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Storyboard For Movie!

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Storyboard For Movie!

  1. 1. Storyboard for movie! Mary Isidro Christine Ramirez Samantha Khoury
  2. 2. characters
  3. 3. Host introduces fashion show and one of the competitors, the nerd
  4. 4. Host introduces the second student, the rebel to everyone.
  5. 5. Now the host is letting them meet each other and…
  6. 6. The nerd and rebel get into a fight and start abusing each other.
  7. 7. The host announces that the rebel won that fight even though it wasn’t apart of the competition.
  8. 8. Host announces the next competition: the runway competition.
  9. 9. The nerd goes first and aces her walk.
  10. 10. The rebel goes next and is about to triumph then suddenly…
  11. 11. She trips and falls, making the nerd win that competition
  12. 12. The rebel isn't happy and starts to scream and fight with her opponent
  13. 13. They ask the host who she thinks the better student is…
  14. 14. The host doesn’t want to get involved
  15. 15. They ask a teacher who he thinks should win the best student
  16. 16. AND…
  17. 17. TO BE CONTINUED…