These reports help in evaluating the efficiency and functioning of theseequipment on a timely basis, that help in proper servicing at regular intervals. The reports are prepared and reviewed by our experts to identify any risks and concerns. Maintenance Professionals We always ensure that the maintenance professionals are experienced and only touch what they have knowledge of . Our well trained personnels are also aware with the latest technological developments of the market in order to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients.We ensure that the maintenance professionals we hire for you have been working with proffesional equipment of all ranges.
  8. 8. Checking Services We undertake routine checking services for various types of equipment in corporate, residential and commercial establishments. These include systematic checking of elevators & escalators, transformers, fire fighting system & equipments,security equipments, sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant and various other equipment. Using the latest techniques and equipment, these checking services are done on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to identify any risks or report any concerns to higher level management. Daily Check -Keeping a check on DG Set by maintaining log books -Temperature of Chilled water, Discharge pressure, load of AC Plant -Water Tank Filling -Voltage and Power factor of L.T. Panel check -Every hour load check of all the equipments -Checking of Fire System & Equipments -Checking of Security Equipment. -Weekly Checking -AHU Servicing -Exhaust Fan Cleaning -Thorough check of LT Panel -Checking of Fire Extinguisher -Servicing of Boom Barrier. -Monthly Checking/Servicing-All Pump Servicing like: Jockey pump, Fire Hydrant, sprinkler, chilled water pump, etc. -Transformer check -Checking of Voltage Fluctuation Device -Servicing of BMS Panels -Servicing of Elevator -Half Yearly Checking/Servicing -Servicing of DG Sets -Annual Service/Check -Servicing of AC Plant
  9. 9. SECURITY SERVICES “We Provide Professionals to Ensure a safe and secure Environment”Modern living is progressively becoming more complex and insecure . People holding important office or businesses meetings along with housing societies and mallsacknowledge the need to ensure personal and business security keeping the common people safe. we provide a solution to their requirement by delivering strong security which includes office security services, residential security guards, business securityservices, industrial security services and commercial security services and ensure that their need are duly and timely met. Commercial Security Services “We offer excellent commercial security services for various building s, business houses, malls and group housing societies. For this, we providesecurity professionals having vast experience in their respective domain who will undergo a full clearance before we dispatch them to your working environment” . Our professionals undergo intensive training to endow them with the ability to efficiently and professionally handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies.Further, our security personnel are well trained in advanced electronic security system, that allows to keep close watch on the entire premises.
  10. 10. Our Vision “TO PROVIDE A STRONG AND TRUSTED TEAM OF SECURITY SERVICE IN INDIA” We proudly assist in providing buildings, business houses, malls and group housing societies a peaceful and tension free environment for the optimum efficiency. Our Approach “TO MAKE YOU FEEL , SAFE, SECURE AND TENSION FREE” to fulfil Our approach towards making you feel secure tension free, we have professionals in security with the ultimateexperience. Our professionals undergo intensive training regimes to endow them with the ability to adeptly handle all manners of emergencies and contingencies. In our commercial security services, we provide security professionals such as: Security Guards Corporate Security Guards Residential Security Guards Industrial Security Guards Security Supervisors Security Officers Custom Protection Officers Our uniformed professionals are well trained in operating electronic security systems, ensuring Safety & Security of the premises by keeping a close and accurate eye on the movement through close circuit television and have a excess control from the main entrance onwards by using excess control cards to open Boom Barriers. To have a quick communication and maintain the secrecy, our professional use radio communication systems to keep in touch and trade important information. We provide professionals for control systems on visitors. Our professional follows theGate Pass Procedure. For material, Procedure is divided into two parts “Returnable GatePass & Non-Returnable Gate Pass”, Visitors ar only allowed to enter in premises after the proper identification & entry made at the entrance. Recruitment Of Security Personnel In order to provide reliable security solutions, we undertake the recruitment of uniformed security personnel. For recruiting these personnel in our team, we check their loyalty, integrity, and honesty while conducting in depth interviews. Further, we also provide these personnel required training to assure our clients are suited for a loyal and tailor made service. Reports All Incidents, are reported and filed per shift on a daily basis. Gate Pass statement maintained on the monthly basis. Report on Fire Fighting & other Trainings are maintained on the monthly basis. Security Personnel While recruiting professionals in our team, their Loyalty, Integrity, and Honesty being checked during interviews to assure our clients for loyal and tailor made services.
