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Lead in the Home


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Joe Battaglia shares with Room by Room's eco-design boot camp the threats of lead in the home.

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Lead in the Home

  1. 1. LEAD Danger Within
  2. 2. FACTS ABOUT LEAD Plumbum - Pb Was used by Romans - one of the earliest Soft and malleable, doesn’t corrode Sweet to the taste - once sweetened wine Outlawed in Europe for farmers - they noticed it was harming animals.
  3. 3. LEAD POISONING Long-term and short term +10ug/dl (Microgram) Determined by Blood Test Stores in Bones for 30 yrs. Replaces iron in body Symptoms: Adults - fatigue, nasuea, constipation, memory loss, irritability, personality change, headache Chidren - ADD, aggressive, irritable, learning problems, loss of appetite, poor coordination, foot drop, headaches, seizures, coma, death Lead Poisoning is Preventable!
  4. 4. WHERE OH WHERE Jewelry Toys Glazing on Pottery + Crystal Electronics (solder) and Batteries bullets fishing sinkers Used to be in paint and gas By-Products of Deteriorating Paint (Chipping, Peeling, Chalking)
  5. 5. EDUCATION + REMEDIATION Education: Help people understand the laws, history, dangers, procedures, rights, and responsibilities. Pre - 1978 Remediation: 1) Physical Fixes: Encapsulation + Enclosure 2) Maintenance Cleaning Three-stage washing HEPA Vacuum
  6. 6. WAYS TO TEST FOR LEAD EYES and observing brain Laboratory Analysis (wipes) Sodium Rhidozinate (Lead Sticks) XRF Instrument (X-Ray Flourescence) Lead Poisoning is Preventable!
  7. 7. FRICTION SURFACES Stairs Doors Windows
  10. 10. PEELING
  11. 11. CHALKING
  12. 12. SAFETY AROUND LEAD Lead Poisoning is Preventable! Wear Gloves Bag everything cleaned up (6 mil plastic) Mist with water (or when cleaning with a soap solution NEVER use a regular vaccuum! (Only HEPA). NEVER use mechanical sanders. NEVER dry scrape. Have a good diet high in iron and calcium low in fat Don’t wear outdoor shoes in doors + use a floor mat Wash hands often
  13. 13. NEXT Later: Sodium Rhidizonate Test We will get an idea of a walk-through inspection Do this at your home Youtube - Jimmy’s Getting Better For More Info: In Town - Childhood Lead Action Project - Eduction CLEARCorps RI, RI Housing, City of Providence - Remediation. Lead Poisoning is Preventable!