EU cookie law - solutions


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Eu cookie law - solutions for websites owner

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EU cookie law - solutions

  1. 1. The EU Cookie Law overview & solutions Exclusive Reportbrought to you by: WebSolutions Team All Copyright reserved ©
  2. 2. The EU Cookie Law - overviewLike me I am sure you have heard a lot of talk recently about this new EU Cookie Law,and probably like me when you first heard about it you added it to your To think aboutlater pile.Unfortunately for all of us we no longer have the luxury of thinking about it later, the lawis upon us and we may need to act on it. The purpose of this micro-site is to inform andarm you so that you can firstly decide if you need to do something, and secondly easilyaction something to do.What is the EU Cookie LawEssentially the EU Cookie Law is the EU e-Privacy Directive that is set to come into actionon 26th May 2012 and what it means is that you have to get your visitors informedconsent before placing a cookie on their machine. Here is a video explaining the EUCookie Law and here is a link to the ICO website detailing the law.What is a Cookie?A cookie is a small text file that a website can store on your computer to help keep trackof different things, like if you want to stay logged into a website, or your preferenceswithin a website. You can read more about them on this HTTP cookie Wikipedia article.What is the fuss?Because cookies are just text files, they can be used to store pretty much anything thewebsite author wants to store, which can cause many privacy concerns. Things like theFacebook like button that can be used by Facebook to track people on websites otherthan Facebook have escalated the issue.Is is just cookies?No - The law also affects anything that acts like a cookie, for example: • Flash Cookies • HTML5 Local StorageThe ICO has said that it isnt good enough to just re-implement the tracking some otherway outside of cookie storage.
  3. 3. The EU Cookie Law - Tooling UpThere are really two things you are going to really need before getting your site readyfor this law. 1. To know what cookies you store 2. To know what stored cookies fall within the remit of this lawWhat cookies does my website store?Ideally your webmaster will know this information, but with so many people relying onthird-party tools to make websites it is my experience that you never really know whatcookies your own site might be storing.The best way I have found for finding out what is left behind is to clear all your cookiesthen use your site, visit each page and complete each action, once you have done thisview your cookie information - how you view this information will depend entirely onthe web browser you are using, here are some of the more common ones.Google Chrome 1. Click on the spanner icon. 2. Click on settings. 3. Click on Under the Hood 4. Click on Content Settings 5. Click on All Cookies and Site Data… 6. Browse to your URL and take a lookFirefox 1. Click on Preferences 2. Click on Privacy 3. Click on remove individual cookies 4. Browse to your URL and take a look
  4. 4. What should I do ?Many people out there talking about how difficult this operation. and some webmastersdecided to walking through the hard way.You do not need to do anything hard or long term operations, if they are told you that, Imean how this operation so much complicated, then you must know immediately, theydidnt know the right solutions.we cooperate with programmers and developers to find the rightpieces of code that allow to your website avoid any problem with thisnew Law.Yes ladies & gentlemen, we figured out the right solution, and we can say its 100%guarantee.So, if youre business owner based in the following areas, email us and youll hearresponse from us in one hour or less: • England • Northern Ireland • Scotland • Walesyou must to ensure your website, and we are here to help you to do that, Feel free toemail us : service@onlinebusinass.comBest regards,WebSolutions