  11. 11. Our Team With the help of our team of well-qualified and skilled professionals, we have been become a successful and well known organization and force our organization forward. We have a top management that has wide experience and are successfully teaching other team members about the knowledge as well as experience, therefore, ensuing in a confident, well knit and knowledgeable group of experts. Moreover, our professionals have at least the vital standards of education so that they can be efficiently assemble ahead of their base. Our Infastructure Our modern and up to date equipment assist us in successfully completing our job. The Following is a list of equipment we posses: Backed by up-to-date and well equipped infrastructure set-up, we offer a quality assured range of Housekeeping Services. We have various modern and well-functional machines and our own vehicles for safe and damage free delivery of our services. Our fleet of vehicles enable us to transport machinery & equipment and our team to the destination where they are required. Our Quality Assurance We offer a rich assortment of Pest Control Services and the quality of our solutions have become a symbol in this field. Our services areavailable as per the international quality levels and we offer these services within prompttime. Moreover, our services are highly famous for their eco-friendliness and are available atmost competitive prices to our clients. We offer these services with the help of various imported highquality machines as well as environment friendly chemicals.All the chemicals we use are all imported from UK only the best.We use the latest Rotovac 360i carpet cleaning machine it is the best carpet cleaning machine with the latest technology .We are the 1st company in India to have these . We only use brand new Karcher machinery when providing our service. Client SatisfactionWe offer a superior quality range of Housekeeping Services, which are available as per the client’s bulk requirement. These services are offered within a given time period for easy convenience of our clients. We successfully gain the full satisfaction of our clients byproviding them worry-free maintenance services. Our services are widely appreciated byour clients for their efficiency and we offer these services in an economical manner. Thus, we offer these services with the help of various Imported machines and these are delivered with the help of our own vehicles.
  12. 12. Operation manager IGMC already has a proven strong background in the business. The founder and otherCEOS have been in providing this excellent service in their field of cleaning and security for many successful years based in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates. Our organization members bring with them a wealth of experience providing a proffessional service to his clients everytime. Why us?Here are some key attributes to help us in being a client centric organization. Competing with the companies who also specialize in the cleaning and maintenance field. Operation Manager Focused On: 1. Professionalism; Property / Hotel policies, legislation, personal appearance, 2. Client Relations: communications, responding to Our Clients, 3. Industry Hotel / Industry Knowledge , Follow-ups Procedures 4. Safety: Controlled products, emergency procedures. 5. Protection: security, Area status, items found. 6. Cleaning responsibilities: On Job Training, Well Trained Staff, Punctually Delivered Staff for assigned shifts,7. Rooms that appeal: Public areas, Beds, bathrooms, special areas 8. Time Management: Prioritizing Tasks, Identifying Time Wasters & Getting Organized 9. Take the initiative: meeting expectations and foremostly exceeding them.10. Had career paths: Each Member has their goals, to the set path, answer their doubts and questions. May have great ideas to share within performers to achieve the collective expectations of our team, and the company.
  14. 14. IMPACT GENERAL MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING PVT.LTDFor Further Information or enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us by Telephone or Email. Contact Person Mr.Ramesh Rajan RAMESH RAJAN (OPERATION MANAGER) 9092312656 Impact General Maintenance & Cleaning PVT LTD No.8B, (C) 5th Cross Street, Guruswamy, Nagar, Anakaputtur, Chennai – 600070. Tel: 9092312656.