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An explanation for middle schoolers on peer review. The slides are riddled with errors, so have the students peer review the PPT.

Here's the set:

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  • Two mistakes: Word document and April 7.Tell the students each slide has mistakes. Encourage them to identify those mistakes. Or, after each slide is complete, give them free talk time (In English!) to find the mistakes.
  • Four mistakes: pier, righting, sea, ourStart with analyzing the picture. What are they doing? What do they have in front of them? Who is talking? What is everyone else doing? Guess why they are doing it.Even though we write by ourselves, we're really talking to an audience. We need their feedback to  determine if what we're saying makes sense. Oftentimes what seems perfectly obvious to us in our writing confuses others.
  • Five mistakes: 2, "writing", indpependent:, rewriting!, colloborative;Writing: When we write, or produce, we do it by ourselves. It is an opportunity for consider5ation and pondering of our topic. It does not matter if we are right or wrong, we can change our position as we work. The goal is to create words on the page. That is all.Rewriting: We recruit our friends to tell us what is wrong and what could be better. The goal is to "trim the fat" or get rid of what we don't need, making the finished product pretty and tantalizing. 
  • These notes are designed to be confusing. Give the students a chance to rephrase them in their own words. Assign one sentence to one group of three or four students. Give them three minutes to rewrite it in their own words. Here's my answer key: 1 No one wants to be wrong. 2 No one wants to insult someone else. 3 My reviewers might be wrong. 4 Why does my opinion matter?
  • A lot of mistakesThe point here that I really want to emphasize is that each student's opinion is valuable. Segue to next slide:
  • No mistakesRestraining your self is an act of selfishness. Because you are smart, because your opinion matters, it will help other students. Whether or not they listen to you, the act of sharing your opinion is practically helpful and a sign of respect. So when someone gives you criticism, you should say, "Thank you for your feedback."
  • Peer Review

    1. 1. Peer ReviewAPRIL 7Please peer review this Word document. What mistakes do you see?
    2. 2. Why pier review? Righting is a form of conversation. We can sea a new perspective. Two heads our better than one.
    3. 3. 2 Steps of Writing"Writing" Independent: Reflective Flexible ProductiveRewriting! Collaborative; Rejecting Critical Reductive
    4. 4. The Problems ofPeer Review• Incorrectness is a universalinsecurity• Sensitivity is a ubiquitous obstacle• Not always are others moreaccurate than myself• What authority dost thine selfhave?
    5. 5. Th3 VALUe of pEEr ReViEw• SOMETIMES WE DONT SEE AREOWN MISTAKES.• we are not writing for ourselves.-• Wee neeed our reeadeers toundeerstand what wee areesaying.• yer smert! yer ohpinyun isvalyabowl.
    6. 6. Dont beshellfish!