‘11							-																		‘12  SCHOLARSHIP REPORT    The    Sigma Alpha Mu    Foundation
Dear Fratres and Friends:It is an honor to share with you this report about the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’swork to support...
24% increase in the number of scholarships and awards available                                                           ...
Thank youThe 128 scholarships offered by Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation result from giftsmade by nearly 200 donors this past ye...
Steven P. LaBell, Gamma Phi                                Lawrence D. Schaffer, Sigma BetaStanley M. Lefco, Beta Psi     ...
TopScholars                             Hyman I. Jacobson                             Top Senior Scholar                  ...
Dr. Lewis A. Hare Scholarship                                                                                Scholarships ...
The Guller Young Scholars Program had a record number of recipients in 2011- The Guller YoungScholars Program             ...
Stephen F. Austin State University	     Eric NamboSyracuse University	     Dennis Bitetti	     Patrick DevineTexas A&M Uni...
University of Texas-Austin	          Alexander Seibel	          Andrew Rubinett	          Christopher Casanova	          C...
Jewish Studies Scholarships                                                                                  The Glazer Fa...
Scholarship RecipientsThe Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation awarded 130 scholarships in 2011-2012 from 120 different endowedschola...
Miami University of Ohio                               Derek RadichBenjamin Cahen                                         ...
University of Arizona                                       University of PittsburghBenjamin Cresswell                    ...
Scholarships                                                                                   Non-memberWeiss Brothers Sc...
New Funds in 2013In 2012-13 the ΣAM Foundation will offer more than $175,000 in endowed scholarships to undergraduatesand ...
CORNICK-SIMPKINS PI KAPPA ALPHA SCHOLARSHIP:Created by Foundation Director Jerry Miller (Miami Univ. ’76), who is chapter ...
For more information please contact us at:                                       Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation                ...
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2011-12 Scholarship Report


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The 2011-12 Scholarship Report for the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation

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2011-12 Scholarship Report

  1. 1. ‘11 - ‘12 SCHOLARSHIP REPORT The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation
  2. 2. Dear Fratres and Friends:It is an honor to share with you this report about the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation’swork to support access to higher education and recognize scholastic achievement.During the 2011-12 fiscal year we awarded 128 scholarships and 82 awards basedon outstanding academic accomplishments. These scholarships and awardshelped make a difference for 210 students on 49 campuses. All of this was madepossible through generous contributions from loyal fratres and friends of SigmaAlpha Mu.We are especially pleased to report the first three recipients of the Glazer FamilyJewish Studies Scholarships were awarded this spring. This new fund offers schol-arships (currently $5000 each) to fratres pursuing a major or minor in Jewish Stud-ies who are active in the Jewish community. The Glazer Family Scholarships werecreated by Fras Irving and Jay Glazer of our Indiana University chapter.The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation awarded 36 percent more scholarship dollars in2011-12 to 19 percent more qualified applicants than in 2010-11. This means weare awarding larger scholarships to more students. While we are making progressto ensure that no fratre has to leave school due to lack of funds, we are seeingincreased need for financial assistance from student fratres.Our work to help student fratres, and sometimes a son or daughter of a frater, ismade possible by alumni and friends who support our endowed scholarship pro-gram. The following pages share just some of the stories of those students thatwe are striving to assist.Fraternally & Sincerely,Aaron M. GirsonExecutive Vice President Mu Theta-The USC chapter 2
