Is SharePoint 2013 worth waiting for?


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Intranet manager and business view on SharePoint 2013 - what are the visible changes? What might your intranet roadmap look like? Are the new social features good enough?
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  • Also means this demo might crash!
  • Not called ‘My Site anymore
  • Newsfeed
  • Scope for confusion “Follow” vs. “Alert Me”
  • Community view
  • iPad versionMobile important because discussion posting is an ideal use case for “standing in a queue” scenarios
  • SharePoint Best screenshot I could do – most were much worse.All on iPhone 4.
  • What’s missing from social? * Recognition scheme * Pinterest-like flow-generation * OOTB ideationGamification: needs careful though but you can switch it on with a couple of clicks.Points are a very basic extrinsic motivator, they don’t work for more creative tasks (Dan Pink in “Drive”)Risk that people ‘game’ the points system rather than really adding valueLevels can turn people off if they look unattainable – reduces diversity of contributions as a few gurus dominatePoints system can send a message that a community is “dead” when low-volume may actually be appropriateSee also:
  • My Site
  • BUT self-service always seems to use the Team Site template
  • Promoted in the right way, you can use this to start to bridge silos – as in, making it more visible when someone tags a document so that other people get to know a project exists, or using microfeeds as project updates.POLITICS – people see microblog update and mis-interpret due to brevity or have the “why wasn’t I informed earlier” rant (push rather than pull mindset). Not like social media – nobody complains “Why didn’t you tell me your cat could chase a laser pointer?”
  • CSWP exampleTag stories with e.g. Finance, Sales, HR + UK, Germany, FranceUse CSWP to have feed of all Finance stories, all UK stories etc.Refiners let you limit to Time period.CQWP still exists – will show more instant updates, but only within a site collection and is more resource-hungry.
  • No “translate this page” button (like Google option)Often, when I introduce SharePoint to internal communicators and talk about handling multiple-languages, people excitedly ask if that means their articles will automatically be translated. It was a shame to dash their hopes and explain that still needed to happen manually. With 2013, however, there is access to an automated translation service in the cloud. I
  • Image renditions: manage sets of sizes e.g. For mobile vs PC or thumbnail vs feature images. Old SP had a “Mobile” template, but only one. Here you can have mobile, 7” tablet, 10” tablet etc.Video – more formats supported but not mov, flv etc.
  • More tech from FAST has gone into SP.
  • ...or Google Analytics if you still believe they do no Evil.
  • Blog post editing – see “Convert to XHTML” but not “Add link” or “Add picture” unless you click on the Insert Tab.
  • Pace of cultural change is much slower. People will argue that the tools are the barrier, but probably not. Can use Yammer to test appetite and hope for a migration path. Attini talk woudl be good too.
  • Not on SP, creaky intranetMay as well move to latest version.
  • On 2007, CMS, publishing
  • Is SharePoint 2013 worth waiting for?

    1. 1. Is SharePoint 2013 worth waiting for?
    2. 2. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Welcome to the Slideshare version If you missed the webinar, catch up on the details instead at the ClearBox Blog blog
    3. 3. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Sam Marshall —  Director of ClearBox Consulting —  Former Global Portal Manager at Unilever —  Comms, KM & IT background —  Associate benchmarking lead for Intranet Benchmarking Forum —  Intranet & SharePoint —  Strategy —  Governance —  Implementation —  Collaboration ClearBox Consulting @sammarshall
    4. 4. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Agenda —  Headline Changes —  Social Features —  Collaboration —  Intranet sites and communication —  Apps, search and other enhancements —  Is SharePoint 2013 worth waiting for? —  Discussion End 4pm
    5. 5. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Health warning —  Comments based on Office 365 Preview —  Features may change —  Bugs ignored —  Everyone is different —  Most orgs won’t launch until mid 2014 or later
    6. 6. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Headlines —  New social features —  Better navigation via “hubs” —  Apps and app marketplace —  Some mobile support, but not enough
    7. 7. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Social Features
    8. 8. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Microblogging and Newsfeed —  Status updates become fully-functioning newsfeed —  Integrates with profile page —  You can follow sites, documents, people etc.
    9. 9. 10
    10. 10. 11
    11. 11. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Communities —  New site template or features to add to any site —  Community Portal gives aggregation point —  Discussion forums more Yammer-like —  Moderation tools built-in
    12. 12. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Community portal
    13. 13. 16
    14. 14. 17
    15. 15. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Mobile access to communities
    16. 16. Mobile access to communities SharePoint Yammer Newsgator (c) Newsgator
    17. 17. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Gamification and rating —  Badges —  Levels —  Ratings Like are switchable —  Social tags deeply buried —  “What’s happening” panel See also:
    18. 18. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Implications 1.  SharePoint social now offers most features people want —  May be ~2 years before you get it —  Poor mobile support 2.  None of the new features are likely to make or break a social strategy —  Success stories with SP2010 and even 2007 too 3.  Gamification interesting but ease of deployment carries risk —  Encourage linking of recognition to quality, not volume
    19. 19. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Collaboration
    20. 20. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Navigation Improvements —  Hubs —  Sites —  Newsfeed —  SkyDrive —  Other enhancements mostly social-oriented
    21. 21. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 SkyDrive
    22. 22. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Site deployment Governance —  Better controls over team site deployment —  Self-service Site creation workflow with custom forms —  Can’t change template according to answers given —  Site closure and deletion policies —  Different workflow for e.g. publishing vs. team sites
    23. 23. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Implications —  Collaboration always been big selling point for SharePoint and 2013 consolidates this —  In practice, organization struggle to exploit all the collaboration features SharePoint has to offer —  Team site governance getting better, but still limited support for planning —  Google Enterprise, Huddle etc. offer better user experience
    24. 24. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Implications (continued) —  Continuity between formal and informal collaboration is now strong —  Can bridge silos, but visibility of projects may cause politics while people adapt Informal Formal Community Forums Profile Tagging Wiki Project Sites Team sites Workflow Records Management
    25. 25. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Intranet sites & Communication
    26. 26. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Main changes for communicators —  Improved 2-way communications —  Using social and community tools seen earlier —  Flexible publishing —  Search-based content feeds —  Machine translation to other languages
    27. 27. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Flexible publishing “Cross site publishing” lets you publish across multiple site collections 1.  Define a list of news stories as a Catalog 2.  Use the Content Search web part to show results
    28. 28. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Story Keywords Paris office move France, Admin France Aug Sales figures France, Sales UK Aug sales figures UK, Sales UK Marketing plan UK, Marketing New marketing manager appointed Spain, Marketing, Sales France News Sales News Marketing News
    29. 29. Image courtesy of:
    30. 30. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Translation
    31. 31. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Other useful improvements —  Easier branding —  Image renditions and channels for mobile publishing —  Slightly Improved video support —  Embed external media such as Bing maps & You Tube —  You can paste from Word without it going haywire!
