‘11<br />Scholarship Awards<br />The<br />Sigma Alpha Mu <br />Foundation<br />
2011 Scholarship Awards<br />{<br />176 Total Scholarships Awarded<br />105 Undergrad & Graduate Students<br />71 Young Sc...
Thank You<br />The Foundation is grateful for Michael Fromin’s, Miami U, donation of the online application form and the t...
The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation thanks the following donors that have contributed to endowed scholarship funds for their sup...
David	Adelman	Sigma Beta
John	Ale	Beta Psi
James	Alexander	Sigma Theta
Joel	Alperson	Sigma Theta
Eliot	Arnovitz	Sigma Gamma
Leonard	Axelrod	Sigma Zeta
Michael 	Baucus	Theta
Joel	Beren	Sigma Beta
Scott 	Bernstein	Mu Chi
Arnold	Blitzer	Omicron
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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation 2011 Scholarship Report


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Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation 2011 Scholarship Report

  1. 1. ‘11<br />Scholarship Awards<br />The<br />Sigma Alpha Mu <br />Foundation<br />
  2. 2. 2011 Scholarship Awards<br />{<br />176 Total Scholarships Awarded<br />105 Undergrad & Graduate Students<br />71 Young Scholars <br />(New Initiates with a 3.75+ GPA)<br />170 Donors<br />$126,950<br />The Foundation had almost 3 applications for each scholarship we awarded. In addition, we saw an increase in ΣAM’s applying for assistance with graduate school. We wish we could help every worthy applicant.<br />
  3. 3. Thank You<br />The Foundation is grateful for Michael Fromin’s, Miami U, donation of the online application form and the time and dedication involved with the programming and support.<br />The volunteer efforts of Scholarship Chairman Jerry Miller, Miami U, and the scholarship selection committee - Tom Saldoff, Wisconsin and Ryan Robertson, Cincinnati. <br />On behalf of all the scholarship recipients, we thank all the donors that have contributed to endowed scholarship funds for their outstanding support of these scholarships.<br />Below (L-R) are Ohio State recipients with Larry Schaffer: Josh Grossman, Gianni Gagliardi, Steven Astrein, Jason Wachs, Jon Von Deylen, and Kevin Rosen<br />
  4. 4. The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation thanks the following donors that have contributed to endowed scholarship funds for their support of the Foundation’s scholarship program. <br /><ul><li> Anonymous Donor
  5. 5. David Adelman Sigma Beta
  6. 6. John Ale Beta Psi
  7. 7. James Alexander Sigma Theta
  8. 8. Joel Alperson Sigma Theta
  9. 9. Eliot Arnovitz Sigma Gamma
  10. 10. Leonard Axelrod Sigma Zeta
  11. 11. Michael Baucus Theta
  12. 12. Joel Beren Sigma Beta
  13. 13. Scott Bernstein Mu Chi
  14. 14. Arnold Blitzer Omicron
  15. 15. Edwin Blumberg Mu Kappa
  16. 16. Esther Blumenfeld Friend
  17. 17. Warren Blumenfeld Sigma Zeta
  18. 18. Edward Brandman Sigma Delta
  19. 19. Frederic Brooks Gamma
  20. 20. Alvin Cohen Sigma Zeta
  21. 21. Mark Cohen Sigma Beta
  22. 22. Alvin Cohn Omicron
  23. 23. Vincent Contreras Beta Delta
  24. 24. Paul Cooper Theta
  25. 25. Scott Covitz Epsilon Theta
  26. 26. James Curl Delta Delta
  27. 27. William Danzig Alpha
  28. 28. David Diamond Theta
  29. 29. Alexander Eastman Sigma Theta