  3. 3. 24% increase in the number of scholarships and awards available From 2011 to 2012 176 210 scholarships and scholarships and awards given awards given 2010-2011 2011-201236% increase in the amount awarded $126,950 $172,300 awarded awarded 2010-2011 2011-201213% increase in the number of Guller Young Scholars 80 80 awards given 2011-2012 71 60 awards given 2010-2011 40 209% increase in the number of scholarship donors 170 donors 186 donors 2010-2011 2011-2012 3
  4. 4. Thank youThe 128 scholarships offered by Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation result from giftsmade by nearly 200 donors this past year and contributions received for endow-ment funds in prior years. For 2011-2012, please join us in thanking these donorsfor their gifts.David J. Adelman, Sigma Beta Aaron M. Girson, Delta NuJohn C. Ale, Beta Psi Phillip I. Glauben, Beta SigmaJames R. Alexander, Sigma Theta Glazer Family, Sigma ZetaPaul Alperson, Sigma Omicron Benjamin P. Goldman, BetaIn Memory of Ben Anderson Joel A. Goldman, Sigma ZetaEliot M. Arnovitz, Sigma Gamma In Memory of Bernard R. Goodman, Mu RhoAxelrod Family, Sigma Delta Gary P. Gormin, KappaIn Memory of Grace Bender Gilbert Gottlieb, Sigma ZetaJoel S. Beren, Sigma Beta In Memory of Gary Gottlieb, Sigma ThetaScott W. Bernstein, Mu Chi Groot Gregory, Mu RhoBeta Psi Fratres Fund In Honor of Bobbi GullerIn Memory of Sidney Bielfield, Sigma Iota In Memory of Louis & Fannie GullerArnold R. Blitzer, Omicron Robert G. Guller, Sigma ThetaEdwin C. Blumberg, Mu Kappa Sidney H. Guller, PhiIn Memory of Warren Blumenfeld, Sigma Zeta Michael D. Hackman, Sigma BetaIn Memory of Harold Brandman, Sigma Delta James C. Hammerstein, AlphaFrederic H. Brooks, Sr., Gamma In Memory of Dr. Lewis A. Hare, EtaIn Memory of Sonia Brown Stanley & David N. Heller, Mu LambdaIn Memory of Alvin L. Cohen, Sigma Zeta Michael B. Hirsch, Sigma PiMark H. Cohen, Mu Theta Joel D. Honigberg, Sigma EtaDr. Alvin W. Cohn, Omicron Hurst Family, Sigma ZetaS. David Coleman, Lambda Theodore J. Ignall, Sigma DeltaDr. Vincent J. Contreras, Beta Delta Ira F. & Karen Selss, Mu RhoDr. James F. Curl, Delta Delta In Memory of Kenneth N. Ishida, Sigma SigmaIn Memory of Steven Dachinger, Sigma Gamma Irwin M. Jacobs, BetaIn Memory of Joseph Dave, Omicron Irwi & Etta Jacobs MemorialIn Memory of Andrew Dickson, Phi Hyman I. Jacobson, AlphaIn Memory of Robert S. Elster, Nu Dr. Jerry H. Jacobson, Mu OmicronMax M. Epstein, Theta Felix Jager, Sigma DeltaBarry Epstein, Sigma Eta Royal Flagg Jonas, Mu EpsilonFamily Foundation Ronald A. Kapon, GammaJames R. Favor, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Kappa Fratres FundSam Fox, Phi Karchmer Family, Sigma AlphaSteven M. Franklin, Beta Rho Nate Karchmer, Sigma AlphaJack Freeman, Sigma Nu In Memory of Michael Karl, Gamma PiMichael I. Fuchs, Theta Bradley R. Kastan, Sigma BetaIn Honor of Anna Gans Ronald S. Katch, RhoIn Honor of Fritz & Anna Gans Brian S. Katz, Sigma BetaMarshall M. Gelfand, Eta In Memory of Albert J. KauffMarshall J. Gerber, Sigma Alpha In Memory of Robert E. KauffDr. Lawrence Gettleman, Sigma Delta David & Penny Kols, Sigma KappaWilliam Gilliam, Beta Omega David Lloyd Kreeger, Sigma DeltaGirson Family Norman M. Krivosha, Sigma OmicronSigma Alpha Mu Foundation and the scholarship recipients thank the volunteers who make the scholar-ship award process possible: Jerry Miller, Miami Univ, Scholarship Chairman; and the scholarship selec-tion committee: Nathan Margolis, Univ of North Texas, Ryan Robertson, Univ of Cincinnati, and TomSaldoff, Univ of Wisconsin. 4
