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Intro to iMovie


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Intro to iMovie

  1. 1. iMovie Tutorial By Samantha Harlow Media & Digital Resource Librarian
  2. 2. Getting Started • File – New Project • Can set to Widescreen, Standard, or iPhone. • Can rename your project by double clicking on name on the right of the screen. • Importing movies: – File – Import Movies – Navigate to your video – this might take a couple of minutes, depending on length of clip.
  3. 3. • Importing directly from camera – Click on Camera button on right hand side of screen – Select all of clips from the screen which appears that you would like to import. Or push the “Import All” button. – Name your new event and import video as “Large” in order to save room – this is still a high quality import.
  4. 4. iMovie after video import:
  5. 5. • Select footage that you want to edit. • Move footage to box labeled “Project Library.” • The box next to the viewing screen is where you will be performing your editing. • You can select scenes/images to delete or move by selecting clips using the yellow box.
  6. 6. Buttons
  7. 7. Buttons continued Show the Inspector options. See images below for what the inspector perform.
  8. 8. Add a theme to your project
  9. 9. Add background music from your iTunes library
  10. 10. Add a photo from your iPhoto library
  11. 11. Add titles (onscreen text)
  12. 12. Add transitions between clips
  13. 13. Other options within iMovie: • Create a trailer • Organize your video • Keyboard shortcuts and shortcuts menus – • Adding sound effects and other audio – • Add video effects such as aged film, cartoon, vignette, dream, sepia, or x-ray. • Stabilize shaky video –
  14. 14. More options with iMovie • How to slow down or speed up clips in iMovie ’09 and ’11 • Exporting Powerpoint presentations to iMovie – • Ken Burns Effect: zooming in, zooming out, and panning across still photographs. – • iMovie on iPad 2 –
  15. 15. Equipment to Rent at Smith Library: First Floor, Media Center • Audio recorders • Microphones • Video cameras: – – – – – Sony Bloggie Sony Handycam Canon Vixia Canon Rebel DSLR Please check out the Media & Digital Services website for a full list of options and hours of check out.
  16. 16. Export movie into a file
  17. 17. Create a DVD • You can send your footage directly to iDVD, a program on your Mac that creates a professional quality DVD. • Once you select Share-iDVD, your project will automatically open up in iDVD. • From iDVD, you can add multiple videos or photographs. • When ready, insert blank DVD into CD drive on Mac and push “burn” button.
  18. 18. iDVD Tutorial
  19. 19. Publishing your video
  20. 20. YouTube Formats
  21. 21. YouTube Privacy You have the option of making your YouTube video public, unlisted, or private. You can choose this option while uploading your video to YouTube.
  22. 22. Microsoft Movie Maker Movie Maker Tutorial
  23. 23. Problems? Apple iMovie support has a troubleshooting page on their main page. Please feel free to email me at: