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Homoeopathic (or homeopathic) medicine is based on the theory of treating like with like. Homoeopathic remedies use highly diluted substances that, if given in higher doses to a healthy person, would produce the symptoms.

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  1. 1. About UsSERVICES:• All types of major and minor homoeopathy services are offered at our clinic.• Reduce aggression by meditating, doing yoga or having a relaxing massage.
  2. 2. OUR SERVICES•Gall Bladder Stones • Piles•Irregular Periods • Brain Tumor•Spine Diseases • Hypothyroidism•Thalassemia • Jaundice•Psoriasis • Pain Management•Allergic Rhinitis • Hypertension•Reactive Airway Disease • Cancer
  3. 3. How Does Homeopathy Work?• Homeopathy is a method of treatment that supports the bodys own healing mechanism.• Homeopathy is the art and science of healing by safe, gentle, and natural methods.• Recently homoeopathic medicine has risen to new heights of controversy in the world of medical science.
  4. 4. Contact UsContact Info:-• Dr. Samit Banerji, KG-I/169 Ground Floor Vikas Puri, (New Delhi) - 110018, India +91-11-25503170, 91-9810343500, Fax No. - +911125613170• Url:-
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