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Honour killing ppt

  1. 1. Break The Silence
  2. 2.  Honour killing isWhat Is Honour the homicide of a Killing? member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community.
  3. 3.  The notion of honour and shame and its Origin of justification for violence and killing is ‘Honour Killing’ not unique to any one culture or religion.  Some worldwide Dates back to ancient examples:Rome and was encouragedin China and Egypt. In  Honour killing was aancient Rome being raped practice in easternwas seen as dishonorable to societies.the point of destroying a  In Britain-the fifth wifewomans life and reputation, of Henry VIII wasand honor killing was killed based onsupposed to be a "merciful" allegation of adultery.act.
  4. 4.  In British literature, Shakespeare’s Titus Andromicus play, Lavina was killed by her father after been raped, and it was considered as a honour killing,
  5. 5. Reasons Behind Honour Killing Marrying Person Outside The Caste Or Religion Disobeying Engaging The Dress In Code Given Lesbian By The Community Or Gay To The Relations Females. hips Refusing Arranged Marriage.
  6. 6. Where The Problem is
  7. 7. Factors Leading  Political Support to Rise in  Gender discrimination. Killings  Persons Who Killed The Victims In Their Honor Are Almost Never Punished .In Rare Case They Are Brought On Trial For Serving Only For Three Months In Prison At Most .Moreover Most Of Them Are Let Off.
  8. 8. The victims •17 year old Du’a •Zahidas husband Sonia Sarwar 1999 Khalil Stoned to attacked her because •17 year old Jordanian Pakistan death by members he alleged she had girl shot eight times Shot and killed by of her community been unfaithful and after revealing she was her parents in for falling in love brought shame to the raped and impregnated attorney’s office as with a Sunni family. He cut off her by her father’s friend. she filed for Muslim man. ears, tongue, and nose, • She was killed by divorce from her April 7, 2007 gouged out her eyes, father & brother abusive husband . and left her bleeding. (Arnold, 2001)Source: CBC, 2009
  9. 9.  Yahya Yildiz, 49...is accused of shootingThe Victims his 26-year-old son Ahmet in June 2008 after the latter told him about his relationship with a man from Cologne in Germany.
  10. 10.  International community must intervene and pressure countries to uphold CEDAWMoving Forward obligations  Tangible government commitment to repeal gender-biased laws  Honour killings must be viewed as first degree murder  Awareness efforts to educate men and women about women’s rights
  11. 11. There Is No Honour in Killing!
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