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Music magazine contents page codes and conventions


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Music magazine contents page codes and conventions

  1. 1. Music magazine codes and conventions Magazine contents pages
  2. 2. Column structure • Most magazine contents pages are laid out in a column structure. • There are usually 3 columns and they all contain images or article information.
  3. 3. Images • There are usually at least 3 images on the contents page and they always relate to an article inside the magazine. • They are usually large and get the readers interest.
  4. 4. Image labels and numbers • By every image there are numbers and text relating to the article. • The numbers tell you which page the images related article is on and the text explains the image. • The text can also give an insight to the article to get the reader interested.
  5. 5. Feature and regular content • There are two types of articles that are included on the contents page. • The feature articles are articles that are new and usually come first in the list of content. • Regular content are articles that are included in every issue.
  6. 6. Multiple images • Most contents pages have multiple images that are linked to articles in the magazine. • They usually are linked with the mise en scene if the magazine so they convey the theme of the magazine and its genre.