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  1. 1. Colby Community College NURSING
  2. 2. Why Nursing ? According to employment projections released by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2009,nursing is among the occupations expected to gain the most new job positions between 2008 and 2018. The report projected an increase of 581,500 jobs for registered nurses which would amount to a 22 percent jump from 2008 levels.
  3. 3. Nursing Program in Colby Community College offers a one-plus-one nursing program. Two levels prepare students to practice either as Practical Nurses or as Associate Degree. • NLNAC Accredited • KSBN Approved • Experienced Faculty • Varied Clinical Experiences
  4. 4. General Allied Health Certificates of Completion Home Health Aid Courses Must have Nurse Aide Licensure Approval AI 177 Home Health Aid Must Take State Licensing Exam To Qualify Nurse Aide Courses Must Take State Licensing Exam To Qualify AL 104 Nurse Aide Medication Aid Courses Must have Nurse Aide Licensure Approval AI 110 Medication Aid Must Take State Licensing Exam To Qualify Restorative Aide Courses Must have Nurse Aide Licensure Approval AL 116 Restorative Aid Nursing Home Personnel Courses SO 132 Cert Training – Social Services Designee So 132 Cert Training – Activities Director Emergency Medical Training Al 125 Emergency Medical Training Must Take State Licensing Exam To Qualify Once Listed Classes are Completed, Certificates will be Awarded.
  5. 5. Practical Nursing One Year Certificate The 4 prerequisite courses which must be completed before the start of the Level 1 nursing courses. Summer NS 100 Fundamentals of Nursing With Lab Fall NS 112 KSPN Gerontology Nursing NS 122 KSPN Pharmacology NS 134 KSPN Foundations of Nursing NS 134 KSPN Foundations Clinical NS 145 KSPN Maternal and Child Care I NS 145 KSPN Maternal and Child Care Clinical Spring NS 156 KSPN Mental Health Nursing I NS 167 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing I NS 167 KSPN Medical Surgical I Clinical NS 178 KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing II NS 178 KSPN Medical Surgical II Clinical Total Credit Hours for Certificate are 46. Classes are Taken as Outlined Per Semester
  6. 6. Health Assistant Specialist One Year Certificate of Completion Total Credit Hours Needed: 14. This is a certificate program to balance your education while working in the Long Term Care setting. Students with this certificate work with the elderly and need a variety courses to improve the care given to this population Program Requirements AL 101 Basic Nutrition Al 102 Medical Terminology Al 104 Certified Nurse Aide Al 110 Certified Medication Aide PI 276 Introduction to Ethics PS 225 Death and Dying
  7. 7. Associate of Applied Science Nursing This program requires selective admission. The student MUST demonstrate proof of licensure (LPN, RRT, or MICT) and be admitted to enter the ADN program. Fall PI 276 Introduction to Ethics NS 280 NS Microbiology with Lab PS 176 General Psychology NS 210 KSPN Mental Health Nursing NS 225 Medical Surgical Nursing III Spring EN 176 English Composition I Oral Communications – Gen Ed NS 215 Professional Issues NS 220 Maternal Child Care Nursing II NS 235 Medical Surgical Nursing IV Total Credit Hours for Associates Degree is 75. Classes are Taken as Outlined Per Semester
  8. 8. Program Mission Statement Colby Community College Department of Nursing provides effective entry-level education to fulfill the educational goals of all nursing students and to promote life-long learning experiences through continuing education experience for the graduate nurse.
  9. 9. Accomplished by ensuring students demonstrate : 1. Practice within the ethical and legal scope of practice 2. Application of nursing process 3. Independent coordinated nursing care of clients through the lifespan. 4. Utilization of therapeutic communication in the dynamic health care system and the community.
  10. 10. Admission Procedure Admission to the program is a selective process. Enrollment is limited. Deadline is March 1st. Gender and age are not a factor for admission.
  11. 11. My Classes in CCC Nursing Program: Basic Nutrition Medical Terminology Anatomy & Physiology Developmental Psychology Fundamentals of Nursing Gerontology Nursing Pharmacology Mental Health Nursing Maternal & Child Care Nursing
  12. 12. Why Colby Community College? • Ranked #10 in Community Colleges in the United States • Low student teacher 15:1 • 92% of all CCC students receive financial aid • Hands on learning • 9 Varsity Sports • 22 Academic All-Americans since 2005
  13. 13. Life in Campus
  14. 14. Contact Information Marie Wolkomir 785-460-4797
  15. 15. Visit Campus Or Apply Online