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BTE101- Industrial biotechnology


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It is a presentation on introduction to Industrial Biotechnology, as a part of my course work for BTE101- Introduction to Biotechnology

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BTE101- Industrial biotechnology

  1. 1.  Let us break it down: › Bio - alive or living › Technology - the application of science to achieve industrial or commercial objectives  So basically, we’re talking about using living materials for a commercial or industrial purpose › Taking living cells and putting them to work for us!!!
  2. 2.  Today, biotechnology is used in three main ways: › Directly using cells  Placing yeast into a bioreactor to ferment grapes › Using the proteins/enzymes made by cells  Isolating antibiotics from bacteria for use in human medicine › Using the genetic material inside of cell  DNA fingerprinting
  3. 3.  Bio-Nanotechnology  Food, Beverage, and Feed Processing  Agricultural sciences and Agronomics  Bioremediation  Cosmeceuticals  Biomass and Biorefineries  Bioenergy and Biofuels  Automotive
  4. 4.  Biomaterials: Bioplastics, Biofilms  Pulp and Paper  Textiles  Biodefense  Detergents  Industrial Enzymes