Urban Informatics, or designing for a city 
that talks back to you


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A brief introduction to urban informatics and a case study of Urbanflow Helsinki, as shown at Helsinki City Hall Oct 25th, 2011.

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Urban Informatics, or designing for a city 
that talks back to you

  1. Urban Informatics, or designing for a citythat talks back to youSami NiemeläCreative Director, Nordkapp— www.nordkapp.fi— @Nordkapp
  3. What, why, how and when?Design Strategy, BusinessDesign, Customer Insight andConcept Design.
  4. 80Confidential % 20 % Public
  5. Things we’ve doneSITO Spatial Map
  6. Things we’ve doneNappula—RFIDfor daycare use
  7. Things we’ve doneDesign forShadow CitiesUS launch
  8. Things we’ve doneUrbanflow Helsinki
  9. What is UrbanInformatics?
  10. Old maps:Landmasses,infrastructure
  11. New maps: Realtime Digital LayersHELSINKI CITY PUBLIC TRANSPORT VISUALIZED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGllzWt0acU
  12. e.g.Air Pollution http://intheair.es/tools/contaminants/info.html
  13. e.g.location-basedgaming shadow cities http://shadowcities.com
  14. e.g.What& where? foursquare checkins/ social london Anil Bawa Cavia 2010
  15. BetterUnderstandingof our cities
  16. This new worldtalks back to us.
  17. Bridgestweet
  18. CellphoneCoverage photo credit or URL here, strtch to left cellphone coverage project Sha Hwang @ Stamen
  19. theWorldwidePulse of Things. visualisation Facebook usage
  20. SituatedInteraction
  21. …is mostlyabout context:e.g. where, when?
  22. Kevin Lynch, 1960:Place Legibility
  23. Paths&Edges&Districts&Nodes&Landmarks
  24. Interfaces& Services&Time Data Platforms& + Connected Objects& Infrastructure.
  26. First UseUrban UseService ConfigureDesign Re-Focus Renewal
  27. TheLargerContext(s) graph Ville Tikka / wevolve.us
  28. Mobile isOur NewEyes tothe World SUWAPPU http://www.getsuwappu.com/
  29. And itWill GetBetter
  30. StreetsWill LitUp atOur Feet karmatech / wesc rfid concept http://vimeo.com/18926005
  31. Everythingthat can besoftware,will be.
  32. There’san appfor that.
  33. An appthat knowswhereyou live.
  34. + +
  35. WHERE? Mobile Phones Multiuser screens Urban ScreensTV Tablets PC
  36. Urbanflow Helsinkia case study
  37. DESIGN PROBLEM20 urban screensscattered around the city.No interactive content.
  38. THE VISIONX pcs different types of screens inthe nodal points of public andpedestrian traffic, with integratedmobile and web services
  39. …of which some are dedicated tocommercial content, and somesolely for serving municipalcontent.
  40. How itall started?
  41. 2008-09Interviews,observation,ideas
  42. 2009-10Research inHelsinki & Tallinn
  43. 2010WDC HelsinkiOpen workshop
  44. Late 2010Project withForum ViriumHelsinki
  45. What is a screen?
  46. What is the system?
  47. How do the currentscreens work?
  48. Where could they be?
  49. What arethe touchpoints?
  50. 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 1750mmHow about 850mm 850mm 850mm 850mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mmergonomics? 658mm 658mm 658mm 658mm 0 10 15 15 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm 850mm 850mm 850mm 850mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 1000mm 658mm 658mm 658mm 658mm 0 10 15 15
  51. Physicalprototyping
  52. Digitalprototyping
  53. Design synthesisUser needs
  54. 1 — Wayshowing; “where is xyz?”2— What is happening and where?3— Direct feedback to the city
  55. Findings
  56. Finding: a map is a naturaland easily approachablestarting point forinteraction.
  57. Finding: The locals feel theyhave no need to urbanscreens (until a such concrete need arises)
  58. Finding: a map is familiarinteraction metaphor formost of people.
  59. Concept
  60. Design intentEasy one-handedinteraction
  61. Design Principles:Attract—Inform—Encourage
  62. AttractThe screen is a living object that that subtly attractsattention, enticing the person to approach, even in apassive mode.
  63. InformThe screen gives useful and immediate information. Itentices users to invest time in the interaction and givesthem the means to control and display relevantinformation.
  64. EncourageThe way in which the screen behaves encouragesinteraction and exploration. The screen can be touchedanywhere.
  65. Functionality
  66. 1. Wayshowing:Route planner and cityservices
  67. 2. Immediate, situatedfeedback to the municipality,from the city.
  68. 3. Making the invisible datavisible in your ownenvironment
  69. View the video at http://vimeo.com/26030147
  70. Next: minimumviable product
  71. 1. Wayshowing:2. Events in the city Text3. Mobile
  72. You Are Here Walking Minutes Information Layers
  73. http://urbanflow.io
  74. Thankssami@nordkapp.fi@samin— www.nordkapp.fi— @Nordkapp