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  1. 1. Team BizDom MICA Samir Prakash Anjali JainAbhishek Singh Mandloi Kunwarbir Singh
  2. 2. Need gap Analysis 80% of the Indian population does not possess a refrigerator. Thou the requirement has existed from a very long time. For refrigeration of water and vegetables. Purchasing power is not very high in the rural population. For urban poors, the expenditure on TV is same, but refrigerator hasn’t made to a must buy for Indian households.
  3. 3. The innovation Chotukool is a very new innovation in case of refrigeration. it solves the problem of cold storage by providing simplest way to keep temperature cold around 5-15◦c Chotukool works on solid state electronic chip. It operates in 230 V AC(invertor and USP). It is a rust free body, simple design, and light weight(8.9kg).
  4. 4. Features Storage – 5-15 Cooling rate- 120 mins Temperature control- automatic power regulation. Weight- 9 kg Size- 43 lts Power- 15- 65 w
  5. 5. Innovation in SCM The target audience of Chotukool is the 80% of India that doesn’t possess a refrigerator for n number of reasons. To reach the bottom of the pyramid, godrej has innovated the entire supply chain including selling, distribution and promotion. Distribution- it happens through 2 chains.  The India Post- there are 1.55 million post offices in India and the tie up is extremely beneficial to Chotukool, as no courier service reaches the remote villages as India Post.  The NGO’s and Self help groups- tie up with NGO’s helps in educating the rural people for the use of Refrigerator. Selling- A post of district coordinator. Under him/her the women from the self help groups called the “entrepreneurs” sell chotukool in villages. Promotion- all the people selling and distributing the product cannot promote the product. For promotion they use  Flipcharts  Posters  Females of self help group who sell.  550 Post offices have Chotukool at there display.
  6. 6. Benefits of India Post Strong back end process Delivery system is efficient and fast. The Post offices have demonstration of the chotukool. They are one point stop for  Making order  Supply  Distribution  Teaching
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats• One of its kind • It takes much time • Huge scope in urban • Duplication of• Low cost to cool. areas. technology• Low maintenance • Does not have • Many remote • Unawareness to the• Less electricity service center every villages are still remote villages and consumption and where. untouched by tribes can work on inverter • Cannot break even electricity and • Non advertising and UPS in next 2 years. hence have no idea nature of the • Huge taxes are paid. of refrigeration product.• reaches bottom of the pyramid • Association with government, to get• Simple design and subsidies and sell at layout, specific for lower price point to the purpose. the rural areas.• Is not compressor • Branding as car based and hence is cooler. environmental friendly
  8. 8. Socio economic and culturalimpact It can help run small scale businesses, retail shops, which can have cold storage items which can bring footfall to shop in rural areas Domestic usage is a given, basic things like food and water can be kept cool and can avoid spoilage by not keeping in the open The very fact that this device can be more accessible to the indian population shall increase their aspirational value to purchase a fridge and act as a motivator This is more of an inclusive growth story, where there is a feeling of pride and self respect associated with possessing such a appliance
  9. 9. Impact on stake holders Post office Godrej NGO’s Social entrepreneurs Self help groups People
  10. 10. Can this be the next practice It is sustainable It is scalable It is environmental friendly It has an existing demand in the market It has a sense of pride associated with its ownership It can fuel small scale businesses
  11. 11. Thank you 