  30. 30. Waldo Ellison Mu Omega
  31. 31. Barry Epstein Sigma Eta
  32. 32. E Allan Epstein Theta
  33. 33. James Favor Pi Kappa Alpha
  34. 34. Sam Fox Phi
  35. 35. Steven Franklin Beta Rho
  36. 36. Jay Freedman Sigma Beta
  37. 37. Jack Freeman Sigma Nu
  38. 38. Michael Fuchs Theta
  39. 39. Marshall Gelfand Eta
  40. 40. Marshall Gerber Sigma Alpha
  41. 41. Robert Gerber Sigma Zeta
  42. 42. LawrenceGettleman Sigma Delta
  43. 43. William Gilliam Beta Omega
  44. 44. Aaron Girson Delta Nu
  45. 45. Bernard Girson Friend
  46. 46. Elaine Girson Friend
  47. 47. Phillip Glauben Beta Sigma
  48. 48. Jerome Goldberg Psi
  49. 49. Joel Goldman Sigma Zeta
  50. 50. Alfred Goodman Mu Rho
  51. 51. Gary Gormin Kappa
  52. 52. Jonathan Gormin Sigma Kappa
  53. 53. Daniel Gormin Beta Iota
  54. 54. Gilbert Gottlieb Sigma Chi
  55. 55. G Groot Gregory Mu Rho
  56. 56. Sidney Guller Phi
  57. 57. Alvin Guttman Sigma Beta
  58. 58. Michael Hackman Sigma Beta
  59. 59. Stanley Heller Mu Lambda
  60. 60. Michael Hirsch Sigma Pi
  61. 61. Joel Honigberg Sigma Eta
  62. 62. Alan Hurst Beta Iota
  63. 63. Theodore Ignall Sigma Delta
  64. 64. Herbert Jablin Sigma Eta
  65. 65. Gerald Jacobs Sigma Beta
  66. 66. Jerry Jacobson Mu Omicron
  67. 67. Hyman Jacobson Alpha
  68. 68. Felix Jager Sigma Delta
  69. 69. Royal Jonas Mu Epsilon
  70. 70. Steven Kahn Beta Gamma
  71. 71. Ronald Kapon Gamma
  72. 72. Aaron Karchmer Sigma Alpha
  73. 73. Alfred Karchmer Sigma Alpha
  74. 74. Donald Karchmer Sigma Alpha
  75. 75. BradleyKastan Sigma Beta
  76. 76. RonaldKatch Rho
  77. 77. Brian Katz Sigma Beta
  78. 78. JoanKauffFriend
  79. 79. James KauffFriend
  80. 80. David Kols Sigma Kappa
  81. 81. David Kreeger Sigma Delta
  82. 82. Norman Krivosha Sigma Omicron
  83. 83. Steven LaBell Gamma Phi
  84. 84. Stanley Lefco Beta Psi
  85. 85. Howard Lerman Beta Sigma
  86. 86. Leonard Leventhal Sigma Alpha
  87. 87. Joel Levy Mu Psi
  88. 88. Stefan Loren Gamma Rho
  89. 89. Craig Ludin Mu Chi
  90. 90. Tim Madison Omicron
  91. 91. Leland Manders Mu Psi
  92. 92. Nathan Margolis Beta Sigma
  93. 93. Darren Margolis Gamma Iota
  94. 94. Todd Marks Gamma Iota
  95. 95. Timothy Mayer Omicron
  96. 96. Lowell Milken Sigma Sigma
  97. 97. Michael Milken Sigma Sigma
  98. 98. Howard Miller Sigma Chi
  99. 99. Isadore Millstone Phi
  100. 100. Marvin Mitchell Sigma Beta
  101. 101. Jeffrey Mora Delta Delta
  102. 102. Robert Morris Eta
  103. 103. Laurence Morris Eta
  104. 104. Mark Morris Eta
  105. 105. Neil Moss Mu Gamma
  106. 106. Hanno Mott Omicron
  107. 107. Robert F P Nerz Mu Eta
  108. 108. Roy Neulicht Sigma Omega
  109. 109. William Newell Mu Rho</li></ul>(Continued on next page)<br />
  110. 110. Endowed Scholarship Donors (Continued)<br /><ul><li>L Mark Newman Mu Chi
  111. 111. Dennis Paese Beta
  112. 112. John Paine Beta Delta
  113. 113. Nicholas Partridge Mu Psi
  114. 114. Ben Pearlman Delta Beta
  115. 115. Walter Phillips Sigma Beta
  116. 116. David Phillips Sigma Beta
  117. 117. Bob Platt Beta Delta
  118. 118. Michael PosnickKappa
  119. 119. Frederic Price Theta
  120. 120. Paul Pumpian Sigma Chi
  121. 121. Leslie Raffel Sigma Eta
  122. 122. James Rasbold Mu Gamma
  123. 123. David Rice Gamma Epsilon
