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Customer handling


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Customer handling

  2. 2. What is Customer Handling?It’s the most vital part of business cycle.It includes Understanding Customer Needs, Fulfilling their requirements, Regular interaction with clients, Execute best service.“ Less Promise, More Delivery….”
  3. 3. Customer Relationship Traditional Marketing Customer HandlingGoal: Expand customer base, Goal: Establish a profitable,increase market share by long-term, one-to-onemass marketing relationship with customers; understanding their needs, preferences, expectationsProduct oriented view Customer oriented viewMass marketing / mass Mass customization, one-to-oneproduction marketingStandardization of customer Customer-supplier relationshipneedsTransactional relationship Relational approach 3
  4. 4. Importance of Customer HandlingHelps in customer retention.Always be in the customer’s mind.Increase customer loyalty.Better price negotiation.Improves repeated business from the clients.
  5. 5. You can’t buy your way out of somethingyou behaved your way into © TH M Busi ness Sim ulati ons Ltd 200 8
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  7. 7. 5. CPE = Customer and PartnerExperience Partners are customers too And they deliver some of your customer experience Do you know how well © they do it? TH M Busi ness Sim ulati ons Ltd 200 8
  8. 8. How to do Customer Handling The Magic Formula Deliver excellent basics + Build strong relationships + Create competitive differentiation = Excellent customer experiences = Achieve business goals
  9. 9. Relationships and desired behaviours Get inside the mind of the customer – use the data, CRM CEM + tools and processes available. Deliver insight. Drive desired behaviours – move the attention or discussion to where you want it to be Build strong relationships – make the customer feel good and look good. Become an ally not a supplier.