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Virtual Teams - Follow-my-Voice - the definitive book for virtual team success!


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Want to know how to improve the functionality of your virtual team? Then read our latest book, Follow My Voice by Amir Ahmed and Claire Sookman. Follow the amusing story about our virtual Project Manager, Robert Redman, as he learns the ropes about: Communication, Running Team Meetings, Building Teams, Effectively engaging team members, Interpersonal Skills, and Self Management. You will definitely be entertained and informed!

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Virtual Teams - Follow-my-Voice - the definitive book for virtual team success!

  1. 1. Follow My VoiceImprove the functionalityof your virtual team!
  2. 2. WHAT PROBLEMS DO VIRTUAL TEAMS FACE?40% of virtual team members believe that their groups areunderperforming33% of executives agree that virtual teams are poorly managed56% of poorly managed virtual teams experience communication mix-upsbecause of cultural and language differences70% of attendees multitask during meetings
  3. 3. Meet Robert Redman, the protagonistof Follow My Voice. He is a traditionaloffice worker who has recently beenpromoted to a virtual teammanager, but-he has never workedvirtually in his life! As Robert learnsthe ropes of leading a virtual team, socan you under the guidance of thequestion:HOW CAN FOLLOW MYVOICE IMPROVE YOUR VIRTUAL TEAM?
  4. 4. AFTER READING FOLLOW MY VOICE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO:• Master virtual communication• Hire, integrate, & motivate team members• Solve logistical & cultural problems• Spot disengagement & build engagement• Successfully manage a virtual team• Create intimacy within your team• Improve your working life
  5. 5. VIRTUAL COMMUNICATIONIn Chapter 1, we discuss how to:• Effectively use & write emails• Run masterful virtual meetings• Clearly & properly communicate• Improve your interpersonal skills
  6. 6. VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDINGIn Chapter 2, we discuss how to:• Build trust with team members• Motivate your team• Effectively hire a team member• Integrate new team members
  7. 7. VIRTUAL ENGAGEMENTIn Chapter 3, we discuss how to:• Quickly identify disengagement• Build and foster team engagement• Manage multiple time zones• Consolidate cultural differences
  8. 8. INTERPERSONAL SKILLSIn Chapter 4, we discuss how to:• Build meaningful personal connections• Turn conflict into positive opportunities• Give your team constructive feedback• Build unwavering team resilience
  9. 9. SELF-MANAGEMENTIn Chapter 5, we discuss how to:• Personally engage yourself at work• Manage unwanted stress• Stay focused at work
  11. 11. Would you like the process of building and managing a virtual team to be more engaging and a lot less frustrating?
  12. 12. Do you wish you had the tools to thrive, instead of struggle, in the global work place?
  13. 13. If you answered yes toone or both of thosequestions, then ourbook, Follow My Voice,can help you achievethose goals.
  14. 14. VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDERS• for more information contact VTB at• 416 398 5160• 1 (866) 497 7749