  5. 5. Steven P. LaBell, Gamma Phi Lawrence D. Schaffer, Sigma BetaStanley M. Lefco, Beta Psi In memory of Jonathan A. Schmidt, Delta ThetaHoward R. Lerman, Beta Sigma Eugene R. Schnell, Mu RhoManuel Leve, Sigma Eta Neal A. Schore, Mu ChiTheda & Leonard Leventhal, Sigma Alpha In Memory of Judy SchwartzIn Memory of David D. Levinson, Alpha In Honor of William P. Schwartz, Sigma AlphaJeff Levy, Sigma Theta In Memory of Helen SchwartzJoel D. Levy, Mu Psi Marc P. Schwartz, Mu ThetaIra N. Lind, Alpha Terry Semel, Mu PhiStefan D. Loren, Gamma Rho In Memory of Gary S. Shapiro, Sigma BetaCraig L. Ludin, Mu Chi In Memory of Andrew E. Dickson, PhiNathan C. Margolis, Beta Sigma Martin E. Sherman, Sigma RhoDarren M. Margolis, Gamma Iota Ronald Shlensky, Sigma EtaMilken Family, Sigma Sigma Sigma Chi Fratres FundHoward B. Miller, Sigma Chi Sigma Iota Fratres FundHoward & Martin Miller, Sigma Chi Sigma Zeta Fratres FundSamuel Miller, Alpha In Memory of Jerry Silver, Mu GammaJerry Miller, Mu Psi Lee & Marilyin Skilken, Sigma BetaAllen E. Miller, Sigma Iota In Memory of Morris & Fannie SkilkenI. E. Millstone, Phi In Memory of Leonard H. Smith, Mu ThetaMarvin H. Mitchell, Sigma Beta Donald Stein, Sigma EtaIn Memory of Mom Keene Deanna & Gerald L. Stempler, Sigma ChiMorris Family, Eta Eric W. Stevens, Beta TauNeil M. Moss, Mu Gamma In Memory of Harold R. Stiefel, Sigma PhiHanno D. Mott, Omicron Scott A. Stone, Mu ThetaMu Eta Fratres Fund Theta 100th FundMu Gamma 50th Anniversary Theta Fratres FundMu Phi Fratres Fund Preston Robert Tisch, Sigma IotaRobert F. Nerz, Mu Eta Robert Traum, Mu PhiL. Mark Newman, Mu Chi Ronn and Kimberly Tulman, KappaNu Alumni Fund (Univ. at Buffalo) Raymond S. Turgel, Sigma XiWilliam J. Ober, Alpha Bradley C. Unger, Sigma KappaOmicron Fratres Fund Ira N. Unterman, Gamma XiDennis G. Paese, Beta Phillip G. Vermont, Gamma ThetaJohn A. Paine, Beta Delta Donald M. Wallach, Mu GammaBen Pearlman, Delta Beta Joan & Jack L. Wallick, Sigma GammaDavid H. Phillips, Sigma Beta Joel D. Warady, RhoWalter H. Phillips, Sigma Beta Bradley A. Wayne, Mu ThetaMichael A. Posnick, Kappa Stephen J. Weinberg, Sigma BetaPaul A. Pumpian, Sigma Chi Joseph Weinberg, Sigma DeltaLeslie J. & Bobbie Raffel, Sigma Eta Harvey A. Weisblat, Sigma ThetaJames E. & Elsie B. Rasbold, Mu Gamma Robert S. Weiss, Sigma AlphaIn Memory of Henry Remak-Jimmy Rosenberg, Sigma Zeta Seymour D. Weiss, Mu GammaDavid S. Rice, Gamma Epsilon In Memory of Michael J. Weiss, Sigma AlphaWalter Rose, Eta Randell K. Wexler, Mu PsiEdward A. Rosen, Kappa Richie A. & Kevin C. Williamson, Sigma OmegaThomas N. Ross, Beta Psi Richard H. Williamson, Sigma OmegaIra S. Rubenstein, Gamma Rho Gregory J. Wiviott, Mu ThetaHelen & Raymond C. Sandler, Sigma Alpha Kenneth & Madeline Wolf, OmicronIn Memory of Benjamin A. Savage, Alpha Bradley A. Zerman, Beta IotaThank you again for your generosity and support. I promise you I’ll work very hard and eventually give some-thing back to others, both as an engineer and as a proud member of Sigma Alpha Mu. Scott Lefton (Texas A&M, Gamma Kappa) Seymour Weiss Engineering Scholarship 5
  6. 6. TopScholars Hyman I. Jacobson Top Senior Scholar Blaine Light, Beta Gamma-University of Arizona. Hyman I. Jacobson Top Senior Scholar is ΣΑΜ’s oldest award and is given annually to the graduating senior with the highest GPA. Blaine Light, Beta Gamma-Univ of Arizona, 2011-2012 recipient of the Hyman I. Jacobson Award for 2012 Top Senior Scholar Top Junior Scholar Aaron Ivanhoe, Gamma Phi-Arizona State University. This award honors the college junior with the highest GPA. Aaron Ivanhoe, Gamma Phi- Arizona State Univ and 2012 Top Junior ScholarHonors Other These two scholarships honor fratres who have contributed to the growth and expansion of Sigma Alpha Mu through their work to start, re-start, or strengthen a colony or chapter. Gormin Trailblazer Award Nick d’Addabbo at Alabama (Tau) who initiated at the Boston University chapter and re-started the colony when he trans- ferred to Alabama. Helen Schwartz Scholarship Eskindir Abadi, Prior of the Delta Pi (Ottawa) colony, which is now a chapter. Nick d’Addabbo, Boston University initiate now at Tau-Univ Alabama. 6
