Powering Your Apps with Live Services


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Powering Your Apps with Live Services

  1. 1. Local Touch – Global Reach Power your Apps with Live Services!Samidip BasuSolutions Lead | MSFT MobilityEmail: Samidip.Basu@us.sogeti.comTwitter: @samidipBlog: http://samidipbasu.comSogeti USA8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 300 | Columbus, OH 43240.www.us.sogeti.com www.us.sogeti.com
  2. 2. http://www.m3conf.com/@m3conf Be there .. Or stay Squared!
  3. 3. SilverlightShow (www.silverlightshow.net) – onlineportal for everything Silverlight, XAML and WindowsPhone, 10K+ members.* daily news * tutorials* exclusive articles * forums* free webinars * events* ebooks * newsletters CompletIT (www.completit.com) – Silverlight and Windows Phone trainings, consultations and development company, founder of SilverlightShow. * Individual and group, on-site and online trainings * Standard and custom course schedules * Trainings by Silverlight MVP, MCT
  4. 4. Live ServicesWelcome to 2012 – If you hadn’t noticed, computing has changedVariety of form factors & devices; Always connected …Cloud & Mobile just makes sense. Let the user roam ..Rich & intimate UX with effortless integrationEcosystem choices. InteroperabilityLive Services – suite of SaaS services from MSFTMSFT Live/Hotmail, SkyDrive, Messenger & service integration500 million + usersThe one ecosystem .. Live Services all grown up now
  5. 5. Live ConnectCloud enable your appsReuse what user already knows & ownsEngage in a more intimate UX .. More usage of your applicationLive Connect – API collection on top of Live ServicesAllows for integration of Live ServicesMobile, Web, Desktop – across platformsUses industry standards protocolsRobust architecture .. They’ve done it so you don’t have to
  6. 6. Live Connect DetailsService offerings .. - SkyDrive for Documents & Media - Hotmail for Contacts & Calendars - Live for seamless SSO - Messenger for IMStandard Protocols under the hood .. - OAuth 2.0 - JavaScript Object Notation [JSON] - Representational State Transfer [REST] - Extensible Messaging & Presence Protocol [XMPP]Go NativeOr use the wonderful SDKs [Windows Phone & Windows 8]
  7. 7. Live Connect UsageUse it to solve two primary problems: -- Easy Sign-On across devices, apps and the web -- Seamless access to user’s personal content
  8. 8. The Single Sign-On ParadoxUsers dislike signing inPersonalization increases engagement and loyalty to website & appsSTOP building identity system with its inherent challengesSSO with Windows Live ID aka MSFT AccountIn-built SSO in Windows Phone & Windows 8Automatic sign-on because you used that other thingDeclaration of access through ScopesOne-time permission to apps/websites .. then Zero-Click SSORoam user settings across devices connected to same accountConsistent UX that preserves context
  9. 9. Access to Content & StorageRead/Write user’s Contacts .. personalizeUtilize user’s Calendar when appropriateLeverage SkyDrive .. You don’t need to host anything for storageOrganize, traverse & allow for personalization in storageShare
  10. 10. But I want to learn more …Home of Live Connect:http://dev.live.comDocumentation & Sample CodeDeveloper portal for Live Services APIs:http://manage.dev.live.comManage your apps
  11. 11. Local Touch – Global ReachQuestions? Thank you !!@samidip www.us.sogeti.com