  124. 124. Brian Rose Theta
  125. 125. Martin Rose Eta
  126. 126. Stanley Rose Eta
  127. 127. Edwin Rosen Rho
  128. 128. Thomas Ross Beta Psi
  129. 129. Bernice Rothman Friend
  130. 130. Ira Rubenstein Gamma Rho
  131. 131. Raymond Sandler Sigma Alpha
  132. 132. Richard Sandler Sigma Sigma
  133. 133. Lawrence Schaffer Sigma Beta
  134. 134. Eugene Schnell Mu Rho
  135. 135. Neal Schore Mu Chi
  136. 136. William Schwartz Sigma Alpha
  137. 137. Marc Schwartz Mu Theta
  138. 138. Ira Selss Mu Rho
  139. 139. Terry Semel Mu Phi
  140. 140. Andrew Shapiro Sigma Sigma
  141. 141. Mark Shear Beta Sigma
  142. 142. Adam Simon Sigma Beta
  143. 143. B Lee Skilken Sigma Beta
  144. 144. Robert Smith Mu Theta
  145. 145. Donald Stein Sigma Eta
  146. 146. Gerald Stempler Sigma Chi
  147. 147. Eric Stevens Beta Tau
  148. 148. Scott Stone Mu Theta
  149. 149. Scott Straus Theta
  150. 150. Gary Teitelman Mu Lambda
  151. 151. Alan Thomas Theta
  152. 152. Preston Tisch Sigma Iota
  153. 153. Joan TischFriend
  154. 154. Robert Traum Mu Phi
  155. 155. RonnTulman Kappa
  156. 156. Bradley Unger Sigma Kappa
  157. 157. Ira Unterman Gamma Xi
  158. 158. Gerhard Van Biema Sigma Eta
  159. 159. Phillip Vermont Gamma Theta
  160. 160. Donald Wallach Mu Gamma
  161. 161. Jack Wallick Sigma Gamma
  162. 162. Joel Warady Rho
  163. 163. Bradley Wayne Mu Theta
  164. 164. Stephen Weinberg Sigma Beta
  165. 165. Joseph Weinberg Sigma Delta
  166. 166. Harvey Weisblat Sigma Theta
  167. 167. Seymour Weiss Mu Gamma
  168. 168. Robert Weiss Sigma Alpha
  169. 169. Randell Wexler Mu Psi
  170. 170. Richard Williamson Sigma Omega
  171. 171. Gregory Wiviott Mu Theta
  172. 172. Kenneth Wolf Omicron
  173. 173. Bradley Zerman Beta Iota
  174. 174. The Dave Family</li></ul>Names in italics are deceased<br />
  175. 175. All ΣAM candidates who achieve a 3.75 grade point average (or equivalent) for courses taken in the academic term during which they were candidates are recognized as members of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation's Young Scholars Program. Young Scholars receive recognition and a Foundation check in the amount of $200. Past Supreme Prior Sidney Guller, an alumnus of the Phi chapter and a key supporter of the Foundation, has generously funded this program. <br />Matthew Gruber Beta<br />Matthew Scheff Beta<br />Nathan Schwartzberg Beta<br />Jonathan Weinberg Beta<br />Ankur Bajaj Beta<br />Davis Bauer Beta Gamma<br />KarmiGutman Beta Gamma<br />Michael Goldberg Beta Gamma<br />Austin Pillon Beta Gamma<br />Jared Hahn Beta Psi<br />Jacob Magid Beta Upsilon<br />Miles Greene Beta Upsilon<br />Mario Elias Delta Beta<br />Alexander Khoury Delta Beta<br />SabinoCurcio Delta Chi<br />Brian Stevenson Delta Omega<br />Kevin O'Gorman Delta Upsilon<br />Joseph Matts Delta Upsilon<br />Francesco Onorati Epsilon Iota<br />Kenneth Schneider Epsilon Iota<br />Nile Kristol Gamma Phi<br />Adam Galen Gamma Phi<br />Sean Levinson-Covert Gamma Phi<br />Jordan Talasnik Gamma Psi<br />Mark Torrey Gamma Psi<br />Brandon Pyser Gamma Psi<br />Jarred Geis Gamma Psi<br />Jacob Behnke Mu Epsilon<br />Matthew Robbins Mu Epsilon<br />Maxwell Zaitz Mu Epsilon<br />Michael Sammon Mu Gamma<br />Ryan Guss Mu Lambda<br />Ross Marks Mu Lambda<br />Alex