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Information Management Overview


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Information Management Overview

  1. 1. Information Management Solutions Overview Leveraging Data Assets for Strategic Intelligence Organizations are drowning in an ocean of data. Without a comprehensive program in place to target, collect, distribute, and analyze the most relevant data, organizations can be data rich but information poor. Leveraging information assets in a cost effective manner is increasingly challenging. Infogain’s Information Management Practice helps you transform data into information— converting it into knowledge for informed decision making. Optimizing Business Outcomes through Effective Information ManagementBUSINESS DRIVERS Today’s business demands responsiveness, flexibility, lower costs, and easy access to its datal Increased need for trusted, timely and pertinent information and information assets. Infogain’s Information Management Practice combines industryl Increasing volumes of data experience, strategic knowledge and technology insight to help companies managel Operational inefficiencies and analyze the volumes of complex customer and business data captured from variousl Lack of ongoing innovation sources. We provide the guidance needed to generate a more in-depth understanding of al Need to be agile and flexible company’s customers, enabling you to design better products and services, market and sell more effectively, and deliver efficient customer support. The net result is improved customer satisfaction, optimized business operations and increased ROI. Information Management is a continuum of people, processes, methodologies, metrics, and technology. Infogain’s highly skilled consultants are experienced in the deployment, integration, migration, and support of Information Management solutions. Each member of our team has extensive and ongoing training in the latest products and software, including Oracle and Microsoft, and follows industry best practices, to assist customers in aligning Information Management solutions with strategic objectives. Service Offerings Infogain provides a suite of offerings to assist you in freeing and understanding your data. Our team serves as a trusted advisor and strategic business partner in designing, developing and supporting solutions that span strategy, assessment, architecture, data warehousing, data integration, data quality, and governance.
  2. 2. Information Management Solutions Overview Strategy Architecture Planning Development & Improvement & & Design Deployment Support l Strategy & Roadmap BI l Assessment BI l Requirements Definition l Application & l Data Warehouse l Architecture & Design BI l Methodology & Project Data Integration Strategy & Roadmap Management Improvement l Data Warehouse l & Metric Definitions KPI Architecture & Design l System Operations l & Data Governance BI l Performance l Data Mart Architecture Establishment & l Hosted Analytics Management & Design Management l Data Quality Services l Dashboards & l & Data Warehouse BI l Tool Evaluation & Scoreboards Deployments Selection l Data Visualization l Industry Benchmarking l Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence (BI) provides organizations and theirKEY BENEFITS decision makers with the information needed to more effectively manage theirl Timely access / visualization of data operations. Infogain’s BI offering spans the breadth of the BI, data warehousing andl Data driven insight analytics solution stack. We start with business strategy and technology assessmentl Enhanced analysis and reporting to ensure the recommended solution fits your specific business requirements andl Reduced total cost of ownership supports your mission critical decision-making needs.l Increased customer satisfactionl Improved top and bottom lines l Performance Management: Performance Management is an on-going process that evolves as management defines key performance indicators (KPIs) for its organization. Dashboards enable performance monitoring, while scorecards display progress towards desired objectives. Infogain provides executives and management teams with a framework to monitor their organizations’ execution against their strategies.TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGEl Oracle BI Enterprise Edition l Data Integration: Infogain’s Data Integration offering enables the management,l Oracle Data Warehouse integration and timely sharing of information across the enterprise and with partnersl Oracle MDM and suppliers. Our methodology is based on best industry practices, thus addressingl Microsoft Business Intelligence any challenges with transporting, managing, and synchronizing vast amounts ofl Trillium information across the enterprise.l Informatica l Data Quality: Poor data quality impacts the bottom line and manifests itself as a hidden and substantial increase in costs for organizations. Infogain has a proven approach for managing data quality beginning with an assessment to determine if you have the appropriate quality and quantity of data to support business decisions. Possible solutions include embarking on a data cleansing effort or instituting a data governance program. l Data Governance: Data Governance is a set of formal processes and polices used to manage, or govern, a company’s strategic data and information assets. Without a governance framework, most data management initiatives will fail because they will not achieve the underlying process improvement business goals. We assist our clients with instituting an effective governance framework. l Master Data Management: Infogain helps you consolidate disparate master customer, product or supplier data repositories to create a unified view across your global enterprise. We focus on customer data integration and data governance, which together provide a managed 360° view of the customer that increases data accuracy for operational transactions and analytical reporting.USA: +1-408-355-6000UK: +44-(0)-161-602-3500INDIA: +91-120-244 5144 All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective © Copyright Infogain Corporation, 2010. All rights reserved. H100 08/10