  7. 7. Dr. Lewis A. Hare Scholarship Scholarships GraduateAnthony Sayegh, Syracuse University, ’06, now pursuing anMD at the Ross School of Medicine.Fra Hare, Syracuse ’31, was a prominent Chicago internist.His widow, Ruth endowed this scholarship for a medicalstudent in his memory.Theda & Leonard Leventhal ScholarshipBrandon Druker, Rutgers, ‘09, candidate for an MBA atRutgers State University of New Jersey. Fra Druker is an EagleScout and volunteer EMT who is working fulltime in health-care management and seeking an advanced degree.This award is given to a graduate student in good standingwho is a Boy Scout with proven Star, Life, or Eagle status. Theaward was endowed by Fra Leonard Leventhal, Oklahoma ’47.Allan E. Miller ScholarshipMichael Mills, University of California-Davis, ’00. Fra Mills isworking on an MBA at the University of California at Davis,with a focus on entrepreneurship. He served as ChapterAdvisor for Gamma Theta from 2008 through 2012.This scholarship is open to any frater in graduate school whocan demonstrate financial need. The scholarship honors the Michael Mills,late Allan E. Miller, Michigan ’32. University ofSamuel Miller Award California-Davis,Zachary Bulwa, University of Illinois-Urbana, ‘07, is now pur- ’00, is continuing hissuing a degree in Health Care Administration and Manage- studies at University of California, Davisment, Medicine at the Rosalind Franklin University of Medi- and recipient ofcine and Science. He was Prior of his chapter and after work the Allan E. Millerwith a cancer researcher, founded the Cure It on the Court Scholarship.Foundation to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.This award honors the memory of Samuel Miller, CCNY ’12,and longtime chairman of the ΣAM Endowment Fund andPresident of the ΣAM Foundation. Awardees are fratresengaged in original projects and experiments in science,scholarship, medicine, or the creative arts.William Ober ScholarshipDaniel Dinowitz, Rutgers, ‘06. Fra Dinowitz is completing theDDS at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jer-sey and plans a specialty in pediatric dentistry. He is formerRecruitment Chair and Candidate Educator for his chapter.James Johnson, Stephen F. Austin State University, ‘05. FraJohnson is working toward a doctorate in Industrial/Organi- James Johnson,zational Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, with an Stephen F. Austin State University, ’05,emphasis on ethical decision making. He is former Prior and now at the Univer-Exchequer of his chapter. sity of OklahomaThe William Ober Scholarships are for fratres who are gradu- and William Oberate students with 3.5 or better GPA and demonstrated finan- Scholarship recipient.cial need. Fra Ober, CCNY ’26, endowed the fund. He was atrustee of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation. 7
  8. 8. The Guller Young Scholars Program had a record number of recipients in 2011- The Guller YoungScholars Program 2012. More than 80 young men recently initiated into Sigma Alpha Mu earned this award. This program is for all ΣAM candidates who earn a GPA of 3.75 or higher during the semester they initiated. The Guller Youth Scholars Program is funded by the generosity of Past Supreme Prior Sidney Guller (Washington University ’43). Guller Young Scholars are listed first by institution name, then alphabetically by first name. Arizona State University Jeremy Kleiman Ryan Cohan Boston University Anonymous Buffalo State College Bernard ‘Bunk’ Baird Cornell University Eric Weintraub Daniel Greener Daniel Marcus Gabriel Motola Geoffrey Block Jason Goldberg Jesse Turk Michael Blonsky Sidney Guller Michael Dilamani (Washington Univ, Peter Haas ’43) signing certifi- Drexel University cates of award for Michael Stolinsky this year’s Guller David Walton Young Scholars. Indiana University Daniel Rappin Jordan Shwide Louisiana State University Jay Jalenak Michigan State University Colin Goodman Northern Illinois University Trevor Utz Ottowa University Kyle Leclair Pennsylvania State University Joe Vavra-Sigma Eric Vishnevetsky Delta-Rutgers Jeffrey Pinelli Univ, Guller Young Jesse Cohen Scholar Rui Wang Rochester Institute of Technology Michael Vescio Rutgers State University of New Jersey Harrison Lim Joseph Vavra 8