Servetnick Mu Lambda<br />Alexander Dulin Mu Rho<br />Adam Phillips Mu Theta<br />Aaron Lieberman Mu Theta<br />Meen Chan Seo Mu Theta<br />Joseph Weil Mu Theta<br />Mark Pate Phi<br />RazaWani Phi<br />Alexander Zandi Phi<br />Zachary Chay-Dolan Psi<br />David Rohr Psi<br />Nathan Vogler Psi<br />Tung-Lin Yuan Psi<br />Alan Stupnitsky Rho<br />Brian Zohn Rho<br />Cameron Charme Sigma Beta<br />Jared Spector Sigma Beta<br />John Ryan Sigma Delta<br />Eric Federman Sigma Gamma<br />Ryan Achtman Sigma Iota<br />Mark Feldman Sigma Iota<br />Spencer Hazan Sigma Iota<br />Robert Kornblatt Sigma Iota<br />Daniel Smith Sigma Iota<br />Joshua Dean Sigma Iota<br />Phi Nguyen Sigma Sigma<br />Michael Cohen Sigma Theta<br />Eric Rosenfeld Sigma Theta<br />Jake Goldman Sigma Theta<br />Aaron Levine Sigma Theta<br />Samuel Sherman Sigma Zeta<br />Adam Nussbaum Sigma Zeta<br />Andrew Jakubowski Theta<br />Thompson McGivaren Theta<br />Joseph Pinsker Theta<br />Gregory Rose Theta<br />Jonathan Roth Theta<br />Samuel Alba Epsilon Lambda<br />Sigma Alpha Mu’s<br />2010-2011 <br />Young Scholars<br />
  176. 176. Hyman I. Jacobson <br />Top Senior ScholarThe oldest award offered by ΣAM, this is awarded to the Senior with the highest GPA. <br />Joshua Grossmam, Ohio State<br />Top Junior Scholar<br />Awarded to the Junior with the highest GPA.<br />Brandon Kappy, Michigan<br />
  177. 177. Highlighting <br />Graduate Scholarships<br />Miller AwardThis award is made in memory of Samuel Miller, CCNY '12, longtime Chairman of the ΣAM Endowment Fund and President of the ΣAM Foundation.For Fratres engaged in original projects and experiments in science, scholarship, medicine or the creative arts.David Greene, Arizona State ’08Fra Greene is working at the Ph.D program in the Department of Zoology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior at Michigan State University.<br />Dr. Lewis A. Hare ScholarshipFra Hare, Syracuse ’31, was a prominent Chicago internist. This award was endowed by his wife, Ruth, in his memory, for a medical school student.Anthony Sayega, Syracuse ’09Fra Sayega is attending the<br /> Ross School of Medicine.<br />Theda & Leonard Leventhal Scholarship Endowed by Fra Leonard Leventhal, Oklahoma ’47.Graduate student fratres in good standing that are Boy Scouts with proven Star, Life or Eagle status.Douglas Montgomery, Texas A&M ’08Fra Montgomery is an Eagle Scout attending Texas Tech School of Law.<br />
  178. 178. Highlighting <br />Graduate Scholarships<br />Allan E. Miller ScholarshipNamed for the late Fra Allan E. Miller, Michigan ’32, this scholarship is based on financial need. It is open to graduate student fratre in any academic field.Andrew Gotlieb, Ohio State ’08Fra Gotlieb is attending Cleveland State University’s joint program in Urban Planning and Law. He is involved with the American Planning Association and Secretary of Cleveland State University’s Student Government.<br />William Ober Memorial Scholarship 1This award for a graduate student fratre with demonstrated financial need and a 3.5 GPA was endowed by the late William Ober, CCNY ’26, who was a trustee of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation.Greg Parks,UC-Davis ’05Fra Parks is working on his Ph.D in neuro-pharmacology at UC-Irvine with research on melanin and epilepsy.<br />William Ober Memorial Scholarship 2This award is also for a graduate student with demonstrated financial need and a 3.5 GPA. It was endowed by the late William Ober, CCNY ’26, who was a trustee of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation.Matthew DiFrancisco, Penn ’10Fra DiFrancisco is a medical student at University of Pennsylvania, focusing on deep brain stimulation and Parkinson’s Disease.<br />
