Social Media Using Simplify360


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A detailed pre read of Social media Analyses, Sentiments Tracking, CRM, PR & Networking capabilities....

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Social Media Using Simplify360

  2. 2. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING IN INDIA(Findings of the India Social Media Report Edition 2, released by Blogworksand NMIncite (a Nielsen/McKinsey company) at the India Social Summit 2010,held in December in New Delhi) • 40% of organisations in India spend more than 10% of their marketing and communication budget on digital 40% media • Within this, 11% are heavy spenders with more than 30% of digital budgets going to social media 90% • 90% of brands and organisations in India have already engaged in social media initiatives Nature of brand/organisations social media engagement programme Spending on Social Media marketing is increasing unlike other forms of online marketing activities. It is estimated that about 11% of total online advertising was done on social networking sites in year 2009-10 and is expected to grow to 17% in year 2010-11 © Nexzenpro 2012
  3. 3. REACH OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN INDIAProfile of Indian Social Media Users Social Media reach 60% of online audience in India The age group 25-35A survey by the US-based increases its usage of 37% of heavy socialNielsen Company found social networks around 3 media users in India fall inthat 70% of social media p.m., which suggests that the age group of 21-30users in India accessed a working professionals years (, Most Popular Social Media Sites in India –social networking site mostly begin to ease out September 2010) • Facebook – 22.1 million usersevery day. at the workplace around that time (ViziSense) • Orkut – 18.5 million users • Twitter – 8 million users • Ibibo – 3.45 million users Source :ViziSense, July 2010• According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India data, there are 83 million Internet users in India in 2010 and more than 56% of them are on broadband• Social networks enjoyed 22.49% of Total Page Views of the Indian audience, whereas websites in all categories managed to get only 3.86% of the total page views (Daily News & Analysis, 29 Nov 2010) © Nexzenpro 2012
  4. 4. USE SOCIAL MEDIA ……. To Build Awareness • If you are launching a new product/service in the market, create brand awareness • If you are re-positioning, create strong word-of- mouth marketing • Drive viewers to campaign websites and official website To Engage Customers • Engage with people and create brand awareness • Re-engage with customers, build loyalty and As a Recruitment As a Direct Sales differentiate the brand from competitors Agent Vehicle • Develop a brand character at the heart of advertising campaign and allow the character to exchange ideas Identify brand An excellent and thoughts with the consumers influencers and opportunity to target promote your brand valued customers with through them specific deals and As a Customer Service Provider Expand business special offers; targeting • Respond to all queries received from customers network and seek different customers opportunities with different deals • Launch a campaign to offer support and advice to consumers Recruit online social Create an interactive • Distribute educational and informational content to leaders and create a platform to express stand out in the crowd campaign your business goals, values and offerings © Nexzenpro 2012
  5. 5. Our Tool - SIMPLIFY360Simplify360 is a web based social mediaengagement and analytics platform thatoffers a ONE STOP SOLUTION to the socialmedia needs of a business and lets youengage with your customers and interpretyour social presence Nexzenpro with its state of art tool – Simplify 360, provides an easy to use platform for tracking and listening to what people are talking about your brand in social communities. With Simplify360 you can not only LISTEN to what your customers are talking about your brand but also ENGAGE with them! Simplify360 lets you ANALYSE the social media presence of your brand by giving you actionable insights © Nexzenpro 2012
  6. 6. Our Social Media ToolBrand Management: General Brand HealthTRACK REAL TIME CONVERSATIONS Simplify360 tracking conversation in Twitter for “McDonald”TRACK keywords and LISTEN to brand mentions to understand how your brand is being talkedabout online and act on those insights. You can filter the conversation based on location, timezone, date, sentiment type, etc.Once you understand how your product is perceived, you can take informed decisions tomarket it better © Nexzenpro 2012
  7. 7. • Get negative feedback about your brand too.Our Social Media ToolBrand Management: General Brand HealthDEMOGRAPHIC Find out EXACT DETAILS about your consumers, audience or target market. Demographic for Head & You know which demographic does your consumer belong to and what he Shoulder tweeters likes about your product BRAND INFLUENCER McDonald in Facebook Brand Influencers forSENTIMENTS Overall sentiment for the brand McDonald KNOW who are your brand influencer. ENGAGE with them as they are a STRONG MEDIUM of word of mouth for your brand Get up, close and personal with them if you want to maximize your social media outreachToo much negative sentiment might let you want digdeeper to get the true picture. It’s always better to act than never and try to find out what can be done about it © Nexzenpro 2012