  9. 9. Stephen F. Austin State University Eric NamboSyracuse University Dennis Bitetti Patrick DevineTexas A&M University Joshua BeitchmanThe Ohio State University Jacob Eckstein Taylor GinisTulane University Matthew GarberUniversity of Arizona Max Reisman- Aaron Wernick Kappa-Univ. of Adam Groyer Minn, Guller Young Tyler Walling ScholarUniversity of California-Berkeley Charles Culp Ryan FishUniversity of California-San Diego Ernest MartinezUniversity of Florida Lucas Medwell Jason RosenUniversity of Illinois-Urbana Matthew Magill Matthieu KruyswykUniversity of Miami Christian Bongiorno Jake GreenbergUniversity of Michigan Alec Brodsky Daniel Weissman Jonathan Cohen Spencer ChakoUniversity of Minnesota Max ReismanUniversity of Pennsylvania Cole Blum Jack Menkes Peter Bittar Vivek JoisUniversity of Southern California Aaron Kawalsky Baldur Tangvald Daniel Goffstein Jacob Lipsett Jason Finkelstein Josh Greenberger Justin Elliot Nathan Fertig 9
  10. 10. University of Texas-Austin Alexander Seibel Andrew Rubinett Christopher Casanova Cooper Shear Hunter Sellers Isaac Miller-Crews Jason Chait Matthew Bronstein Ryan ZimmermanUniversity of Virginia Henry Borgeson Jonathan Nassau Joseph Linzon Michael Dunn Reid LitowitzWashington University Brett Goldberg Words cannot express how thankful I am for this scholarship…In these difficult financial times, the help this scholarship has given me will be instrumental in helping me complete my undergraduate education. ΣΑΜ Foundation 2010-2011 Scholarship Recipient 10
  11. 11. Jewish Studies Scholarships The Glazer FamilyThrough the new Glazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarships, the ΣAMFoundation has awarded its largest scholarships ever. Three scholarships of$5,000 each were awarded to fratres pursuing a major or minor in Jewishstudies. The 2012 recipients, Adam Libby and Aaron Meyerhoff from IndianaUniversity (Sigma Zeta), and Liel Navon from University of Texas (Sigma Theta),are all pursuing undergraduate degrees and are active in Jewish campusactivities.In addition to the academic pursuit of Jewish studies, each recipient is activein the Jewish community. Navon has served as Judaic chair of his chapter andworked to make the house kitchen kosher for Passover. Meyerhoff volunteersduring the summer at a Jewish camp for disabled children, and Libby, a ΣAMlegacy, serves as IFC delegate and is active with Hillel.Created with an endowment for the ΣAM Centennial from Irving M. Glazer(Indiana University ’38) and his son Jay Glazer (Indiana University ’66), thesescholarships set Sigma Alpha Mu apart by affirming our heritage. The Glazerfamily has been generous benefactors to Sigma Alpha Mu, in addition to theirsupport for universities. The ΣAM Foundation is proud to host the Glazer FamilyJewish Studies scholarships and is grateful to the Glazer family for the ability tohelp young ΣAM members avow their heritage in a scholarly setting.Scholarship recipients from the IndianaUniversity (Sigma Zeta) chapter: (l-r)Aaron Meyerhoff,Adam Libby, JoshuaSteinberg, Adam Nussbaum & SandyShyman. Meyerhoof and Libby aretwo of the first three recipients of theGlazer Family Jewish Studies Scholar-ship. Steinberg received the Remak-Rosenberg Scholarship, Nussbaumreceived the Ira Lind Scholarship andShyman received the Hurst FamilyScholarship. I think giving back to your community is so important and you have shown me just how much it can mean to someone. Aaron Meyerhoff, Indiana Univ Glazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarship 11
  12. 12. Scholarship RecipientsThe Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation awarded 130 scholarships in 2011-2012 from 120 different endowedscholarship funds. Most scholarship funds have been created by fratres or their families, although someare combined efforts of a chapter. Mu Gamma, Sigma Sigma, Sigma Theta, and Theta chapters all havescholarships created by chapter alumni and members.The 2011-2012 scholarship recipients are listed, first by college or university name, then by recipientname.Arizona State University Drexel UniversityAdam Galen Michael Stolinsky Deana & Gerald Stempler Scholarship Karchmer Family ScholarshipAaron Ivanhoe Florida International University Top Junior Scholar Matthew GomezJakob Khazanovich Steve & Vivian Franklin Scholarship1 Samuel Gotfrid ScholarshipMicah Tuttle Indiana University Terry Semel Scholarship Adam Libby Glazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarship1Boston University Aaron MeyerhoffNicholas D’Addabbo Glazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarship1 Gormin Trailblazer Award Adam NussbaumJeremy Meltzer Ira Lind Scholarship Jack & Sara Freeman Scholarship Jordan ShwideBuffalo State College Sigma Zeta ScholarshipSamuel Alba Sandy Shyman Chief Justice Norman Krivosha Scholarship Hurst Family ScholarshipBernard ‘Bunk’ Baird Joshua Steinberg Raymond & Helen Sandler Scholarship Remak-Rosenberg ScholarshipRyan Somerville Matthew Wolfe James C Hammerstein Scholarship Marshall M Gelfand ScholarshipCase Western Reserve UniversityChristopher Miller Mu Gamma 50th Anniversary ScholarshipRyan Penkowski Jerry Silver Memorial ScholarshipMichael Sammon Groot Gregory Scholarship & James C Hammerstein ScholarshipChapman UniversityAlex Bull S David Coleman Scholarship Adam Libby (Indiana Univ), a Glazer Family ScholarshipCornell University recipient, and his grandfather, Michael WeissAnkur Bajaj (Oklahoma ‘55) Ronald Shlensky Memorial ScholarshipKyle Dorman Kentucky Wesleyan College Wallach Associates Inc Scholarship James HanksBrian Kramer William Gilliam Scholarship Gormin Family Scholarship Zachary JohnsonRobin Shapiro Harold R Stiefel Memorial Scholarship Albert J Kauff Memorial Scholarship Cody MooreMarc Silberman Manuel Leve Scholarship Sidney H Guller ScholarshipJonathan Weinberg Dennis Paese Scholarship1 12
  13. 13. Miami University of Ohio Derek RadichBenjamin Cahen Leslie & Bobbie Raffel Scholarship Royal Flagg Jonas Scholarship Stephen F. Austin State UniversityDavid Conway James Johnson James R. Favor Risk Management Scholarship William Ober ScholarshipBrendan Gillespie Jerry Miller Scholarship Stony Brook University David CesaireEythan Gregory Michael Karl Memorial Scholarship Mom Keene ScholarshipNicholas Young Syracuse University Ben Savage Scholarship Dennis Bitetti Grace Bender ScholarshipMichigan State University Jared BlyColin Goodman Walter Rose Scholarship L. Mark Newman Scholarship Craig LeppertJustin Weintraub Theodore Ignall Scholarship L. Mark Newman Scholarship Anthony SayeghBenjamin Wesche Dr. Lewis A Hare Scholarship September 11th ScholarshipOttawa University Temple University Jacob AdamsEskindir Abadi Nate Karchmer Scholarship Helen Schwartz ScholarshipFrancois Brunet Texas A&M University Pauline & Albert Pattenick Scholarship Alec BeckerMichael Mikhail Margolis-Epps Scholarship Bora Laskin Scholarship Joshua Beitchman Judy Schwartz ScholarshipPennsylvania State University Austin BondEric Vishnevetsky Harvey Weisblat Aviation Scholarship Sonia Brown Memorial Scholarship & Eric Garfinkle Stanley & David Heller Scholarship Sidney H Guller ScholarshipRochester Institute of Technology Scott LeftonEthan Belcher Seymour Weiss Engineering Scholarship Joseph Dave Memorial Scholarship Jeremy MaltzBrian Stevenson Robert Traum Scholarship Paul Pumpian Scholarship The Ohio State UniversityRutgers State University of New Jersey David BernsteinOren Auslin Irwin & Etta Jacobs Memorial Scholarship Harold Brandman Scholarship Max CharnasDaniel Dinowitz Anna Gans Scholarship William Ober Scholarship Daniel DavidBrandon Druker Walter Phillips Scholarship Theda & Leonard Leventhal Scholarship Gianni GagliardiSharif Farghaly Fritz & Anna Gans Scholarship James R. Favor Risk Management Scholarship Jason GaloJonathan Grova Bradley Kastan Scholarship Felix Jager Scholarship Scott KamenitzJustin Korn Morris & Fannie Skilken Scholarship Joseph Weinberg Scholarship Jeremy MargolisJohn Ryan Stephen Weinberg Scholarship Preston Robert Tisch Scholarship Kevin RosenAdam Sicheri Gary Shapiro Memorial Scholarship David Lloyd Kreeger Scholarship Samuel SilvermanSt. Johns University Joel Beren Community Service ScholarshipPatrick McBurney Tulane University Michael J Weiss Memorial Scholarship Michael RedaState University of New York-Geneseo Steven Dachinger Memorial ScholarshipChristopher Caiola Gormin Family Scholarship 13