  179. 179. 2011 ΣAM Foundation Scholarship Recipients<br />Samuel Miller Scholarship <br />David Green, Arizona State <br />James C. Hammerstein Scholarship <br />Ben-Ari Boukai, Indiana University <br />James C. Hammerstein Scholarship <br />Blaine Light, Arizona <br />Ira Lind Scholarship <br />Brandon Druker, Rutgers <br />William Ober Scholarship <br />Gregory Parks, UC-Davis <br />William Ober Scholarship <br />Matthew DiFrancesco, Penn <br />Nate Karchmer Scholarship <br />Brian Rothstein, Arizona State <br />Helen Schwartz Scholarship <br />Adam Piccus, Miami U. <br />James R. Favor Scholarship <br />Samuel Sherman, Indiana University <br />James R. Favor Scholarship <br />James Hanks, Kentucky Wesleyan <br />Leonard & ThedaLeventhal Scholarship <br />Douglas Montgomery, Texas A&M <br />Stempler Family Scholarship <br />Malcolm Goodridge, St. Johns <br />James Alexander Sigma Theta Scholarship <br />Jake Goldman, Texas <br />Ben Anderson Sigma Omega Scholarship <br />Keith Criscuolo, Johnson & Wales <br />Grace Bender Scholarship <br />SabinoCurcio, St. Johns <br />Sidney Bielfield Memorial Scholarship <br />Scott Steinberg, Michigan <br />Warren & Esther Blumenfeld Humor Scholarship <br />Brian Ducoffe, Chapman <br />Harold Brandman Scholarship <br />Alexander Steiner, Rutgers <br />Sonia Brown Scholarship <br />Christopher Schek, Rochester Inst. of Tech <br />David Coleman Scholarship <br />Joshua Fliegel, USC <br />Patricia & Barry Epstein Scholarship <br />Matthew Halpern, Texas <br />Robert Elster Scholarship <br />Scott Steinberg, Michigan <br />Anna Gans Scholarship <br />Andrew Kijinski, Ohio State <br />Marshall M. Gelfand Scholarship <br />Devin Young, Syracuse <br />William Gilliam Scholarship <br />Zachary Johnson, Kentucky Wesleyan <br />Benjamin P. Goldman Scholarship <br />Ian Rathmell, Louisiana State <br />Bernard R. Goodman Scholarship <br />Jacob Taylor, Rochester <br />Gormin Family Scholarship <br />Daniel Imrecke, Stephen F. Austin U. <br />Gormin Family Scholarship <br />Christopher Caiola, Geneseo<br />Louis & Fannie Guller Scholarship <br />Parker Spielman, Washington U. <br />Sidney H. Guller Scholarship <br />Benjamin Wesche, Northern Illinois <br />Sidney H. Guller Scholarship <br />Steven Astrein, Ohio State <br />Dr. Lewis Hare Memorial Scholarship <br />Anthony Sayegh, Syracuse <br />Joel D.Honigberg Scholarship <br />David Pal, Rutgers <br />Hurst Family Scholarship <br />Sandy Shyman, Indiana University <br />Theodore J. Ignall Scholarship <br />Andrew Chinsky, Michigan <br />Irwin & Etta Jacobs Memorial Scholarship <br />Scott Kamenitz, Ohio State<br />Joseph Dave Scholarship <br />Tal Akabas, Cornell <br />Jerry Silver Scholarship <br />Kyle Colonna, Illinois-Chicago <br />Mu Gamma 50th Anniversary Scholarship <br />Ryan Penkowski, Case