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What's New with Windows Phone - FoxCon Talk

  1. Samidip Basu Manager| Mobility Practice Lead | MSFT Mobility Solutions Email: [email_address] Twitter: @samidip Info: Blog:   Sogeti USA 8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 300 | Columbus, OH 43240. What’s New with Windows Phone!
  2. Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group @cowpug 3 rd Monday @ TechColumbus
  3. @m3conf
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  5. First, some new hardware .. The Nokia Lumia 710 with T-Mobile
  6. So, you have a camera? The HTC Titan II with AT&T
  7. And the shiney .. The Nokia Lumia 900 with AT&T
  8. But I’m on Sprint/Verizon ..
  10. IE 9 in Mango =
  11. Push Notifications
  12. It ’s not always Sunny & 73 o !!
  13. Anatomy of a Live Tile .. Differentiate your presence!
  14. Reminders Reminder reminder = new Reminder (name); reminder.Title = titleTextBox.Text; reminder.Content = contentTextBox.Text; reminder.BeginTime = beginTime; reminder.ExpirationTime = expirationTime; reminder.RecurrenceType = recurrence; reminder.NavigationUri = navigationUri; ScheduledActionService .Add(reminder);
  15. Location Stuff Location services + Accuracy - Power - Speed - Indoors - Accuracy + Power + Speed - Wilderness + / - Accuracy + / - Power + / - Speed + / - Urban areas Emulator Tools GPS Cell towers WiFi
  16. Launchers & Choosers
  17. Questions? Thank you !!

Editor's Notes

  1. There are over 1,500 new APIs available to us in the next version of Windows Phone development. They range from new access to the camera all the way to manipulating tiles on the Start screen. This is just a small, small sampling. The Windows Phone Application Platform
  2. Integrated Experiences: The market for Windows Phone 7 consists of consumers with both a personal life and a business life The phone works great in the customer’s personal life as well as in their business life Integrated Office functionality creates great experiences for business use Pictures and Multimedia experiences are great for personal use Getting applications on the phone for end users is easy through Marketplace Delivering applications to Marketplace is easy for Developers The Windows Phone Application Platform
  3. There are three different ways to retrieve location on the phone: GPS Location information very accurate Radio drains significant power Initial reading slow (especially if the device has been moved over a long distance without GPX fixes) Does not work indoors Cell Tower Lookup Not that accurate (depends on the distance between cell towers) No additional power requirements (assuming the phone radio is switched on already) Fast location retrieval (if the phone radio is switched on, you are already connected to tower(s)) No 100% coverage WiFi Lookup In between GPS and Cell Tower in both accuracy, speed and battery consumption Works pretty good in larger cities Independent of physical location retrieval, one consistent API is used inside your application. The cloud can help getting more accurate location readings, based on other people having been at the same location (without the need for enabling GPS on a particular, individual device) Location services do not only retrieve Lat/Long readings, but can also resolve address information through reverse geocoding services.
  4. The bold (red-bulleted) options are new to Windows Phone 7.1 Windows 7 | Presenter Mode Sunday, January 29, 2012 Microsoft Confidential
  5. The bold (red-bulleted) options are new to Windows Phone 7.1 Windows 7 | Presenter Mode Sunday, January 29, 2012 Microsoft Confidential
  6. Applications are built in pages Gives your application easy navigation Gives your application integration with the back key Makes things easier when your application needs to handle pause and resume A Windows Phone UI is really clean and simple If you have a strong brand (e.g. making your own controls bright and flashy), you can show that However, if you want to look like the default applications, be clean and simple Notification and location services can really be used to help turn your application into a better user experience