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Cloud Backend for Mobile Apps

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  2. Cloud Backend for your Mobile Apps! Samidip Basu .. Jeez, just Sam I dabble .. Break stuff Developer Advocate | Telerik Inc. | Social: @samidip [No, I’m not on LinkedIn or FaceBook]
  3. Z Why Cloud?
  4. Z Why Cloud?
  5. Z Cloud Computing Offerings Always evaluate your needs | Compare providers
  6. Z BaaS
  7. Z Azure Mobile Services Why ZuMo? – Azure + Mobile Thin veneer over most things you already do on Azure!
  8. Z Azure Mobile Services – Benefits! Add a cloud backend in minutes Reach every user on any Mobile platform Push Notifications to millions Make your app social Scale on demand with global availability & reach
  9. Z Zumo – Under the covers REST API Connected Apps Windows Store iOS Android Windows Phone 8 iOS Android HTML 5/JS
  10. Z Zumo – The BreakDown! Data Users Push Services
  11. Z Demos! Why use Azure + Mobile Services Let’s dig into some BaaS goodness!
  12. Telerik Backend Services  Cloud-based RESTful services to augment your mobile apps  Store relational data + files with ease  Easy X-Plat Push Notifications to iOS, Android, Windows 8/Windows Phone  Social auth through MSFT/Google/Facebook/Twitter or ADFS  Built-in data connectors for on-premise DB  Cloud code for server execution  Supports any platform with SDKs  Responsive images  One portal
  13. Telerik Backend Services
  14. Telerik Backend Services – Demo!
  15. Thank you! Cloud Backend | Questions? Samidip Basu Microsoft MVP, MS, MCPD, CAPM Developer Advocate | Telerik Inc. | E: | L: x3179 | C: 507 244 0579 T: @samidip | W: