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Promotional package

  1. 1. Promotional Package The World’s End
  2. 2. The World’s End The worlds end is about 5 school friends reunited, after been reluctantly convinced by Gary King (Pegg) to complete a boozy quest across 12 bars in their hometown they previously couldn’t quite manage 20 years ago. However the gang discover the town has been replaced by aliens, and they have to overcome the apocalypse to reach the World’s End.
  3. 3. Trailers A teaser trailer of the World’s end was uploaded on the universal pictures uk YouTube channel on May 8, 2013 with the film going on to release in cinemas July 19 2013. The film draws it’s audience in via their previous successes and the “Now” inter title signifies a new era for the stars giving this film a unique selling point and generating excitement. The coming soon inter title gives information of the website, Facebook and Twitter pages. This draws the audiences into visiting those site and means the film can promote the itself further and continue to builds suspense for the release. A 30 second TV spot was released later prior to the release. The editing is quick and snappy to signify the thrill or the film and squeeze the main narrative in. Pub fights, explosions and running from aliens have all been crammed into the 30 second trailer in order to glorify the film. The teaser trailer is more of an insight into the back story and gives more information of the plot and the characters.
  4. 4. Posters The World’s End released posters of each individual character and their persona being described by a name of a pub. Using a range individuals on posters is effective as certain characters attract different audiences. Simon Pegg is the “famous cock” he is the lovable idiot being the lead actor he is the main reason why audiences go see the film, he attracts all fans of comedy. Paddy Considine is the “lion heart”. He is the hero in the film and attracts a female audience because of his looks and masculinity. Rosamund Price is the “Fox” being blonde and beautiful, she is the sexual icon for the male audience. The film stretches across two generations this maximises audiences. The audiences are teens and young adults who have watched Shaun of the dead and Hot fuzz growing up. As well as middle age men and women as they are the same age of the actors/actresses and can relate to the plot of wanting to relive their rebellious youths again. Both audiences come together to laugh at the immaturity and how out of touch the characters have become. Posters of the World’s End could of been found in regular day situation such as on the way to work on a billboard, on bus stops or on the side of buses this makes people constantly think of the film and it becomes engraved in their brains as they are repeatedly seeing it in their daily routines.
  5. 5. Website The official World’s end website is a cross platform to social networking sites as well as that it provider of videos, information on the characters and the plot to give new audiences an insight on the film. The website also gives fans the opportunity to get their creative juices flowing through designing beer mats and are encourage to do so through competitions such as “the chance to win a mac”. This is not only enjoyable for fans of the film and maintains their excitement for the film, but sharing their mats on Facebook with their friends encourages them to get involved, thus building a larger community. Radio ads of the film were played on stations a week prior to the release and a week into the release to reach wider audiences.
  6. 6. How World’s End used Social Media Link straight from the official website to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter means fans can instantly like and follow the movie. This is an effective way of promoting the film as fans do all the hard work spreading the word around the internet to millions like wild fire. The twitter page provides links to Pegg, Wright and Frosts twitter accounts. Regular updates by the cast reminding audiences of the film and build tension for the release of the film. Fans can tweet the actors to share and voice their opinions of the film. The Facebook page provided regular updates of pictures, posters, trailers and exclusive clips of the film daily. After the release the film posted questions such as what was your favourite quote? commenting on this would appear on friends news feed and encourage more people to see the film. On the World’s End website there is a interactive trailer. By granting the site access to your Facebook profile. The interactive trailers plays a scene in the film revealing a shot of your Facebook friends barred from the pub which can be shared on your news feed. This trailer means the film forms a relationship with it’s audiences and has a personal connection with each fan. Allowing access to also allows the site to find cinema location nearest to you and film times. This is very clever way of persuading audiences to see the film as the site has done all the leg work meaning tickets can be bought there and then.
  7. 7. Merchandising World’s End inspired T-shirts can be bought at The t-shirts increase revenue for the clothing company whilst promoting the film. However besides t-shirts there isn't really any other merchandise and synergic products. Cornetto in a sense are promoted in the film, although it is unclear whether that is intentional or not. However the Ice cream company do not return the favour. Although the World’s End could of developed an iPhone app or a game to synergise the film.
  8. 8. Unique Selling Point: Cornetto Trilogy There are reoccurring themes and Easter eggs across in each for hard-core fans such as Pegg and Frost destroying a fence but the brand identity that defines the film is the Cornetto The Cornetto features in every film and represents the theme of the film the red strawberry Cornetto represents the blood and gore of the zombie apocalypse, In Hot Fuzz the blue vanilla Cornetto connotes the police element. And in the World’s end the green mint choc chip Cornetto signifies the alien and sci-fi of the film. The Cornetto has a personal touch as Edgar wright the director said he would eat a Cornetto as a student after a night out boozing to cure a hangover Completing the highly anticipated Cornetto trilogy otherwise know as the blood and ice cream trilogy is what drives fans of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead Another unique selling point is the long term relationship of the trio Wright, Pegg and Frost which stretches over a decade back to when TV show spaced first aired.