Mutation - Coca-Cola Enterprises


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"Mutation" is an installation designed for Coca-Cola Enterprises to reflects the company’s future sustainability vision. As part of a collaboration project between Brunel University, London, and Coca-Cola Enterprises, Europe, the project was designed by:
MA Design Strategy & Innovation Students:
- Elif Taş
- Sami Hmaidan
- Woonghee Park
and MSc Integrated Product Design students:
- Jennifer Gomez Forero
- Rucong Xu
- Sofia Barakou

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Mutation - Coca-Cola Enterprises

  1. 1. mutationproject.2013
  2. 2. project mutationthe teamWoonghee elifproduct designergraphic designer product designerdigital strategistproduct designer mechanical engineerjenniferrucong sami sophia
  3. 3. the briefdevelop an installation tobe placed in the externalentrance area of the newCoca-Cola Enterprises(CCE) Europeanheadquarters in Uxbridge- London, and aimed atcommunicating theenvironmental and socialsustainability values ofthe company.project mutation
  4. 4. the briefthe installation should bedesigned in order to notconsume any resource inuse (i.e. Electric energyfrom the grid and water).the cost for manufactureand installation shouldbe within the total budgetof no more than £15,000project mutation
  5. 5. considerationsproject mutation
  6. 6. the settingthe setting, being next toa bus gar and Uxbridge’stube station, is veryurban. the dominance ofthe builings’ geometriclines makes the area lookcold and static.the installation shouldmark the presence ofCoca-Cola Enterprises,portray the message ofsustainability, and revivethe setting.project mutation
  7. 7. communicationMESSAGEpositivity belongingsustainablityconnectionwith UxbridgeFEELINGShappinessnaturalrelaxationintrigueSHAPEflexibilitywavyperspectivesAUDIENCEexternalCocaColaemployeesCocaColavisitorsproject mutation
  8. 8. mutationCONCEPTproject mutation
  9. 9. moodboardproject mutation
  10. 10. mutation“mutation”, made ofBamboo layers, representsan abstraction of theCoca-Cola bottle. Theblend between Coca-Cola’sbrand identity, reflected inthe adoption of the bottle’sshape, and the project’sadoption of natureelements, made clear bythe use of bamboo,reflects the company’sfuture sustainability vision.project mutation
  11. 11. the installation providesan interactive feature:the enterprise’semployees and Uxbridgeresidents can rotate thebamboo panels to createvarious organic shapesthat diverge from theinitial Coca-Cola bottledesign. from DNAstructure to a tree, thepossibilities of creatingnew shapes out of the“mutation” installationare unlimited.mutationproject mutation
  12. 12. mutationproject mutation
  13. 13. mutationproject mutation
  14. 14. mutationthe bamboo panels,inspired by Coca-Cola’sgraphic identity, areflipped from one layer toanother to create theinfinity symbol as seenfrom the top short, the “mutation”installation provides anorganic, appealing, andinteractive concept, onethat projects Coca-Cola’senvironmental and socialsustainability values.project mutation
  15. 15. materialbamboolayersmetaltubeproject mutationbamboo not onlyportrays natureaesthetically, but alsois suitable foroutdoors and canendure severeweather conditions.the metal tubeensures a solidstructure for theinstallation and isfixed to the floor by anunderground concretebase
  16. 16. technical specsbamboo panels3 cm of thickness - eachseparated by metal rings32827.88348.19110827.88concrete block300030030in mmproject mutation
  17. 17. results“mutation” wasshortlisted to the finalstage of the competition.the project waspresented to Coca-ColaEnterprises’ CEO andboard of directors on the21st of may 2013.the board loved theproject but decided toallocate it to a moresuitable location ratherthan the headquarters inUxbridge. the project willbe constructed by theend of 2013.project mutation
  18. 18. thankYOUjennifer gomez forerowoonghee parksofia barakousami hmaidanelif taşrucong xu