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Infogain Share Point Collaboration

  1. 1. SharePoint EnablementUtilizing Microsoft SharePoint forCollaboration and BeyondCollaboration drives efficiencies. And, in today’s global economy, efficientorganizations require a central repository, or area, for sharing information. Peoplewithin the organization need a designated place to actively retrieve, update,and view historical changes to documents and information with the appropriatecontrols relative to access and security.Why is Collaboration So Critical?A few examples are provided below. l Policies and Procedures: Many organizations are becoming extremely mature in the creation of Standard Operating Procedures and Policy documents. Whether it is due to legislation like Sarbanes Oxley that runs across all industries, or an industry-specific compliance requirement, the need to access and control documents for policies and procedures is often not only important, but required by legislation. l Technology Implementations: As organizations evolve and increase their technology and infrastructure capabilities, system integrators are often called on to assist with implementation activities. Many times, these implementations run in parallel within an organization and share common tasks and documentations. A single area of collaboration allows multiple streams of work to run, without work being lost or redundant. Once again, implementations in industries such as Insurance require access to and control of documents for CFR Part 11 Validation requirements, hence a driver towards an area for web collaboration. l Organizations Growing Geographically: With organizations growing nationally and internationally with vendors in various locations, web-based interactions are increasingly necessary to enable teams to create and hold meetings, and manage shared work spaces.
  2. 2. SharePoint Enablement SharePoint: Beyond Collaboration Once a company makes an investment in SharePoint, they will quickly begin to take advantage of its strength as a collaboration platform. As they see its power here, companies are becomingPROCESS / SERVICES hungry to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of SharePoint. Infogain hasl Service Governance / PMO several robust solution offerings that take SharePoint to the next level and solve key businessl Adoption and Change Management problems with measurable return on investment (ROI).l Training (User and Developer)l Communication and Marketing Some key solutions in our SharePoint / Collaboration practice area include: Guidancel SLA / Availability Management l Web Content Management: Infogain has built a robust and flexible Web Content Planningl Disaster Recovery / Contingency Management (WCM) platform utilizing SharePoint’s core content management and Planning presentation framework capabilities. This WCM platform is specifically designedl Chargeback / Funding Strategy to allow for total and unconstrained presentation freedom while allowing sitel Validation Planning administrators the ability to add several server-side transactional-type processing without the need for code deployments. This is specifically valuable in an externalTECHNOLOGY FOCUS facing marketing website environment where speed to market is critical.l .NET Development l Faceted Search and Information Architecture Design: SharePoint has enabled al Application Integration / 3rd Party Add-Ons robust search engine with the 2007 version of the product. Infogain has a provenl SharePoint Security Management methodology for designing and implementing an information architecture forl SharePoint Customizations and SharePoint content that allows searching across the enterprise with just a few clicks Design Managementl SharePoint Technical Governance / of a mouse. We have leveraged techniques from the retail industry where intuitive Information Architecture website navigation and ability to find desired items truly translates into profit.l Infrastructure Planning, Installation and Configuration l Complex Workflow Implementation: As organizations express a desire to unlock morel Cloud / Hosting Services and more of their SharePoint investment, business process management definitely enters the conversation. Infogain has deep expertise in complicated workflow development and can enable multi-step complex business processes involving integration with many systems. Despite its flexibility and power, SharePoint implementations can be challenging. They can take considerably more time and money if handled ineffectively. Infogain brings a unique blend of talent to collaboration projects to ensure the best possible ROI for clients. Key strengths include: l Proven Strategy for SharePoint Governance: Infogain has done several projects involving the creation of an internal SharePoint service offering, including development of governance plans, information architectures, service level agreements, environmental metrics to judge performance, as well as support models and organizational structures. l System Integration Expertise: We have deep experience in architecting SOA visions and solutions for clients. Our versatility and depth of experience allows us to come in and work at an enterprise level in connecting a SharePoint solution with as many systems as necessary without increasing support—driving end user productivity. l Microsoft Software and .Net Knowledge: Infogain has skilled developers and architects that build complex solutions using Microsoft products such as SharePoint, BizTalk, MS SQL Server, etc. We have also built many custom solutions using .NET, including custom web parts. l Business Process Optimization: Our team has completed projects where our consulting team has documented and streamlined business processes in various areas. This ability, paired with our knowledge of SharePoint’s versatility and ability toUSA: +1-408-355-6000 optimize processes through online collaboration, is one key to our clients’ successes.UK: +44-(0)-161-602-3500INDIA: +91-120-244 5144 All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective © Copyright Infogain Corporation, 2010. All rights reserved. 0610