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Making it big in software (ibm post doctoral fellow symposium keynote slideshare)


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16 transformative ideas on career success for software engineers (and probably everyone). Drawn from the book "Making it Big in Software". Ideas from industry luminaries, academics, executives, and technologists on how to be successful.

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Making it big in software (ibm post doctoral fellow symposium keynote slideshare)

  1. 1. Sam Lightstone1 Making it Big in Software Sam Lightstone Distinguished Engineer & IBM Master Inventor IBM Canada e-mail: IBM Post-Doctoral Fellow Symposium Keynote University of Toronto
  2. 2. Sam Lightstone2 Ideas in this lecture are a sample drawn from this book
  3. 3. Sam Lightstone3 Software is the place to be Data and devices are proliforating The world has ~7 billion people 13 billion connected devices. 15 Petabytes of data daily. In 2014 the volume of data created by U.S. companies alone will be enough to fill ten thousand Libraries of Congress. By 2020 35 Zettabytes of data will flow over the Internet (that’s a stack of books from here to Pluto 20 times) Virtually every device that consumes direct current electricity also requires electrical and computer engineering. Our world is increasingly interconnected, automated and interactive.
  4. 4. Sam Lightstone4 A world of unexpected technology success
  5. 5. Sam Lightstone5 What it takes to become a Senior Technical Staff Member or Distinguished Engineer (Sam’s unofficial thoughts) Evaluated by executives beyond your product group It’s not only up to your boss It’s not only up to you boss’s boss You need to demonstrate a portfolio of success Technical successes Organizational technical leadership Cross product activity and leadership Customer activity Support for sales and closing business Publications and patents Corporate awards Activity with IBM Research or University research helps ~ Distilling the Requirements ~ Distinguished Engineer: •  An industry leader. •  Recognized broadly outside of IBM •  Technical Leadership to > 100 engineers •  Helped create an entire product or industry (hundreds of millions of dollars attributed to your work) Senior Technical Staff Member •  An IBM division leader. •  Recognized broadly inside IBM across divisions •  Technical Leadership to > 25 engineers •  Helped create major product enhancements (tends of millions of dollars attributed to your work)
  6. 6. Sam Lightstone6 16 Not so obvious thoughts about your future (loosely grouped)
  7. 7. Sam Lightstone7 Career Context Career Planning Social Dynamics
  8. 8. Sam Lightstone8 Career Context
  9. 9. Sam Lightstone9 Idea #1: Freedom Seniority gives you influence over What you work on Where you work (to a lesser degree) when you work š The Jim Gray story The late computer scientist Jim Gray, was one of the founders of modern database systems and a leader in scalable computing before his mysterious disappearance in a boating accident on a clear, calm day in 2007. Before recruiting Gray, Microsoft had always resisted the pressure to establish R&D sites outside of their core location in Redmond, Washington. Gray just wasn’t interested in living there. No problem. In 1995, they built their new laboratory, called the Microsoft Bay Area Research Center (BARC), around him. Some may believe that Microsoft had decided to finally tap into the incredible pool of software talent and dynamism in the Bay area, but in truth, the move to open BARC was motivated heavily by a desire to attract Gray to Microsoft. According to Senior Vice President of Microsoft Research Rick Rashid, “If Jim had wanted a lab in Monte Carlo, we would have built a lab in Monte Carlo.” (Extract from “Making it Big in Software”) Consider the story of Jim Gray, on the right. Microsoft approached him. He refused because of location concerns, and they agreed to build the Bay Area Research Center in California around him. That is the power to work not only on what you want, but where you want.
  10. 10. Sam Lightstone10 Kuh-ching!!! Perhaps obvious, but the most successful people earn considerably more money. As a new graduate this may not be to of mind. As you get older, and life responsibilities increase [house, school fees, growing family, retirement planning] this becomes more important.
  11. 11. Sam Lightstone11 Idea #2: School versus job: Professionalism work is the opposite of school work! SCHOOL