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Risk assesment


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Risk assessment for the production of my music video.

Published in: Education
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Risk assesment

  1. 1. Risk Assesment Sam Howard
  2. 2. Filming At Night Identifying The Risk: When filming at night, it is dangerous as being visible is hard. This is especially dangerous if there are cars, cyclists or jogger nearby that may cause you injury. Furthermore, it is harder to detect hazards that could cause you injury e.g. tripping over. Solution For The Risk: Film in well lit areas e.g. streets or take a torch or other light source with you when filming.
  3. 3. Filming Near Roads Identifying The Risk: When filming near occupied roads it is risky as you are distracted with filming so do not really take into account your surroundings. This risk is worsened by the fact that I am filming at night, meaning that the traffic will not see me. Solution For The Risk: This risk can be prevented by using well lit areas in the night and by checking the traffic regularly. Furthermore, this risk can be avoided by not filming so close to the roads.
  4. 4. Use Of A Bright Light Near Roads Identifying The Risk: In order to film effectively at night I am required to use a bright LED light attachment. This can possibly dazzle drivers going past on the nearby road(s). Solution For The Risk: This risk can be prevented by directing the light away from traffic or altering the ISO of the camera and using the light on a lower brightness.
  5. 5. Using A Smoke Machine Identifying The Risk: The risk when using a smoke machine is that it can possibly cause choking an breathing complications. Additionally, the liquid used within the smoke machine is flammable. Solution For The Risk: Therefore, to prevent these risks I will check if any of my production crew have breathing difficulties e.g. asthma and that the smoke machine is not obstructed or covered (as to prevent it form overheating).