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House of cards essay structure


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House of cards essay structure

  1. 1. Think of your essay as a house of cards.The point of the entire design is to support thetopmost card.If it does not have the proper support, it willcollapse.If any card is out of place or missing it will tumble. Ifthere is an extra card, it will implode.If you’re not paying attention you will knock it over.And if you don’t practice you’ll never be able tobuild one.Investmentsin health and educationwill solve the long term causesof child poverty because these are thefoundations of a productive society and middle class.A healthy population will keepmoney in the economyand create a longerproducingworkforce.Educationcreates skilled workersThe rootcause of child povertyare cyclical.We must interruptthat cycle and increase the middle class.More leisure timeProactive health care ischeaper, so more money availablefor welfare programsWorkers more adaptable toeconomyEmotional stability=more productivityPoor parents -> poor kids ->poor parentsIncreased wagesGlobal CompetitivenessMust move lower classfamilies towards middle classReduces child labor