  14. 14. University of Arizona University of PittsburghBenjamin Cresswell Jonathan Duvall Milken Family Scholarship Robert E Kauff Memorial ScholarshipKarmi Gutman University of Rochester L & S Milken Scholarship Jacob TaylorBlaine Ligh Bernard R Goodman Memorial Scholarship Hyman I Jacobson Scholarship University of Southern CaliforniaUniversity of California-Berkeley Joshua FliegelLoren Fuell Hanno D Mott Scholarship Sigma Sigma Scholarship Anthony JuszakPhi Nguyen Marc P Schwartz Scholarship Ben Anderson Scholarship Eric KawalskyEthan Stan Leonard H. Smith Memorial Scholarship L. Mark Newman Scholarship Eric LavisUniversity of California-Davis Kenneth & Madeline Wolf ScholarshipPeter Barnes Joseph Weil Joel Honigberg Scholarship Warren & Esther Blumenfeld Humor Award &Michael Mills Harry & Harriet Stone Scholarship Allan E Miller Scholarship University of Texas-AustinJefferson Packer Matthew Halpern David D Levinson Scholarship John C Ale ScholarshipUniversity of Florida Brian LeventhalLucas Medwell Jeff Levy Sigma Theta Scholarship James & Elsie Rasbold Scholarship Daniel LeventhalUniversity of Illinois-Urbana Sam Fox ScholarshipStanton Bohmbach Liel Navon Private Family Foundation Scholarship Glazer Family Jewish Studies Scholarship1Zachary Bulwa Zachary Robinson Samuel Miller Award James & Rosalie Alexander ScholarshipAlex Ruby Henry Rubinsztein Martin E Sherman Scholarship Gary Gotlieb Scholarship1Eric Samuels Kenny Rubinsztein David S Rice Scholarship Patricia & Barry Epstein ScholarshipUniversity of Miami University of West FloridaZachary Messinger Kyle Cheke Katch Family Scholarship Richie & Kevin Williamson Scholarship Joshua KolapoUniversity of Michigan Howard & Martin Miller ScholarshipLucas Piken Sidney Bielfield Memorial Scholarship Washington UniversityPeter Rosenbloom Eric Hamblett Robert S Elster Memorial Scholarship I.E. Millstone Scholarship Jack SunUniversity of Minnesota Louis & Fannie Guller ScholarshipGarrett Horwitz 1 indicates that this is the first year this scholarship has Donald Stein Legacy Scholarship been awarded.University of Nevada-Las Vegas Joel BerenAlexander Alfa Community Service Dr. Vincent Contreras Leadership Scholarship ScholarshipUniversity of Pennsylvania recipient SamMichael Contillo Silverman (The Benjamin P Goldman Scholarship Ohio State Univ)Clifford Fishler Theta ScholarshipJayson Weingarten Max M Epstein Scholarship 14
  15. 15. Scholarships Non-memberWeiss Brothers ScholarshipFor the daughter of a frater attending collegeSamantha Charen, of Conroe, TX (Syracuse Univ),daughter of Lance Charen (Syracuse ‘83)Schwartz Scholarship for Daughters of FratresTwo scholarships for daughters of a frater attending collegeHilary Perlman (Bowling Green Univ), daughter of JamesPerlman (Ohio State Univ ‘74)Amy Sandler (Indiana Univ), daughter of Gerald Sandler(Univ of Missouri ’71)Girson Family ScholarshipFor a high school senior attending Western MichiganUniversityAlexis Lee, of Battle Creek, MIJames Alexander NFTY ScholarshipFor a high school senior headed to college and involvedwith National Federation of Temple YouthAlec Lybik of Carmel, IN (attending Univ of Michigan)Hanno Mott USY ScholarshipFor a high school senior headed to college and involvedwith United Synagogue YouthJesse Nagelberg of East Brunswick, NJ, brother of Cory 2011-2012 recipientNagelberg (Texas A&M), headed to Univ of Houston of a Schwartz Schol- arship for Daughters of Fratres Hilary Perlman, daughter of James Perlman (Ohio State ‘74) and sister of Todd and Brett Perlman (Ohio State ’05 & ‘07). She is a student at Bowl- ing Green State Univ.…I am doing research in a biofuels laboratory in the Chemical Engineering Depart-ment [and] getting my PhD from the Turbomachinery Laboratory in the Mechani-cal Engineering Department; thus my research specialty is in combustion and fluidsciences… It is my goal to…complete the prototyping of the Star Rotor engine,which can likely triple the efficiency of conventional piston driven airplanes, trains,trucks, and other automobiles at much lower cost that modern aviation derivedturbomachinery. Austin Bond, Texas A&M University Harvey Weisblat Aviation Scholarship 15
