Private Jets for Sale in Europe by Oasis Air UK


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selection of quality used private jets for sale in london. all aircrafts latest models and are checked by our engineers, ready to be viewed by prospective customer and fly back home safely. prices are the lowest on the market.

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Private Jets for Sale in Europe by Oasis Air UK

  1. 1. Oasis Air
  2. 2. Oasis Air is a private UK company providing an independent aviation consultancy services. Experienced team of specialists totally committed to high standards of achievement and with skills vital in today’s marketplace.
  3. 3. Corporate & VIP Aviation
  4. 4. Advisory A wealth of knowledge and experience gained in all areas of aviation management, with each of our Senior Advisers typically having in excess of 20 years international management experience. Skills cover every aspect of licensing, aircraft performance, aircraft acquisitions and leasing, flight and ground operations, engineering & maintenance, sales & marketing, finance, security and safety management. Other members of our team have enjoyed careers in national and international corporate aviation and helicopter operations. Internal resources are supported by a network of close associates called on to undertake particular aspects of projects where their specialties are of direct benefit.
  5. 5. Oasis Air provides clients an unrivalled expertise in professional sourcing, evaluation, selection, acquisition of corporate aircraft, ensuring total confidence and peace of mind. Members of our team have successfully managed multiple transactions through to completion, including new and used aircrafts orders and deliveries, VIP airliner conversions, all principal corporate jet types and helicopters. We offer a comprehensive knowledge of the precise characteristics, performance and operational considerations associated with each type. We are able to advise Impartially on true costs of aircraft ownership and operation.
  6. 6. Our experience covers major corporate jet operations  Gulfstream  AOC Post Holders  Bombardier  Operations Management  Dassault Falcon  Operator Health Checks  Boeing Business Jet  New Type Introduction  Airbus Corporate  Aircraft Test Flights  Hawker  Aircraft Deliveries  Citation  Aircrew Selection  Embraer  Pilot Training Solutions  AOC Applications  Simulator Training Support  Operations Manuals  Personnel Selection  Standard Operating Procedures  Personnel Training  Safety Management Systems  Airport Facilities
  7. 7. Pre-Owned Aircraft We constantly track every jet aircraft on the global market to ensure up- to-date information on trends, availability and status. Particular focus is on aircraft on the discreet market, not otherwise advertised or otherwise known to be available, and the onward sale and lease of pre- contracted new aircraft advance delivery positions. When acquiring on your behalf, we can move through the market protecting your anonymity and without causing ripples or alerting sellers to an active purchaser, also with ability to independently review individual candidate aircraft histories, current technical condition and value, identifying 'best buys'.
  8. 8.  Aircraft Type Technical  Modification Contracting Evaluation  Modification Management  Aircraft Type Commercial  Operating Cost Analysis Evaluation  Aircraft Sourcing  Mission Performance Analysis  Insurance  Purchase Contract Negotiation  Operating Lease Negotiation  Title Search Arrangements  ACMI Leases  Structuring of Finance  Technical Survey  Escrow Closing  Registration  Refurbishment Contracting  Refurbishment Management
  9. 9. Retained directly to advise buyers with factory-new acquisitions - we act solely for you as the buyer or lessee. Being fully aware of industry processes and norms, desirable terms and features, we assist you secure the optimum from negotiations.
  10. 10.  Pricing Negotiation  Contracting  Warranties  Contractual Guarantees  Finance Documentation  Customer Specification  Avionics Options  Cabin Design & Layout  Interior and BFE Options  New Completion Management  Acceptance and Delivery  Entry Into Service
  11. 11. Aircraft disposals as owner's agent, valuing, preparing, marketing, filtering enquiries and arranging inspections. Discreet asset protection, interim secure storage, care and maintenance, records retrieval and storage, supporting records audits. Assisting buyers source maintenance, upgrade, refurbishment, training and finance solutions to smooth transaction process.
  12. 12.  Aircraft and Records Survey  Detailed Specification  Buyer Inspections  Appraisals  Ferrying and Storage  Marketing  Re-registration  Repainting  Asset Management  Lease Management  Corporate/VIP Conversion  Freighter Conversion
  13. 13. Reporting A number of reports are available upon request, including the following documents: Market Report - Business Jets Business Jet Comparison Business Jet Safety Business Aircraft For Sale Helicopter Comparison