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Front line training programmes sam hospitality academy


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Front line training programmes sam hospitality academy

  1. 1. 30381 Sigalo StreetDaveyton Ext. 2Benoni, 1520South Africa082 765 line Short Programmes for Hotels, Lodges, Boutique Hotels, etcWe are pleased to present our Front line training programmes as follows:MAINTAIN A BOOKING SYSTEM - 2-DAY PROGRAMME - R1 500This 2 - Day training programme consists of:Customer Service Efficiency Accurate Information Customer Expectations Range of CustomersServices and Facilities Promotion of Services and Facilities Range of Services and Facilities Alternative FacilitiesBooking Processes Range of Bookings Confirmation of Bookings Range of Records Informing Other DepartmentsAmendments and Challenges Range of Booking Amendments Range of System Failure
  2. 2. DEALING WITH THE ARRIVAL OF CUSTOMERS - 2 DAY PROGRAMME - R1 500This programme consists of the following:Preparation for Guest Arrival Customer Needs Preparation of Guest Documentation Special Requests / Requirements Interdepartmental CommunicationCheck-In Processes Registration Customer Arrival Promoting Product Services Customers without advance reservations Special circumstances Importance of Accuracy Methods of Payment Completion of Registration ProcessUnexpected situations Unexpected situations regarding customers Unexpected situations regarding systemsARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF GUESTS - 3 DAY PROGRAMME - R2 250This 3 - day programme consists of the following:Preparation and Schedules Prepare for Guest Arrivals/ Departures Daily ScheduleGreet Guests Effective Communication Body Language Welcoming Guests Departure ProceduresParking and Luggage Parking Lifting Luggage Transporting Luggage
  3. 3. Facilities and Services Facilities Mobility Difficulties Additional ServicesComplaints and Incidents Range of Incidents Customer ComplaintsCUSTOMER INFORMATION AND SERVICES - 2 DAY PROGRAMME - R1 500This 2-day programme consists of the following:Customer Care Effective Customer Care Efficient Work PracticesCustomer Information Accurate Information General Knowledge Customer Needs Sources of Information Maintaining Information Displays Handling Information Requests Range of InformationExternal Services Contacting Service Providers Booking External Services Transport Services Restaurant Reservations Delivering ItemsUnexpected Situations Range of Unexpected SituationsCULTURAL AWARENESS IN DEALING WITH CUSTOMERS AND COLLEAGUES -2 DAY PROGRAMME - R1 500This programme consists of the following:
  4. 4. Effective Cultural Communication Foreign Cultures Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication with Tourists Interaction with Tourists Using Appropriate Communication Anticipating Customer Needs – and Dealing with Them Cultural Groups Local Cultures Non Verbal and Verbal ElementsThe Culture and Customs of South Africa’s Main Population Groups African Culture Western Culture Asian CultureSouth Africa’s Main International Tourist Groups Consequences of Cultural Diversity Preventing Cultural Misunderstandings Resolving Cultural Problems Cultural Differences Learning to Value Cultural DifferencesVERBAL COMMUNICATIONS - 1 DAY PROGRAMME - R750This 1 Day Programme consists of:Effective Verbal Communication Effective Communication Types of Verbal Communication Communication Context Improving CommunicationCommunication Barriers Communication Barriers Cultural Differences Stereotypes Educational Differences Voice and ArticulationSituations and Challenges Range of Situations
  5. 5. HANDLE MAIL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - 1 DAY PROGRAMME - R750This 1 day programme consists of: Handling Mail and Messages Handling Written Communication Handling Written Communication Delivering Items to a Guest Room Prevention of Unauthorised AccessEfficiency Organisational RequirementsSituations and Challenges Uncollected Items Reporting Suspicious ItemsPROVIDE A CUSTOMER SERVICE - 3 DAY PROGRAMME - R2 250Importance of the Customer Customer as a source of revenue The Impact on the Organisation Customer satisfaction and company profitability Annoying Habits Anticipating Guest Needs Maintaining good customer care Confidentiality of Company and Guest Information Personal Presentation Personal developmentCustomer Service Greeting of guests Promoting facilities and services Guest Expectations Guest reaction to poor customer service Guidelines for superior guest care Customer care in other fields and industry Improving customer care Effective Communication Range of GuestsCustomer Complaints Advantages of Complaints/Customer feedback Methods of dealing with customer related issues Range of customer complaints
  6. 6.  Common Guest Complaints Methods to satisfy irate guests Guest Complaints Procedure Written complaints Documenting Complaints Complaint Follow Up Action Do’s and Don’ts of customer complaints Complaints practices Requirements for Superior Guest CareReferral of Customers/Customer Complaints Dealing directly with guests Referring Guests Complaints occurring outside work area or authority