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SignalR Intro + WPDev integration @ Codetock


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SignalR Intro + WPDev integration @ Codetock

  1. 1. Samidip BasuWindows Phone + SignalR = Awesome Possibilities!
  2. 2. CodeStock is proudly partnered with: RecruitWise and Staff with Excellence - Send instant feedback on this session via Twitter: Send a direct message with the room number to @CodeStock d codestock 503 This session is great! For more information on sending feedback using Twitter while at CodeStock, please see the “CodeStock README” in your CodeStock guide.
  3. 3. The Hardest ProblemsSolved By the Best Engineers
  4. 4. Local Touch – Global Reach Intro to SignalR + Awesome Mobile Possibilities !Samidip BasuSolutions Lead | MSFT MobilityEmail: Samidip.Basu@us.sogeti.comTwitter: @samidipBlog: http://samidipbasu.comSogeti USA8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 300 | Columbus, OH
  5. 5. Be there .. Or stay
  6. 6. SilverlightShow ( – onlineportal for everything Silverlight, XAML and WindowsPhone, 10K+ members.* daily news * tutorials* exclusive articles * forums* free webinars * events* ebooks * newsletters CompletIT ( – Silverlight and Windows Phone trainings, consultations and development company, founder of SilverlightShow. * Individual and group, on-site and online trainings * Standard and custom course schedules * Trainings by Silverlight MVP, MCT
  7. 7. Why do we need real-time?New emailTwitter/Facebook updatesStock Ticker/Live AuctionsGame ScoresReal-time NotificationsTurn-by-Turn GamesCollaborationProgress BarsAnd obviously, Chat
  8. 8. Existing TechnologiesHTTP – purely Request/Response protocolInternet – stateless; servers don’t call your app backConsumption model .. But we’ve learnt tricksPeriodic/Ajax Polling – not real-time, bandwidth misuse Image courtesy
  9. 9. Existing Technologies ..Contd. Use plugins like SL/Flash – to access sockets Native Web Sockets help – but low level & support flaky Long Polling – server does not respond unless X happens, client polls after data receive or time-out Image courtesy @maartenballiauw
  10. 10. Enter SignalRAn async, persistent connection/signalling library for .NET ... aids in building real time, multi-user connected applications.Persistent client-server connection over best transport .. Abstracts away the transport layer.From ASP.NET team-members (Damian Edwards & David Fowler) .. Not officially MSFT product, but OSS Boom!  is broken up into a few packages on NuGet: SignalR - Package for SignalR.Server and SignalR.Js SignalR.Server - Server components needed for SignalR endpoints SignalR.Js - Javascript client for SignalR SignalR.Client - .NET client for SignalR SignalR.WP7 & SignalR.Silverlight – For the cool folks  SignalR.WebSockets - WebSocket Transport for SignalR
  11. 11. Live DemosWhoa .. What happened here?Client calls server; Server calls client; seamlesslyNo polling, at least in our codeServer maintains Clients .. Broadcast to all, group or individual clientsLow level – PersistentConnection; more controlAbstraction – Hub; easier to use
  12. 12. Where does this fit?Other technologies have solved this problemSocket.IO is a client-side Jscript library that talks to node.jsNowjs supports namespace sync between client-serverPrimary SignalR advantages → Simplicity & ease of use → Works natively in .NET → Works out of browser → Supports Web Sockets through a NuGet package [ASP.NET 4.5/IIS 8 on Win8 only] WebSocket is a web technology providing for multiplexing bi-directional, full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection. Still being standardized. → Works on other platforms
  13. 13. SignalR Client for iOS
  14. 14. SignalR Client for Mono
  15. 15. Local Touch – Global ReachQuestions?Thank you !!@samidip