Relationship building 101


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Helping LGBT/progressive interns in Washington, D.C., make the most of their semester.

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Relationship building 101

  1. 1. NETWORKING 101
  2. 2. NETWORKING 101
  3. 3. The genuinely curious3.put yourself out there
  4. 4. 1: be prepared
  5. 5. know your roots what interests you, drives you, gives you purpose/energy
  6. 6. practice talking about yourselfSeattle native, San Antonio-schooled (talk aboutyour culture shock!). Equal love for Shakespeareand country music. Best shows of all time:M*A*S*H and The West Wing. Both w/ AlanAlda. Coincidence?
  7. 7. my twitter bio@samirluther Missouri-born, LGBT & environmental/public transit advocate, techie desi (South Asian... but via Kenya) with an HR / CSR bent tag lines: “professional homosexual” “career queer”
  8. 8. what’s in your wallet? Samir Luther
  9. 9. where we • schoolbuild • jobs/internshipsrelationships • workshops/seminars/ conferences • volunteering • bars, happy hours • sports • trains, airports, planes • online
  10. 10. where webuildrelationshipsin DC
  11. 11. tips for when you get there• find the bathroom first – hair, nose, teeth, clothes• check your outdoor jacket, bag, umbrella (or leave in a corner you can keep an eye on)
  12. 12. who are you? HE L LO my name is Samir Luther@samirluther
  13. 13. 
  14. 14. 2: be genuinely curious people love feeling useful/needed
  15. 15. what do you have in common with the people in this room? find common ground
  16. 16. working the room
  17. 17. be relaxed & authentic minimize negativity make mistakesavoid one-word answers
  18. 18. answers: more than one word! extend your answers – make them opportunities for hooks hooks = memorable
  19. 19. exit strategy! • come back to the goals of what you need to accomplish “is there something in specific that you’d like to follow-up?” • excuse yourself – Restroom – “I can’t stay for too much longer and was hoping to meet some of the staff. Why don’t you follow-up with me by e- mail?” • don’t give out your cell phone (try Google Voice)
  20. 20. 3: put yourself out there and ignore the assholes!!
  21. 21. tale of a Hill Stafferwho happens to be a very good friend of mine
  22. 22. takeaway: don’t be afraid to ask for something• business card• get coffee or a drink sometime to hear more about you and how you got to where you are?• find out more about that report you’re working on• connect me to your colleague/friend?• would you mind if I added you on Facebook?
  23. 23. less-awkward second encounters“Hi Alison, I’m Samir – we spoke after your Welcoming Schools presentation at Creating Change last year. Thanks again for your tips on…
  24. 24. the next-day follow-up emailSubject: Follow-Up to GLIFAA Happy HourDear Jon:Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me about opportunities in foreign affairs at theGLIFAA Happy Hour last week. You mentioned connecting me to a colleague of yours who mightbe able to help me find positions to apply to – would you mind providing me with an emailintroduction?Thanks again, and have a good week.With gratitude,SamirSamir
  25. 25. should you add/accept? ask your manager for recommendation
  26. 26. privacy settings are key.
  27. 27. who’s in your network? super network everyone you know inner circle family, close friends
  28. 28. thanks! @samirluther
  29. 29. Read These• Improve your confidence:• Handling second encounters:• Business card etiquette: