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Streaming Video

  1. 1. Streaming Resources from HPU Libraries By Samantha Harlow Media & Digital Resource Librarian September 2014
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: • Learn definition of streaming video • Learn about HPU Libraries streaming video subscriptions • Learn about uploading and embedding streaming videos into CMS (content management systems) such as Blackboard
  3. 3. HPU Libraries Media Website Streaming Content at HPU LibGuide/Website
  4. 4. Films for Humanities Can search through the Films for Humanities Website You can access the HPU portal of the Films for the Humanities website through: • Streaming Content LibGuide/Website • HPU Libraries Online Resources You can search through collections or search box You can email video, create playlist and favorites, embed video, and receive a citation
  5. 5. Films for Humanities Once you create an account, you will be able to use the extra features of Films for Humanities. You will need to create an account even if you are on HPU’s campus.
  6. 6. Films for Humanities Once you have created your account, you can create:
  7. 7. Films for Humanities: Custom Segments Create clips under “Custom Segment” by making a Start Time and a End Time. Once you create the clip using “Custom Segment” under the screening film, push “Create Segment.” *You will need to be logged into your account to create segments.
  8. 8. Films for Humanities: Custom Segments Then go to the right, under Custom Segments – your clip will be listed there.
  9. 9. Films for Humanities: Custom Segments To share custom segments with students, add the clip to a Playlist. Once you have the Playlist, find the titles listed under User Options, My Playlists.
  10. 10. Films for Humanities: Custom Segments Once you have made clips or 1 clip for your class, you can send your students your Playlist URL. All the clips you make for a class will be listed at this URL, on the right hand side.
  11. 11. Films for Humanities You can also find Films for Humanities videos through searching in the HPU Library catalog and then selecting the “eVideo” type and “View Now” option. You can also specify your search result format to “eVideo.”
  12. 12. Swank Digital Campus Swank Digital Campus Website Instead of putting a DVD on reserve for a class, consider putting a film on reserve through a streaming URL for your students to watch at home.
  13. 13. Swank Digital Campus Swank Digital Campus Website What can you do with Swank in your classroom? • Students can legally view course-assigned feature length films outside of classroom, with no limit on how many people can view the streaming video for the whole semester. • If you find films through searching on their website (listed above) please send your list to Sam Harlow ( • A PDF of URLs will be put on your course reserve website and students can copy and paste the URLs into their browsers at home.
  14. 14. Embedding Streaming Video BlackBoard BlackBoard Portal Go to your course page You can add a video to content or discussions for your students to comment on.
  15. 15. Embedding Streaming Video BlackBoard On Content, Build Content and Create Item. Name your video and select the HTML Code View option in your menu bar.
  16. 16. Embedding Streaming Video BlackBoard Copy and paste the embed code from the video streaming website into the HTML code view and select Update.
  17. 17. Embedding Streaming Video BlackBoard • Nothing will appear in your text box, but do not worry! • Go ahead and submit your item with a title and other desired settings. • Now refresh your browser and go back to content – your video will appear in the content bar. • Some Internet browsers work better than others, so always try a different browser before contacting IT with technical issues.
  18. 18. For more information on uploading videos to YouTube, embedding through PowerPoint, and more please visit the Media Tutorials LibGuide/Website
  19. 19. Questions? Please email with questions about streaming video resources.