Western Reserve <br />Sam Fox Scholarship <br />Daniel Leventhal, Texas <br />Gary Shapiro Scholarship <br />Matthew Glaubman, Ohio State <br />Groot Gregory Scholarship <br />David Rahmani, Texas A&M <br />Stanley & David Heller Scholarship <br />Zachary Macht, Penn State <br />Harry & Harriet Stone Scholarship<br />Joseph Weil, USC <br />Ronald Shlensky Scholarship <br />Marc Silberman, Cornell <br />LM Newman Family Foundation Scholarship <br />Aaron Briones, UC-San Diego <br />September 11 Scholarship<br />Christopher Schek, Rochester Inst. of Tech <br />
  180. 180. 2011 ΣAM Foundation Scholarship Recipients<br />L. Mark Newman Family Scholarship <br />Cory Weinstein, UC-Davis <br />L. Mark Newman Family Scholarship <br />Nathaniel Wong, UC-Davis <br />L. Mark Newman Family Scholarship <br />Jonathan Arevalo, UC-San Diego <br />Walter Phillips Scholarship <br />Gianni Gagliardi, Ohio State <br />Paul Pumpian Scholarship <br />Jeremy Maltz, Texas A&M <br />Leslie & Bobbi Raffel Scholarship <br />Jonathan Grova, Rutgers <br />JC Rasbold Scholarship <br />Gregory Swan, Drexel <br />Remak-Rosenberg Scholarship <br />Aaron Slovin, Indiana University <br />David S. Rice Scholarship <br />Michael Valenta, Illinois-Chicago <br />Raymond C. & Helen Sandler Scholarship<br />Patrick McBurney, St. Johns <br />Benjamin Savage Scholarship <br />Joshua Kolapo, West Florida <br />Judy Schwartz Scholarship <br />LielNavon, Texas <br />Marc P. Schwartz Scholarship <br />Brian Tenenbaum, USC <br />Terry Semel Scholarship <br />Jacob Taylor, Rochester <br />Martin E. Sherman Scholarship <br />Amir Omeragic, Northern Illinois <br />Sigma Zeta Scholarship <br />Alexander Kain, Indiana University <br />Morris & Fannie Skilken Scholarship <br />Jason Wachs, Ohio State <br />Leonard Smith Memorial Scholarship <br />Benjamin Loewenstein, USC <br />Donald Stein Legacy Scholarship <br />Adam Nussbaum, Indiana University <br />Harold R. Stiefel Scholarship <br />Alexander Alfa, UNLV <br />Theta Scholarship <br />Michael Contillo, Penn <br />Preston Robert Tisch Scholarship <br />Devin Young, Syracuse <br />Robert Traum Scholarship <br />Nathan Vogler, Pittsburgh <br />Stephen J. Weinberg Scholarship <br />Samuel Silverman, Ohio State <br />Michael J. Weiss Scholarship <br />James Johnson, Stephen F. Austin U. <br />Seymour Weiss Engineering Scholarship <br />Nicolas Huerta, UC-Davis <br />FelizJager Scholarship <br />Brandon Druker, Rutgers <br />Royal Flagg Jonas Scholarship <br />Matthew Wolfson, U. of Miami <br />Karchmer Family Scholarship <br />Javier Lopez, Florida International <br />Michael Kar Memorial Scholarship <br />Benjamin Nemeth, Pittsburgh <br />Katch Family Scholarship <br />Spenser McGrath, Pittsburgh <br />Albert J. Kauff Memorial Scholarship <br />Robin Shapiro, Cornell <br />David Lloyd Kreeger Scholarship <br />Sharif Farghaly, Rutgers <br />Manuel Leve Scholarship <br />Jordan Impagliazzo, Temple <br />David D. Levinson Scholarship <br />Eitan Cramer, Arizona <br />Jeff Levy Sigma Theta Scholarship <br />Evan Rosenfield, Texas <br />Milken Family Scholarship <br />Benjamin Cresswell, Arizona <br />L& S Milken Scholarship <br />Nicholas Dufau, Berkeley <br />Allan E. Miller Scholarship <br />Andrew Gotlieb, Ohio State <br />Howard & Martin Miller Scholarship <br />Daniel Vershon, Johnson & Wales <br />IE Millstone Scholarship <br />Eric Messinger, Washington U. <br />Hanno D. Mott Scholarship <br />Joshua Goldman, Cornell <br />
