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The volunteer training process
for Project Open Door has been
unorganized and impromptu, without
a planned calendar, explanation of
the layout of the program, guidelines,
responsibilities, and a social
approach to teaching high school
students. Due to these inadequacies,
a proper training process needs
to be implemented to make the
transition as a volunteer a smooth and enticing one.
This mission of the Peppers initiative is to improve Project Open
Door’s after school program through a coherent three-part volunteer
engagement process

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RISD Peppers

  1. 1. risd PROJECT OPEN DOOR Krisa Ryan
  2. 2. ~PROJECT OPEN DOOR WHO WEARE Project Open Door was established in 2004 by Paul Sproll, professor and head of Art and Design Education, and a team of directors from Continuing Education, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and the RISD Museum of Art, with the help now from volunteer students from RISD. MISSION To provide studio education and a wealth of support services to low-income teenagers in urban schools. Students who make a committment of time, effort, and enthusiasm for art and design receive high- quality studio experiences, individual mentoring, guidance through the college application process and exposure to campus life.
  3. 3. n PROGRAM OUTLINE RISD volunteers Courses taught on are recruited RISD campus for college experience Curriculum is Volunteers teach rigid and scheduled at local high schools J Curriculum is impromptu for drop-in students • Accepted students take studio courses Gets students excited Local high school for college and finds student apply hardworking students for admission
  4. 4. n DESIGN OPPORTUNITY Courses taught on RISD campus for college experience Curriculum is rigid and scheduled Curriculum is impromptu for Accepted students drop-in students take studio courses Gets students excited Local high school for college and finds student apply hardworking students for admission
  5. 5. ~ OUR PLAN=PEPPERS To improve Project Open Door's after school program through a coherent, three-part volunteer engagement process. Ad Campaign Training Social Network
  6. 6. ~AD CAMPAIGN Recruit RISD faculty and students to participate in a wide array of volunteer opportunities that Project Open Door has to offer. Posters Stickers Email Digital Displays
  7. 7. ~ TRAINING A. Introduction Booklet B. Activity Booklet C. Journal Booklet
  8. 8. A. Introduction Booklet Table of Contents: Mission Statement Program Outline Pepper Opportunities Pepper Guidelines Responsibilites Boundaries School Calendar
  9. 9. B. Activity Booklet Table of Contents: School Calendar Art Supply Contacts Impromptu Activities Poster Art Nature Studies Self-Portrait CD Books Mural Collage Tape Art T-Shirts Bookmaking Conversation Starters
  10. 10. c. Journal Booklet Table of Contents: Reflection Questions Project Success Recommendations
  11. 11. SOCIAL NETWORK System to plan classes and stay connected risdpeppers. ning. com Calendar Attendance Impromptu Planning Organize Supplies ... Welcome to your new social network, Krisa Ryan! o Krisa Ryan ,..,quot;quot; +lrMte Mo<e .L Here are a few things you can do rlgllt now quot;.!Iii / 4-- l;IIIIIlnboK 4. FMrnh ·I..... t~ quot; Settlnrs- +Ad<lVldeo< Latest Acthity t COSGRATULATIOSS ,.. o IQukkAd<l_ _brCoogIc ;01 Iwg Buill! for SIomlCb • You «(eHad the RISO Peppequot;. networl<. lO _ _ quot;to quot;quot; Obey these 2 Easy Rules & Drop91bs E>oeiy 11 _ _ _.,.....'11_ _ DilYs El'fortlenty quot;quot;0 Pbotos +Ad4 Photo> Fonun [<lit + SIMI a Cffi;quot;.<lon Pimp My profile (Ereel Layouts Back{lfounds & Gfaphics! Downlnad Them All Now (100% e.._v Free) ,.,...,,.... 1 Blile To A Flol Stomach:
  12. 12. I' FUTURE Gain Excitement and Support Within the Community RISD Departments Tours Interviews Portfolio Reviews Donations Providence Collaborate with other local high schools Business and Entertainment support Free Passes Tours Donations Partnerships
  13. 13. ThankYou!