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  1. 1. Team BizDom MICAAbhishek Singh Mandloi Samir Prakash Anjali Jain Kunwarbir Singh
  2. 2. Introduction - EATONAmerican MNC, founded in 1911 Innovation centres all overthe world, with over 70000+ employees, Power ManagementCompany, provides energy efficient solutions for electrical, mechanical andfluid mechanics operations
  3. 3. EATON- Business Problem The Problem – 4x challenge A pure energy challenge Climate change and impact on present environment Rapid increase in population; Each second 7 children are born By year 2050 – Energy demand will increase by 2X Emissions must be reduced by 2X to maintain similar enviromment
  4. 4. EATON- Need Gap Need Gap Food production efficiency has to be increased by 70% Vehicle mileage has to be increased for same amount of fuel Efficiency of todays machines has to be increased if we need to combat 4X challenge In addition, companies can achieve significant level of cost-savings with increase in efficiency levels Challenge - But efficiency should not hamper the reliability and safety of machine
  5. 5. EATON- Solution Solution Eatons customized engineering solutions – Designing hydraulic system equipment (fuel gauge) which is lighter and more fuel efficient to operate High performance super charge engine component for better mileage Reliable, safe and more economical electrical power chain systems
  6. 6. EATON- SWOT Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat• Patented • A great • Expanding • Technology innovations process into new tends to get• Constant innovation or sectors, using bettered upon innovator of a patent may expertise of or improved technological not sectors they by processes, necessarily already have competitors innovation is lead to a a foothold in • They need to their key to great product, • Expand into produce sustainability thus some emerging company innovations markets like specific may not hold like BRIC, innovations business and even and not find sense outside of buyers for BRIC, in what they Africa innovate
  7. 7. EATON- Sustainability Sustainability Leadership in environmental practices Worlds Most Ethical Company from 2007-2012 according to EthiSphere Magazine Eaton believes in “Doing Business Right,” with a view to meet current needs of society that enable future generations to meet their own Eaton believes developing solutions that efficiently use and conserve global resources. They try to develop energy efficient products which reduce emissions protecting the environment.
  8. 8. Next Practices Evaluation Sandbox Capacity to scale up is very high since they have infra and sectorial knowledge They create jobs, at a very basic level which enhances social equity Price-performance levels will be determined by the degree of innovations they undertake Their innovations are aimed at energy efficiency which ensures their sustainability They operate in the domain of patents hence they are very high on the rule of law as well
  9. 9. THANK YOU 