  8. 8. Our Social Media ToolBrand Management: Competitor AnalysisUse Simplify360 to –• LISTEN to your competitor’s mention to get an edge• KNOW what your competitors are up to• COMPARE how much your brand is doing better or worst than your competitors• IDENTIFY what people are talking about your competitorsOnce you understand how your brand is doing viz-a-viz your competitor,you can take informed decisions to market it better • Leverage the power of social media to formulate strategies on how to TACKLE competition with your biggest competitors • Compare the patronage demographics of your brand versus your competitor and get meaningful INSIGHTSSimplify360 chart showing the comparison between the popularity of Dove and Pantene © Nexzenpro 2012
  9. 9. Our Social Media ToolBrand Management: Industry Trend• TRACK specific keywords to understand how much your brand is mentioned in the industry• FIND relevant people and information on industry trend• KNOW what things are being talked about the industry• IDENTIFY the top blogs and sites where people usually talk about your industry• UNDERSTAND the latest industry trend and get meaningful insights from people talking online Brand Influencer in Facebook Simplify360 tracking conversation about the credit card industry © Nexzenpro 2012
  10. 10. Our Social Media ToolBrand Management: Industry Trend• TRACK reasons why people talk negative about certain industry and take actions accordingly Snapshot from Simplify360 showing negative messages about the fast-food • TRACK which countries or regions are talking most about the industry • TRACK which age groups and gender are talking most about the industry • Once you understand the industry trend, you can take informed decisions to market your product better © Nexzenpro 2012
  11. 11. Our Social Media ToolPage Management: EngagementWith Engagement Dashboard, you canCOMMUNICATE directly with your consumers andlet them know that you careYou can SEND message, follow, re-tweet, mention,shout or assign and engage with your customers CREATE Polls With Simplify360, you can CREATE Social Media Campaigns with real time click tracing system. Not URL Tracking only do you get to define the goal for your campaign but see the progress in terms of visibility and reach of the campaign created Email Campaign and RSS Feeds with Simplify360 © Nexzenpro 2012
  12. 12. Our Social Media ToolPage Management: Channel Analytics• Get INSIGHTS into your social media channel like when do you get maximum visibility, what time of the day do people tend to click on your links, who are the people interested in your campaign and what’s their demographic can help you plan your campaigns better• Find the interest area of your followers• COMPARE your channel with your competitors © Nexzenpro 2012
  13. 13. Our Social Media ToolPage Management: Channel Analytics HDFC Bank tweets both engagement and Canara Bank tweets only notification with its notification with its followers in Twitter followers in Twitter Canara Bank might want to engage with its customers and focus not only on notification © Nexzenpro 2012
  14. 14. Our Social Media Tool Simplified Reports Simplified Consultation In House Training • Simplify360 training is designed to make our users• We will provide weekly and understand various aspects monthly updates of how of Simplify360 and how they your brand is doing, how can use it to better their you are faring against online presence. The competitors and industry training is tailor made for trends • Set up or extend an in house individuals, agencies and team for listening and business• We understand that every managing online business runs differently and conversations • Based on your needs, we there could be a need for a design a program that would little more than what you • Provide a platform for benefit you/ your just see. With our managing online presence organization. The training customized reports, you can without the overhead of an doesnt stop with one get to know even finer in house solution program, we provide you details on how these online on-going training support conversations are affecting • Suggestive measures on and resources your brand how to improve your brand performance © Nexzenpro 2012
  15. 15. Our Social Media Tool Brand Monitoring• Creating Reports on the campaign Weekly/Monthly basics• Comparing the progress and optimizing the campaign Reports & Updates• Tracking the traffic of the website and comparing with the activities in the Social Media Space Monitoring• After laying out the action plan according to the social plan chosen, work will start on executing the plan with continuous update to clients on the progress with the work Implementation• Client’s need would be thoroughly studied and understood• Goals and expectations from the client will be laid down and Understanding Client’s Needs accordingly will be used to plan the social media campaign © Nexzenpro 2012
  16. 16. Our Social Media ToolPage Management  Engagement  Top Fan App Brand Monitoring & Sentiment Analysis  Facebook Campaigns: Cartoons, Polls, Info-Graphics  Facebook Apps Social Analytics Dashboard  Channel Analytics Schedule Messages and RSS Feed  Engagement Personalized URL Tracking  Twitter Campaigns: Cartoons, Polls, Info-Graphics, etc. Download Data and Reports  RSS Feed Posting  Channel Analytics: Weekly Progress Report Creating Polls and Sharing Email Campaigns  Video Creation  Video Marketing Team Collaboration and Work Assignment  Channel Analytics: Weekly Progress Report Email and Notification © Nexzenpro 2012
  17. 17. Start Using Nexzenpro Today Or Send a Mail to – Or call at – +91- 9810170858 Samir Anand Sr. Manager – Ad Sales © Nexzenpro 2012