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10 Worst Practices for SharePoint intranets


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Talk given at SUGUK Northwest, 5th August. SharePoint abuse for:
* Internal Communications
* Collaboration
* Strategy
* Governance
* Search

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10 Worst Practices for SharePoint intranets

  1. 1. 10 Worst Practices for SharePoint Intranets @sammarshall
  2. 2. Sam Marshall Director of ClearBox Consulting  15 years intranet and digital workplace  Former global portal manager at Unilever  Benchmarked over 40 intranets  Comms, KM & IT background @sammarshall
  3. 3.  Intranet, SharePoint and digital workplace: Strategy Governance Collaboration Communities Adoption Training  Practical experience  Transparent  Vendor-neutral ClearBox Consulting
  4. 4. Its good to learn from your mistakes… …but it’s a lot cheaper to learn from someone else’s
  5. 5. 10 worst practices for SharePoint intranets
  6. 6. 1. Making it all about the Head Office
  7. 7. Making it all about the Head Office  Focusing on big deals, high- level strategy, SVPs  Giving everyone the same homepage  Confusing the head office location with its role
  8. 8. Home London Paris Rome
  9. 9. Global Rome GlobalGlobal ParisLondon
  10. 10. Global Profile Location = London London
  11. 11. Global Rome Profile Location = Rome
  12. 12. ScreenshotscourtesyofUnileverPlc
  13. 13. Personalised newsfeed stream Screenshotcourtesyof Yara International
  14. 14. 2. Promoting silence
  15. 15. “Internal communication is the process by which the bosses tell everyone what is happening, followed by a feedback stage where everyone can tell the bosses what is really happening.” —Guy Browning
  16. 16. 2. Promoting Silence  Only letting Comms professionals write content  Not letting employees talk about their concerns • Or only asking every 2 years  Believing we can’t do it yet • We don’t have SharePoint 2013 / Yammer
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Two way conversations…  Encourage leaders to join ‘normal’ discussions  Solve company problems openly  Blogs / News comments • End posts with a question or an opinion • ‘Seed’ discussion responses • Not every executive is cut out for blogging • Consider ‘baton passing’ between execs For more:
  19. 19. Don’t ignore Profile pages
  20. 20. The interface between the individual and the organisation Individual context in a virtual world People > People > Information an effective search route The value of Profiles & Activity Streams Screenshotcourtesyof Oakley/Sitrion
  21. 21. 3.Making it all talk
  22. 22. Things on an intranet home page Things people want from an intranet Message from CEO Quarterly results For sale & wanted My own documents Bonus calculation Rumours Lunch menu Expense forms Photos of office party Phone numbers Pictures of SVPs Stock price Mission statement Weather
  23. 23. 3. Making it all talk  Filling the homepage with news  Making people go some other place for: • Expenses • Room booking etc.  Not letting work get in the way: • Finding people skills • Collaboration
  24. 24. News Interactive Services
  25. 25. A quick poll…
  26. 26. Who sponsors your SharePoint intranet?
  27. 27. Who leads your intranet? Organisation Need Intranet Flavour Sponsor Improve communication 2-way, same message for all Communication Comms Corp Affairs Work effectively across silos Collaboration HR IT Reduce operating costs Services Finance "One Company" initiatives Communication Comms Corp Affairs Improve Capability of a Function (e.g. Marketing, Sales, R&D) Knowledge Management Head of Function Support flexible working Digital Workplace HR See:
  28. 28. SharePoint precious content 4. Hiding all the good stuff
  29. 29.  Findwise survey 2012 75% said finding the right information critical to organization’s business goals and success
  30. 30. 14% said finding the right information was ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ easy  Findwise survey 2012
  31. 31. 4. Hiding all the good stuff  Structuring content by who provides it  Putting a big “search all” box on the main page  Sharing the best bits as email attachments
  32. 32. Why is finding SharePoint content so hard?
  33. 33. Why finding stuff is hard…  Lack of active search management  Takes dedicated resource  Content owners don’t care  Poorly structured content & page layout  Search is much harder than on the Web • Fewer providers – more gaps • Lots of similar hits • Content in documents, not web pages • Popularity doesn’t help
  34. 34. Should you delete most of your SharePoint content?
  35. 35. Finding information is a combination of approaches Search Subscription Curation Colleagues
  36. 36. Improving search SearchContent Quality Search Engine Metadata Search Team Results page design Filtering User skills
  37. 37. Tips to improve search 1. Share analytics and failure-to-find with content owners 2. Put a feedback form on your results page 3. Use managed metadata, but mandate sparingly 4. Use entity extraction and for words specific to your org  All department names  All your product names 5. Promote library-level searches 6. Have a set of test data as a benchmark
  38. 38. 5. No channel strategy
  39. 39. 5. No channel strategy  Overloading employees • News announcement • Email about the news article • Manager cascade • Yammer post  Treating SharePoint as a single channel More:
  40. 40. What to use when Feature News Survey/Polls Discussions/Yamm er Group Blog Use for • Formal comms • Department announcements • Quantitative feedback • Knowledge sharing • Qualitative Feedback • Working out loud • Individual opinion • Reaching out • Knowledge broadcast Interactivity • Possible with comments • Zero without comments • Constrained • Zero with polls • Very high • Can be high with the right blogger, often low in reality Preconditions • Need resource to write news regularly • Relevance • Readiness to respond to results • Risk of fatigue • Clear purpose • Open culture • Facilitator resource • Ability to write personal, engaging content • Visibility of blogs Longevity • Long if archived • Easily searched • Short • Usually not searchable • Medium – context tends to get lost • Easily searched • Long if archived • Easily searched • Finding by browsing harder See also: When to use what by
  41. 41. 6. Confusing communication & collaboration
  42. 42. SharePoint Pyramid Team collaboration Team or Wiki site Teams My Site, OneDrive C: Drive Personal Group Intranet Publishing site Every- one Department Site Team or Publishing Site Peers Communicating Collaborating
  43. 43. Team collaboration Team site Teams Personal Group Intranet Publishing site Every- one Department Site Team or Publishing Site Peers Collaborating or Communicating? X X X X X X ? ? ? ? My Site, OneDrive C: Drive
  44. 44. 7. Too little governance
  45. 45. Governance Survey 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Governance is important We have well defined governance Metalogix 2012 % agree
  46. 46. 7. Too little governance  Random inconsistencies  Team site sprawl  Graveyard sites  Only technical governance – defend the platform at all costs!
  47. 47. “Good governance is like having good brakes on a car, they make it safer to go faster” --Ralph O’Brien
  48. 48. “No you can’t use rotating gif images on your homepage”
  49. 49. 71/2. Too much governance
  50. 50. You only need a 200 page governance document if you plan to hit people with it as a means of enforcement
  51. 51. Balanced governance Steering Policy Templates Monitoring Training • Governance is about the day-to-day realization of your strategy • Governance is about changing behaviour
  52. 52. Creating intranet content guide  Free download: et_content/  10 sections on: • Headlines • Images • Page layout • Social content • Mobile content
  53. 53. 8. Excluding half your workforce
  54. 54. 8. Excluding half your workforce  Not worrying about factory people  Not worrying about mobile workers  Locking out partners and contractors
  55. 55. Barclays mobile
  56. 56. Mobile services at CCE
  57. 57. 9. Only planning the launch
  58. 58. A quick poll…
  59. 59. Adoption team IT team
  60. 60. Only a fraction of SharePoint gets used 62% of organisations disillusioned with ROI from their SharePoint intranets -- Mando Group survey 2014
  61. 61. “Our new intranet based on SharePoint 2007 will help us connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. It will help us share knowledge, find information and break down silos”
  62. 62. “Our new intranet based on SharePoint 2007 will help us connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively. It will help us share knowledge, find information and break down silos”
  63. 63. 3 Things that are hard to kill
  64. 64. example
  65. 65. Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation Model
  66. 66. Cost of adoption for 2nd half can be much higher
  67. 67. 9. Post-launch planning  Have multiple tactics for adoption  Don’t think ‘project’ think ‘service’  SharePoint intranets are like launching a magazine, not a book  Have a multi-function CoE that provides internal consultancy, implementation and support For more see:
  68. 68. 10. No strategy
  69. 69. SharePoint is like a Swiss army knife...
  70. 70. ...but if only it was that simple
  71. 71. Users should experience SharePoint as something configured to their specific needs
  72. 72. Capability Benefit Outcome Strategic Goals Feature “One” Organisation Single identityAll employees see same msg. Corp-Wide Comms News Hub 2-way comms Employee engagementYammer Less churn Customer satisfaction Time savings Response times faster Fewer outagesBetter stock controlSAP Dashboard Quicker access to data Single place to collaborate Flexible project resourcing Best people on a taskTeam Sites Benefits mapping
  73. 73. A good SharePoint strategy… • Sets out how SharePoint supports the organisation’s strategy • Shows how we’ll get the desired behaviour, and in turn the outcomes that matter • Is responsive to changes in business need • Has clear, time-bound milestones
  74. 74. Don’t think of ‘SharePoint’ in the middle of your Digital Workplace….
  75. 75. @ …think of how it enables the flow between people and content
  76. 76. 10 Worst Practices 1. Making it all about head office 2. Promoting silence 3. Making it all talk 4. Hiding all the good stuff 5. No channel strategy 6. Confusing comms & collaboration 7. Too much / too little governance 8. Excluding half your workforce 9. Only planning the launch 10. No strategy
  77. 77. If you have been affected by any of these issues…
  78. 78. Intranet, SharePoint & Digital Workplace  Strategy  Governance  Implementation  Collaboration  Training Sam Marshall Director +44 1244 458746