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  1. 1. 1. Which city is called the Manchester of Punjab?(A) Jalandhar(B) Ludhiana(C) Chandigarh(D) Amritsar2. How many Airports are there in Punjab?(A) 5(B) 3(C) 2(D) 43. Which is the most Polluted City of Punjab?(A) Jalandhar(B) Bhatinda(C) Ludhiana(D) Sirsa4. When did the present Punjab come into Existence?(A) 1866(B) 1966(C) 1766(D) 18675. When was Punjabi declared the official language of Punjab?(A) 1766
  2. 2. (B) 1867(C) 1966(D) 19676. When was SGPC established in Punjab?(A) 1970(B) 1925(C) 1922(D) 19247. Who was the first Sikh ruler of Punjab?(A) Guru Nanak Dev(B) Maharaja Ranjit Singh(C) Bhai Lakha Singh(D) Maharaja Kamaljit Singh8. Which is the most famous temple of Punjab?(A) Golden Temple(B) Temple of Sikh Guru(C) Nanak Temple(D) Heritage Temple9. Which District of Punjab has lowest literacy rate?(A) Patiala(B) Moga(C) Khana(D) Mansa
  3. 3. 10. Which is the major occupation of Punjabis?(A) House hold(B) Sports things(C) Farming(D) Dairy. What is the Area of Punjab?1. 50, 362 (Sq. K.M.)2. 65, 342 (Sq. K.M.)3. 45, 560 (Sq. K.M.)4. 55, 465 (Sq. K.M.)2. Which of the following animals is not found in Punjab?1. The Wolves2. The Revive3. The Leopards4. The Elephant3. How many total Districts are there in Punjab?1. 202. 173. 244. 36
  4. 4. 4. Punjab is rich in1. Gold2. Coal3. The rock salt4. Oil5. What is the shape of the Punjab State?1. Triangular2. Square3. Rectangular4. Rombus6. How many Divisions in Punjab?1. 32. 53. 44. 77. The land of five rivers Punjab was named in Purans as1. The Brahmnad2. The Aeropious3. Devbhumi4. Panchand8. From How many states of India is Punjab One of them?1. 302. 25
  5. 5. 3. 154. 459. How many Tehsils are there in Punjab?1. 652. 53. 554. 4010. The capital of „Punjab and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) was at1. Amritsar2. Nabha3. Faridkot4. Patiala11. How many rivers flowed in Punjab?1. 42. 63. 34. 512. How many Sub-Tehsils are there in Punjab?1. 702. 683. 674. 6913. The no. of Dental Colleges in Punjab is?
  6. 6. 1. 32. 53. 64. 214. How many constituencies of Lok Sabha are there in Punjab?1. 142. 133. 64. 515. The no. of females per thousand males in Punjab is?1. 8882. 9233. 9334. 93016. On which side of India Punjab situated?1. North West2. South West3. East West4. North South17. How many Rajya Sabha constituencies are there in Punjab?1. 82. 73. 6
  7. 7. 4. 518. The Rachna Doab comprises the areas including1. Wazirabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Sheikupura2. Gujarat, Bheramk, Shahpur, Miami and Sahiwal3. Attock, Rohtak, Jehlum and Mianwali4. Lahore, Amritsar and Multan19. Who is the first lady Commissionor of Punjab?1. Vinni Mahajan2. Satinder Kaur3. Rabinder Kaur4. Dr. Suman Lata20. How many divisions are there in Punjab?1. 42. 33. 54. 221. How many Vidhan Sabha Constituencies are there in Punjab?1. 1202. 1883. 1174. 11922. How many rivers flow through the Punjab?1. 2
  8. 8. 2. 53. 34. 423. What is the total number of villages (Populated) in Punjab.1. 13,3422. 13,0003. 116294. 14,44224. The greater part of Punjab is covered with1. The alluvial soil2. The desert soil3. The grassy lands4. None of these25. Name the distt. Which is situated on the bank of the river1. Patiala2. Ferozpur3. Moga4. Jalandhar Phillaur26. What is the number of hospitals in Punjab?1. 2072. 2083. 2104. 200
  9. 9. 27. The rocky barron lands of Punjab are1. The region of Multan and Hissar2. The regions of Bari Doab3. The regions of Bist Jalandhar4. None of these28. How many villages are there in Punjab?1. 12,8882. 12,3423. 13,0004. 13,43229. In which District Punjabi university is there?1. Ludhiana2. Amritsar3. Patiala4. Ropar30. Among the various passes of Himalayas, which was the most frequently visited by theexternal invaders1. The Kurram pass2. The Khyber pass3. The Gomal pass4. The Bolan passAnswers1: 142316: 33234 11: 44423 16: 12113 21: 33314 26: 21132 1. Under whom did the Sikhs rebel after Guru Govind Singh‟s death?
  10. 10. Ans- Banda Bahadur 2.Who was the Bundela chief who allied with allied with Bahadur Shah against BandaBahadur? Ans- Chattarsal 3.Which Guru Began the transformation of Sikhs into a militant community? Ans- Hargobind 4. Under whose Gurudom did the Sikhs become a political and military force? Ans- Hargobind 5.In how many misls (confederacies) were the Sikhs organized? Ans- 12 6.To which ‟misl‟ did Ranjit Singh belong? Ans-Sukerchakia 7.Where did Ranjit Singh Modern factories to manufacture canon? Ans- lahore 8.Who served as Ranjit Singh‟s Finance minister? Ans- Dinanath 9.Who composed the famous romatic epic Heer Ranjha? Ans-Warris Shah 10.Who was the Guru when the Sikh Khalsa was formed? Ans- Guru Gobind Singh 11.In 1805, Ranjit singh won Amritsar form the ………misl? Ans-Bhangi 12.When was the treaty of Amritsar signed? Ans- 1808
  11. 11. 13.The treaty of Amritsar gave the British control over………………territories?Ans- Cis Sutlej14.Who were the French officers associated with the training of Ranjit Singhs Army?Ans-Venurre and Allard15. Who set up an artillery unit for Ranjit Singh?Ans-Court and Gardner16.When did the British sign a treaty of perpetual Friendship with Ranjit Singh?Ans- 180917.When did Ranjit Singh die?Ans-183918.Who was the British Governor General when the First Anglo Sikh War took Place?Ans- Lord Hardinge19. When the first Anglo Sikh war did took place?Ans- 184620.Who was the prime minister of Punjab when the 1st Anglo war took place?Ans- Lal Singh21.Who was the commander in chief of Punjab during the first Anglo Sikh war?Ans- Misar Tej Singh22. The Treaty of …. Was signed on 8 March, 1846 marking the end of 1st Anglo- Sikh war.Ans- Lahore23.Who was the leader of sikh revolt of 1848 at MultanAns- Mulraj24.Who led the sikh revolt of 1848 at Lahore
  12. 12. Ans- Chattar Singh Attriwasl25. Which governer general annexed Punjab?Ans-Dalhousie26. Which governer general is associated with doctrine of lapseAns-Dalhousie27. The Battle of …….was the most decisive battle in the first Anglo sikh warAns-Sobraon28.Who was made the regent of Punjab state by the treaty of Lahore.Ans- Rani Jindan29.Who was appointed as the British resident of Lahore in 1846Ans- Henry Lawernce30.Who was the new British Resident of Punjab in 1848Ans- Fedricj Mann31.Who was the sikh governor of Hazarah who sided with the rebels of Multan in 1848Ans- Chattar Singh32.The Battle of ….. ….was the most decisive battle in the second Anglo Sikh warAns- Gujrat33.Who commented „Annexation of Punjab was not an annexation but a treachery”.Ans-Napier34.When was Bhagat of Punjab and Udaipur annexed under doctrine of LapseAns-185235.Where was the main centre of Wahabi movement in IndiaAns- Patna
  13. 13. 36.Which movement was known as Namdhari missionAns- Kuka37.The kuka movement played a prominent role in arousing the feeling of Patriotism inAns- Punjab38.Who was the chief aspirator of Kuka MovementAns- Ram singh39.Who was the Guru of Bhai singhAns- Balak Singh 40.Who stressed on the need for the recitation of chandi Path, Gurwani, Naam Jap and Asa divarAns- Ram singh41.Which animal was worshipped in the Kuka MovementAns- Cow 42.The leader of the Kuka Movement who was perhaps the first person to adopt the policy ofnon co-operation against the British wasAns- Ram singh43.Which kuka Leader appointed subadars and naib subaidarsAns- Ram singh44.Who was the lieutenant governor of Punjabi in1863Ans- Outram45.The Native village of Ram Singh wasAns- Bhaini46.Bhai Ram singh was put under house arrest at 1863Ans-Bhaini
  14. 14. 47.Who was the commissioner of Ambala when Ram Singh was put under House arrest Ans- R J Taylor 48.The ….. Sikh were bitter opponents of cow slaughter Ans- Namdhari 49.Where did the Namdhari confront the british on the issue on cowslaughter Ans- Raipur 50.The Namdhari Attacked the slaughter house at………on 15 Jan 1872 Ans- Malerkotla PUNJAB GK1. Dr. gopi chand bhargava is 1st CM of Punjab2. Justice gurnam singh first akali chief minister of Punjab3. Chairman of Punjab state human rights commission: justice R.S.Mongia4. President of Punjab Pradesh congress committee: Amarinder Singh5. President of hockey Punjab: Sukhbir Singh Badal6. Director of National institute of agricultural Biotechnology, Mohali: Dr Rakesh Tuli7. President of Punjab Olympic association : Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa8. Chief justice of Punjab & Haryana high court :- Mukul Mudgul9. President of SGPC: Avtar singh Makkar10. 1st governor of Punjab: chandulala madhavlal trivedi11. 1st speaker of Punjab legislative assembly: s. kapur singh12. Punjab Latitude 29‟30 N to32‟32” Longitude 73‟55” E to 76‟50”13. Area 50,362 sq km (1.54% of total geographical area of India)14. Forest area 6.12% of the total area of the state15. 4 divisions of Punjab Jalandhar, Patiala, Firozpur, Faridkot
