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An introduction to APA literature reviews for middle schoolers.

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  • 1. 5 minute free write on "What do these words mean individually? What about together?" 
  • 1. Tells your reader about what research is already out there. You had to wade through all of it, so you are really well informed on your topic. Help catch your reader up to speed.2. Summarize your sources, and combine them to point out the valuable connections.3. Explain the sources that you will use. Why did you choose them, and what do they contribute to your research?4 . Your research paper is an argument about something you found in your research. The literature review's purpose is not to prove a point but to educate your readers.5. You will spend a ton of time researching your subject. Your reader will not, so condensing your research into a literature review will help them.6. Ensures that everyone knows the same material. Even an expert on a field might not be familiar with some of the research you find.7. It provides context for your research. 8. Your paper will join all the papers you studied. It connects it to them. 
  • 1. How many sources do you need?2. What kinds of sources? Are videos ok? How about phone interviews?3. Can you use research only from this century? Decade? Year?4. How are you supposed to handle the information? Do you need to criticize or evaluate your sources, or just present them?5. What is the format? Do you need section headings? Word count?
  • 1. A story is organized around events and characters, a research paper is organized around your argument, and a literature review is organized around the ideas inside your research.2. Pay attention to the themes or common (or disparate) ideas that you find. What are the connections? That is what makes your research valuable.3. Your lit review will have a thesis statement, but it is not an argument like the thesis statement for your research paper. It is just a direct sentence describing the connection between your sources that is valuable to your research paper. It lets the reader focus on one idea to unify the lit review.4. It will have an intro, body and conclusion.
  • 1. Your goal is to point out the fundamental, basic connections that your readers need to understand your research.2. You do not have to use big fancy words. You need to use simple language to describe complex ideas. 3. Make sure you are being true to the sources you use. Do not distort their facts and findings to suit your thesis.4. Every idea you provide needs to be related to your thesis.5. Also, make sure your ideas connect to your thesis.6. Last, please remember to check that your ideas are revolving around the thesis.
  • Literature Review

    1. 1. Literature ReviewAdapted
    2. 2. BeforeWe BeginWhat is it ?• Discussion of published information on a topic• Combination of synthesis and summary• Explanation of sources• Not an argumentWhy do we write them?• Saves other people time• Makes sure everyone is current• Provides background for your research• Connects our work to other research
    3. 3. What you need to know• How many sources do you need?• What types of sources?• Time frame?• Summarize, synthesize or criticize?• Format?
    4. 4. Organization• Organized around ideas• What themes or issues connect your sources?• Thesis statement• Same structure as a full essay
    5. 5. Remember• Not an in-depth discussion• Keep your own voice• Represent sources accurately• Thesis• Thesis• Thesis