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Metro Metro Metro

  1. 1. Local Touch – Global Reach Metro Metro Metro ! Samidip Basu Solutions Lead | MSFT Mobility Email: Twitter: @samidip Info: Blog: Sogeti USA 8425 Pulsar Place, Suite 300 | Columbus, OH 43240.
  2. 2. Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group @cowpug 3rd Monday @ TechColumbus
  3. 3. @m3conf
  4. 4. SilverlightShow ( – online portal for everything Silverlight, XAML and Windows Phone, 10K+ members. * daily news * tutorials * exclusive articles * forums * free webinars * events * ebooks * newsletters CompletIT ( – Silverlight and Windows Phone trainings, consultations and development company, founder of SilverlightShow. * Individual and group, on-site and online trainings * Standard and custom course schedules * Trainings by Silverlight MVP, MCT
  5. 5. What inspires you?
  6. 6. So, what is the Metro Design Language? Fast & Fluid Light & Simple Content over Chrome In Motion All about Typography Authentically Digital Bold & Beautiful
  7. 7. Modern Design - Bauhaus International Typographic Style – Swiss Design Motion Design - Cinematography
  8. 8.
  9. 9. The industrial revolution had changed the world. Communication and travel advancements were making the world smaller. Artisans were still using yesterday’s design thinking. Bauhaus : No adornments; fierce reductionism Not unlike the changes that we see in our world today.
  10. 10. Focus on cleanliness, readability and beautiful graphic design. The tools of Swiss design: Typography Grid Bold flat color Photography in place of illustrations or drawings
  11. 11. Movies inspire Search YouTube for ‘Kinetic Typography’ Opening credits for ‘Catch Me If You Can’ ‘Star Wars’
  12. 12. Inspirations to Actionable Principles
  13. 13. Modern Design - Reduce to the Essence International Typographic Style – Clear, Honest and Beautiful Motion Design - Bring it to Life
  14. 14. Light & simple Typography Motion Content, not chrome Honest
  15. 15. Focus on primary tasks Do a lot with very little Fierce reduction of unnecessary elements Delightful use of whitespace
  16. 16. Type is beautiful, not just legible Clear, straightforward information design Uncompromising sensitivity to weight, balance and scale
  17. 17. Feels responsive and alive Creates a system Gives context to improve usability Transition between UI is as important as design of the UI Adds dimension and depth
  18. 18. Delight through content instead of decoration Reduce visuals that are not content Content is the UI Users interact with the content directly
  19. 19. Design for the form factor Authentically digital Don’t try to be what it’s NOT Be direct
  20. 20. It’s fresh and clean It’s simple It’s beautiful – I want it It feels like a new Microsoft
  21. 21. Everyday Mantras
  22. 22. Pride in craftsmanship Be fast and fluid Authentically digital Do more with less Win as one
  23. 23. Sweat the details Make it consistent and reliable Balance, symmetry, hierarchy Align to the grid
  24. 24. Life is mobile Delight with motion Design for touch Intuitive interaction Be responsive and ready Immersive and compelling
  25. 25. Create for the form factor Your creation lives electronically Your kids will ask about the ‘Save’ button Alive & personal
  26. 26. Be great at something Focused and direct Let your Content shine Inspire confidence
  27. 27. Fit into the UI model Your App should feel at home in the OS Reduce redundancy Work with a Designer to complete scenarios Tools and templates are designed to scale
  28. 28. Let’s Talk Windows Phone
  29. 29. Credits & Resources Samuel Moreeau Director of UX Design & Research, Windows Brian Agnetta Windows Phone Design Team Lead Arturo Toledo Senior Windows Phone UX Designer
  30. 30. Local Touch – Global Reach Questions? Thank you !!

Editor's Notes

  • All of these slides should focus on how the team found design inspiration in existing advertising. Metro is about motion.
  • Consistency with design directionBeautiful work over last 40 years
  • 40 Years of Swiss and Swiss Influence DesignPrintPackageAligned with design direction for Metro UI
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