  181. 181. 2011 ΣAM Foundation Scholarship Recipients<br />Richie & Kevin Williamson Scholarship <br />Benjamin Michaels, Cornell <br />Richard H. Williamson Scholarship <br />Aaron Ivanhoe, Arizona State <br />Kenneth & Madeline Wolf Scholarship <br />Zachary Bulwa, Illinois <br />Andrew Shapiro Scholarship <br />Phi Nguyen, Berkeley <br />John Ale Scholarship <br />Jon Basha, Arizona State <br />Joel Beren Scholarship <br />Jason Wachs, Ohio State <br />Vincent & Debbie Contreras Scholarship <br />Zachary Johnson, Kentucky Wesleyan <br />Sara & Jack Freeman Scholarship <br />KarmiGutman, Arizona <br />Bradley Kastan Scholarship <br />Jonathan Von Deylen, Ohio State <br />Nathan Margolis Scholarship <br />Dylan Friedman, Northern Illinois <br />Donald Wallach Scholarship <br />Doran Mix, Rochester Inst. of Tech <br />Joseph Weinberg Scholarship <br />Mark Eisenberg, Rutgers <br />Fritz & Anna Gans Scholarship<br />Kevin Rosen, Ohio State<br />Margie & Paul Alperson Scholarship <br />Liel Navon, Texas<br />Pictured Above (L-R) are Cornell Scholarship Recipients (L-R): Dan Keilson, Rob Shapiro, Adam Fisher, BJ Michaels and Jan Bialostok <br />
  182. 182. The Foundation is pleased to award scholarship grants <br />that have been designated for non-members.<br />USY Scholarships & NFTY Scholarships<br />Awarded to incoming college freshmen based on involvement with USY and NFTY respectively. Awards are endowed by Hanno Mott (USY) & James Alexander (NFTY)<br />NFTY Scholarship - Nicholas May, Louisiana State<br />USY Scholarship - Brian Dab, George Washington University<br />Scholarships for ΣAM Interest Group or Colony Members<br />Gormin Trailblazer Grant<br />Robert Brooks, Miami University<br />Jonathan Ossip, Florida<br />Helen Schwartz Scholarship<br />Adam Piccus, Miami University<br />Scholarships for Daughters of Fratres<br />Bill Schwartz Scholarships<br />Rachel Kaplan, Indiana Univ, studying in Israel<br />Hilary Perlman, Bowling Green State<br />Weiss Brothers Scholarship<br />Devra Silverman, Ohio State<br />Girson Family Scholarship<br />Scholarship for graduates of Lakeview High School students attending Western Michigan University.<br />Brandy Morgan<br />
  183. 183. For More Information<br />Please contact us at: <br />Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation<br />9245 N Meridian St. Suite 105<br />Indianapolis, IN 46260<br />Phone: 317.846.0600 <br />Fax: 317.846.9462<br />Email: mariam@sam-fdn.org<br />Web: http://www.sam-fdn.org<br />Aaron M. Girson, Executive Vice President<br />Maria Mandel, Foundation & Scholarship Coordinator<br />It is the mission of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to support the educational interests and activities of Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of character consistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.Sigma Alpha Mu was founded in 1909 at the College of the City of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men. <br />The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax-deductible.<br />