  15. 15. 16. Balram jakhar was 1st asian to be selected as chairman of commonwealth parliamentarian executive forum.17. Bhagat puran singh is know as Punjab‟s “ Bearded mother Teresa “18. Surinder kaur is popularly known as “Nightingale of Punjab”19. Surjit singh barnala is the author of book “My other Two Daughters”20. Amrita pritam was the 1st woman to win sahitya akademi awards21. Shiv kumar batalavi is the youngest recipient of sahitya akademi awards22. Baba ala singh was the founder of Patiala city in 1763 AD23. National institute of sports is located at Patiala24. giani gurmukh singh musafir was the first CM after the lingustic reorganization of Punjab25. Baba kharak singh was 1st president of SGPC26. IN 1951 president‟s rule was imposed for first time in Punjab27. Shivraj patil is current governer of Punjab28. Parkash dingh badal is present CM of Punjab(4th time)29. Indian Olympic Association Vice President Sardar Tarlochan Singh has been conferred with „The Jewel of Punjab‟ award – a life-time achievement .30. Punjab accord was signed b/w Harchand Singh Longowal and Rajiv Gandhi31. Duleep Singh was the last Sikh ruler of Punjab32. Kharak Singh was the immediate successor of Ranjit Singh33. Who constructed Takht Patna Sahib and Takht Hazur sahib Maharaja Ranjit singh34. Who laid the foundation of Harimandir Sahib(Golden Temple) ? Hazrat mian mir35. Miss Arshdeep kaur(from Canda) become miss world Punjabi 2010.36. Punjab will have a second international cricket stadium at burlton park in jalandhar by 2011.37. Ropar has become the 1st district of d country to launch d District Monitoring System Scheme38. Punjab is the only state that had set up separate police station for NRIs39. Chairman of punjab governce reorms commission in augrated punjabs first centre for E- Governce at Landran(MOHALI)40. Prof. Laxmi Kant chawla, health & family welfare minister(punjab) has got jhansi ki rani laxmi bai award(at Gwalior)41. Prakash singh Badal declared Sultanpur lodhi in kapurthala distric a holy town in veiw of its religious & historical Significance42. Punjabi university,patiala has attained d Distinction of being the 1st univ. in the region to enroll student,gurvinder singh dhaliwal for PhD from canada through video-conferencing.43. AKHAR: A Roman-Punjabi word processing toolkit.44. The state of new mexico,5th largest constituent of USA,has offered to enter into an agrrement with Punjab Granting the Status of ”SISITER STATE”
  16. 16. 45. Punjabi language has now become the second lanuage in the state of Haryana.46. Punjab govnerment declared 2011 as “YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION”47. First evening court of punjab was inaugurated at Jalandhar follwed by Amritsar,Ludhiana and Patiala.48. Sukhbir singh Badal – Manoranjab Kalia committee on Resources Mobilization49. Director of PGI : KK Talwar50. Chairman of Punjab state Backward Classes commission : Kirpal Singh Badunger PUNJAB CENSUS 2011 The data, released by state Chief Secretary SC Aggarwal and Director (Census) Seema Jain. Provisional census data has been released on only three parameters - population, gender and literacy. According to Jain, it would take at least six months to tabulate the data. The census was conducted in two phases across 58 lakh households in cities and 12,581 villages across the state. population Distribution A unique way of publicity was introduced in Punjab for the first time through social marketing plan, wherein the philosophy, tools and practices of commercial marketing were used for the purpose. Punjab Census Timeline Phase I- House listing operations (May 1- June 15, 2010) Phase II- Population enumeration (February 9- 28, 2011) Revisional round (March 1-5, 2011) Some facts about punjab population 20111. The provisional population numbers released by the Punjab Census Department recently suggest the decadal growth declined to 13.7 per cent during 2001-2011, as against 20.1 per cent during 1991-2001.2. The decadal growth for the state is less than that for India (17.6 per cent). According to the provisional data, the state‟s population touched 27.7 million, somewhat more than the projected figure of 27.6 million for 2011.
  17. 17. 3. Of the 27.7 million, 14.6 million are males, while 13 million are female. In the 2001 census, the population stood at 20.1 million.4. The sex ratio (number of females per thousand males) has risen to 893, as against 876 in the 2001 census.5. All the 20 districts have witnessed an increase in sex ratio, with exceptions of Mansa and Bhatinda. For the latter, the ratio has declined to 865, as against 870 in the 2001 census.6. Interestingly, Mansa has failed to show any change in the sex ratio, which is the same as that in the previous census (880).7. The child sex ratio (0-6 years) has increased by 48 points. From 798 in the last census, it has moved to 846 now.8. Nawanshehar(SBS)(879), Jalandhar(874) and Kapurthala(872) have shown the highest increase in child sex ratio. Tarn Taran has lowest child sex ratio (819).9. The state seems to gaining on the literacy front too. Literacy has risen to 76 .7 per cent, as against 74 per cent in the 2001 census.10. While female literacy has moved up by 7.9 percentage points, male literacy has increased by 6.3 points, further narrowing the gap.11. Hoshiarpur has the highest literacy at 85.4 per cent, followed by Mohali (84.9) and Muktsar and Mansa are at the bottom with 60 and 56 per cent literacy, respectively.12. Ludhiana has emerged as the most populous district with 34.87 lakh persons. Barnala has the lowest population with only 5.96 lakh people.13. The highest growth rate of population has been in Mohali, Patiala and Tarn Taran, districts.14. Census 2011 Punjab Population Density (per sq km) - 550. 34th National Games Started At Ranchi,Jharkhand.2. Per Capita Income Of India - Growth Of 17.3% To 54,527 From 46,492 From Last Year3. Worlds largest "Herbal Food Park" will be setup at Haridwar.4. "Annapurna" is the name of Indian Super Computer5. Nirbhay" is the Cruise Missile developed by India with 1000km Range.6. Saudi Arabia is Largest supplyer of "Crude Oil" to india.7. Ravishankar (Sitar Player) Honoured with doctorate by Melbourne University.8. USA Finish "Operation Iraqi Freedom" in Iraq.9. Commonwealth Bank of Australia open its Branch in India at Mumbai (India)10. Eastern Bridge: joint Airforce exercise between India & Oman.11. *"Operation Green Hunt" performed in Naxal affected area by CRPF.12. Operation Sandhan" Start against Bangal ki Khaadi me samudri luteron.13. MCA-21" is the E-governance initiative by the Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt of India.
  18. 18. 14. Meghalaya govt has renamed the Brookside Bungalow to Rabindranath Art Gallery15. The Union Cabinet approved capital infusion of Rs 1100 Crore for RRBs(Regional Rural Banks) to improve their capital adequacy ratio.16. Ministry of Rural Development hosts Mahatama Gandhi Narega Sammelan 2011 at Vigyan Bhawan Delhi with the slogan : Rojgar Gaurantee- Zordar Gaurantee17. India, Brazil, Germany and Japan, the G4 nations would press for "urgent" reforms of the U.N. Security Council in 201118. For which movie has A.R.Rahman bagged 2 Oscar nominations? 127 Hours19. Who is the favourite to land the top job as Censor Board chief as Sharmila Tagores tenure is about to end? Shabana Azmi20. Which singer has been sued by adopted daughters family? Madonna21. Which bollywood actress has adjudged herself as No.1 Actress? Priyanka Chopra22. Which Yester Year actress would be honoured to have postal stamps issued in her name? Meena Kumari23. What is the name of the movie which has 8 nominations for Academy Award and set to re- release in India? The Social Network24. Which popular Canadian singer is all set to perform at the opening ceremony of 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup to be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh? Bryan Adams25. Which Bollywood singer recorded a track with Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias? Sunidhi ChauhanThere are 22 districts in Punjab