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  1. 1. Happiness
  2. 2. Done By: ٍSamia Al-Saadi Group: 4
  3. 3. Of course you do! you want to be happy. You will not be normal if you don’t want to be happy. We all want it. We are each driven by our desire to be happy. Do you want to be happy??
  4. 4. Happiness is something everyone wants to achieve. While on the surface people may seem to be looking for money, recognition, or other things, what they actually seek is happiness. Unfortunately, many people never reach the level of happiness they desire.
  5. 5. Happiness does not heal, but happiness protects against falling ill. As a result, happy people live longer. The size of the effect on longevity is comparable to that of smoking or not . Happiness Lengthens life
  6. 6. We want to look better, so we will feel better about ourselves thinking that will make us happy. We want to be entertained. We want a laugh. We want to be happy! Why do people spend millions of dollars in cosmetics?? why do we spend hours in front of television??
  7. 7. **8 Ways To Be Happy**
  8. 8. Sometimes we are so accustomed to people around us that we forget to thank to them. So take a little time to do that. Giving is an essential key to happiness. While we often think that we will be happier when we receive, the truth is we are happier when we give. This is also one of the most difficult things to apply. You can apply this by finding someone in need and lending a helping hand. The person could be your family, friend, or even a stranger. You could also donate to a charity. 1. Say thank you 2. Help someone
  9. 9. Comparing yourself with others won’t do you any good. You will either feel proud when you are above, or feel jealous and frustrated when you are below. None of them brings true happiness. So stop comparing yourself with others and simply be your best. 3. Stop comparing yourself with others This is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and get inner happiness. When you feel overwhelmed, a session of praying or meditation could help you clear your mind. 4. Pray or meditate
  10. 10. You will be happier if you understand who you are. Taking personality tests or drawing a simple life map could help you recognize who you are. Smiling is a very simple thing to do, and yet it has great effect. There mere act of smiling can brighten your otherwise dark day. 5. Know yourself 6. Smile
  11. 11. Besides forgiving yourself, you should also forgive other people who did wrong to you. Not forgiving them will only hurt you . Again, you should release the burden so that you can find happiness. 7. Forgive yourself Have you done mistakes in the past? We could be intimidated by our past mistakes that we can no longer live to our full potential. But you aren’t perfect, and neither is anyone else. So forgive yourself and release the burden 8. Forgive others
  12. 12. You can be happy if you know where to look
  13. 13. THANK YOU