Samhita project creation guide


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Samhita project creation guide

  1. 1. How to create small denomination projects on Samhita? This is a step by step guide to create small value projects on What is a small value project? A small value project is a beneficiary or activity based project with donation amount between Rs.1000 – Rs.10000 per donor. (For e.g. Support a child’s education for a year for Rs.5000) Why do you need this? Individual donors are more willing to donate to small denomination beneficiary based project. The objective is to facilitate more no. of small donations. What about the project created earlier? The projects you created earlier have been moved to large amount projects which is useful for institutional donations. Step 1 – Log into your Samhita account Go to and log into your account by entering your username and password. If you have forgot your password click on ‘forgot your password’ link
  2. 2. Step 2 – Go to your profile edit page Click on the profile tab on your dashboard
  3. 3. Step 3 – Go to ‘Small value projects’ page Click on ‘Small value projects under ‘Projects & Funding’ tab
  4. 4. Step 5 – Fill up the ‘Small value Projects’ form page Enter name of your project. Keep it clear, short and simple E.g. Educate a child for 1 year Select sector(s) in which the project falls. Donors will search on the basis of sectors. Be precise Select beneficiary that the project is for. Donors will search on the basis of beneficiaries. Be precise
  5. 5. Step 6 – Fill up the ‘Small value Projects’ form page Select location where the project is located Write a summary of the project in 250 characters. The summary will be displayed everywhere on the website. Make sure you are able to explain the purpose of the project in 250 characters Describe the problem that the project is addressing Describe the solution that the project proposes.
  6. 6. Step 7 – Fill up the ‘Small value Projects’ form page Enter the total no. of beneficiaries/ activities you need to raise funds for. E.g if there are 150 students in your school enter 150. Enter the total amount you need for each beneficiary/ activity. You will have to justify the cost below so enter the amount carefully. Enter the duration for which the beneficiary/ activity will be supported. If the duration is 1 year, select a date in the next yr. Enter complete details of the cost you have entered above. E.g the cost to educate a child is 1500. Enter Books – 200, Uniform – 200, Teacher – 500, Admin – 300, Food – 500, Travel – 300. Click on update and then addmore to enter multiple expense heads Donors to your project expect to know what impact their donation has made. Set their expectations right by telling them how frequently will you send an online report. Note: You can send online reports to your donors very easily using Samhita
  7. 7. Step 8 – Save your project You can add more projects using Add Project button.
  8. 8. Step 8 – How your donors will see the project? Your projects will be visible under the ‘Donate’ tab Your donors will see this snapshot of your project. To see details of the project they can click on the Click to expand link Anyone can donate using debit/credit card or netbanking without any service fee. However bank charges of 2.5% will be levied by the bank. For any further support write to us at or call 022 4264 1892/ 4264 6520