    32. 32. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Implications —  SharePoint still lacks a powerful newsarticle management facility compared to dedicated CMS tools —  Will meet publishing needs for most departments, teams etc. —  Mobile publishing will be a learning curve and not an appealing start point for SMEs —  Allow for development time for all but the simplest of intranets
    33. 33. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Apps, Search and other enhancements
    34. 34. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 App store 1.  Apps users select for a personal page 2.  App selection for site owners 3.  App store for IT procurement SharePoint 2013 uses all 3 models See also:
    35. 35. 42
    36. 36. 43
    37. 37. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Search —  New search results design —  Search suggestions based on personal history —  Behind the scenes —  Analytics component helps search ‘learn’ over time —  “Did you mean” managed alongside managed metadata —  Full spell check, thesaurus, stemming etc. —  Continuous crawling See also: know-about-search-in-sharepoint-2013-preview.aspx
    38. 38. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Implications —  SharePoint search now very flexible —  Real-world performance? —  Not yet clear what search licensing model will be —  App store better way of promoting web parts for site owners —  Analytics still lacking so 3rd party add on probably still needed
    39. 39. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 User Experience
    40. 40. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Users still exposed to over-complication
    41. 41. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Mobile Support —  For browsing, Safari and Chrome work well —  Android tablets not officially supported —  iOS Web Apps will edit docs but not create new ones
    42. 42. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Mobile views lose all context
    43. 43. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Conclusion
    44. 44. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Is SP2013 worth waiting for?
    45. 45. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Is SP2013 worth waiting for? —  Think about your Digital Workplace strategy then role SharePoint will play to support it —  Social improvements will be biggest selling point in most cases —  Have you outgrown current social intranet? —  How urgently do you need microblogging etc? —  How important will mobile be for your organization over the next 3 years? —  Is Office 365 rather than on-premises an option?
    46. 46. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Scenario 1: SoapnSoup Plc. —  Scenario: SoapnSoup Plc. is a large multinational manufacturer. They recently migrated several hundred sites from SP2007 to SP2010. The intranet is used for both traditional internal communications and project- based collaboration. Some functions such as marketing have been pushing for better internal social media for some time, and have an unofficial Yammer pilot, though uptake of social initiatives company-wide is slow. —  Recommendation: —  Migrate in ~2 years. Rushing to upgrade would be more disruptive than beneficial. —  Focus on getting the most out of 2010 and improving basic adoption of My Sites and Team Sites. —  Supplement with e.g. Yammer tactically. Monitor uptake and look to begin a 2013 pilot next year with an early-adopter group. —  Build competence in developing mobile apps that interface with SharePoint 2010.
    47. 47. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Scenario 2: Bobs Buildings Housing —  Scenario: BBH is a housing association that has grown rapidly by acquisition over the last 5 years. They have an ageing intranet based on a CMS that is out of support, and numerous legacy systems for local intranets and document management. Field representatives likely to get iPads in autumn for online form-filling. —  Recommendation: —  Consider SharePoint 2013 on Office 365 mid-2013 or other platform entirely e.g. Thought Farmer, Interact, Liferay etc. —  Likely to be largely manual migration with much that can be thrown away —  Mobile strategy will need careful consideration. —  Design intranet templates that work on both PC and mobile (e.g. use renditions) —  Look at third-party apps for working with Team Sites e.g. SharePlus, Colligo,
    48. 48. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Scenario 3: The Ministry for Policies —  Scenario: MFP is a government department that has had a single intranet on SP2007 for 2 years. It is mostly used for managing documents and top- down communication. Internal communications are keen for more dialogue, but lack leader support. —  Recommendation: —  2013 may have little to offer from a business perspective so upgrade likely to be driven by IT support roadmap. —  Managed metadata may be desirable, but 2010 can do this with less risk —  Internal communications can still use forums, blogs etc. to slowly build more 2-way communication
    49. 49. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Scenario 4 —  Scenario: Assured Mutual Prudence is a financial services company that has had an intranet since 1996. They were early adopters of SharePoint 2010 and adoption is high, but stakeholders feel its social features are holding them back. —  Recommendation —  As social features are needed now, look to 3rd party add-ons such as Newsgator, Telligent or Attini. —  Anticipate migration impact: Stay on 3rd Party for social or move all to 2013?
    50. 50. © ClearBox Consulting 2012 Questions? Thoughts? Please use chat window
    51. 51. Sam Marshall Director +44 1244 458746 ClearBox Consulting —  Intranet & SharePoint —  Strategy —  Governance —  Implementation —  Collaboration