Preparing quality teachers in the light of national2


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Preparing quality teachers in the light of national2

  1. 1. Meaning of Teacher Education National Council for Teacher Education “Teacher Education - A programme of education, research and training of persons to teach from pre-primary to higher education level”. Goods Dictionary of Education “Teacher Education - All the formal and non-formal activities and experiences that help to qualify a person to assume responsibilities of a member of the educational profession or to discharge his responsibilities more effectively”. 2
  2. 2. Elements of Teacher Education Teaching Skills Professional Pedagogical Skills Theory Teacher Education 3
  3. 3. Nature of Teacher Education Teacher education is a continuous process . Teacher education is based on the theory that ―Teachers are made, not born. Teacher education is broad and comprehensive. It is ever-evolving and dynamic. 4
  4. 4. Nature of Teacher Education, cont’d.. The crux of the entire process . The teacher education curriculum has a knowledge base . Teacher education has become differentiated into stage-specific programmes. Involves an interdependence of its Inputs, Processes and Outputs . 5
  5. 5. Teacher Education Reform Perspectives: Past and Present The Education Commission (1964-66) discussed at length various issues related to teacher education. The National Commission on Teachers Education (1983-85) recommended five-year integrated courses and internship. The National Policy on Education (NPE) (1986) recommended the overhaul of teacher education to impart it a professional orientation and referred to the same concerns voiced by the earlier Committees. 6
  6. 6. Vision of teacher education according to NCFTE2009 Teachers need to be prepared to care for children. Teachers need to view learners as active participants . Teacher education must engage with theory along with field experiences . Teachers need to be trained in organizing learner- centred, activity based, participatory learning experiences. 7
  7. 7. Vision of teacher education according to NCFTE2009, cont’d Teacher education should engage teachers with the curriculum, syllabi and textbooks . Teacher education should provide opportunity to students and teachers for reflection and independent study . The programme should engage teachers with children in real contexts. The programme should help teachers or potential teachers to develop social sensitivity and consciousness and finer human sensibilities. 8
  8. 8. Vision of teacher education according to NCFTE2009, cont’d Teacher education programmes need to broaden the curriculum . Teacher education programmes need to help teachers appreciate the potential of hands-on experience . Teachers need to re-conceptualize citizenship education in terms of human rights and approaches of critical pedagogy. The evaluation protocol needs to be comprehensive . 9
  9. 9. Teacher education curriculum should provideappropriate and critical opportunities to studentteachers Observe and engage with children. Understand the self and others. Develop habits and the capacity for self-directed learning. Engage with subject content. Develop professional skills in pedagogy, observation, documentation, analysis and interpretation, drama, craft, story-telling and reflective inquiry. 10
  10. 10. The curricular areas of quality teacherpreparation Foundations of Education Curriculum and Pedagogy School InternshipTogether, these areas constitute the common core curriculum . 11
  11. 11. Preparing quality teacher for the 21st century The curricula should take cognisance of the ever- changing needs of society. The content of the curricula should take account of the 21st century classroom. To control disruptive behaviour of students in the classroom. Teacher education curricula should be inclusive . . Emphasis should be on democratic principles and practices. 12
  12. 12. References: Mohanty Sunil Behari, A Review of National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education: Towards Preparing Professional and Humane Teacher; ISRJ, New Delhi ,National Council for Teacher Education, 2009, P. 93. Retrieved from on 8.12.12. NCTE (2009a) National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education 2009 (Draft for Discussion). Retrieved from NCTE (2009b) National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education: Towards Preparing Professional and Humane Teacher. Author, New Delhi. Retrieved from on 08.12.12 NCTE -NCERT (2006) Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education(Draft). NCTE, New Delhi. Education retrieved on 08.12.12. National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) (1998) NCTE Document New Delhi, Published by Member Secretary, NCTE Retrieved from %20IV.pdf on 08.12.12 13
  13. 13. THANK YOU 14