  16. 16. New Funds in 2013In 2012-13 the ΣAM Foundation will offer more than $175,000 in endowed scholarships to undergraduatesand graduate students in support of education. New scholarships to be introduced in 2012-13 include: • The Axelrod Family Scholarship, endowed by Leonard Axelrod (Indiana ’69) to honor his family, his brother Mark (Indiana ’65) and their ties to Sigma Alpha Mu. • The Arnold R. Blitzer Scholarship, was funded by Arnold R. Blizter (Cincinnati, ‘53). • Honorable Frederic H. Brooks Scholarship, endowed by Frederic Brooks (Columbia/Gamma ‘54). • The Cornick-Simkins Scholarship, our first interfraternal scholarship, endowed by Foundation Director Jerry Miller (Miami University ’76). • The Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers ’34) Memorial Scholarship for the Rutgers Chapter, endowed by his sons Lawrence Gettleman (Rutgers ‘59, and Tulane chapter co-advisor 1985-89) and Robert W. Gettleman (AEPi). • The Nu Educational Fund for Nu alumni, their children and grandchildren • The Jonathan A. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship for the SUNY-Stony Brook chapter • The Ronn and Kimberly Tullman Scholarship This award is made by Ronn Tulman (Kappa ’75), a former Fraternity consultant, and his wife Kimberly.AXELROD FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP:This award is made by Sigma Zeta fratres Mark and Leonard Axelrod in memory of their parents Morris andDoris Axelrod.Criteria: This award is available to applicants with demonstrated need who have at least a 3.0 GPA andwith priority for those preparing for a career in law, criminal justice, business or literature/creative arts.Open to: Priority to undergraduate members of Sigma Zeta or Mu Theta, otherwise, open to anyfrater or son of a frater.Amount: $500ARNOLD R. BLITZER SCHOLARSHIPFunded by Arnold R. Blizter (Cincinnati, ‘53), who is father of Todd Blitzer (Texas ‘85).Criteria: This scholarship is for applicants studying businessOpen to: This scholarship will be for an undergraduate member of the Sigma Theta (Texas) chapter.Amount: To be determined.HONORABLE FREDERIC H. BROOKS SCHOLARSHIP:Endowed by Frederic Brooks (Columbia/Gamma ‘54), who is the son of Jacob Buckstein (Cornell MedicalCollege/Zeta, 1912).Criteria: Available to a worthy undergraduate or graduate student.Open To: Initiated members of Sigma Alpha Mu in good standing.Amount: $500 16
  17. 17. CORNICK-SIMPKINS PI KAPPA ALPHA SCHOLARSHIP:Created by Foundation Director Jerry Miller (Miami Univ. ’76), who is chapter advisor for the DeltaGamma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Miami Univ (Ohio), in honor of Pi Kappa Alpha membersAndrew J. Cornick and Ross T. Simkins.Criteria: Member in good standing of the Delta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha with a GPA of 2.75or higher, who demonstrates the qualities of SLAG (scholarship, leadership, athlete and gentleman)andwho is living in the fraternity house. Merit based with financial need as a second consideration.Open To: Members of the Delta Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa AlphaAmount: $1,000CHARLES E. GETTLEMAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP:Created in memory of Charles E. Gettleman (Rutgers ‘34) and his dedication to Sigma Alpha Mu by hissons Lawrence Gettleman (Rutgers ‘59, and Tulane chapter co-advisor 1985-89) and Robert W. Gettle-man.Criteria: Based on significant financial need and leadership in the fraternity. Candidates should beinvolved with their chapter and campus activities. GPA is not a major criterion.Open to: Undergraduate member of Sigma Delta/Rutgers (or Sigma Gamma/Tulane (when the chap-ter reactivates))Amount: $500JONATHAN A. SCHMIDT MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP:This award has been created by his parents, Dr. Delia Figueroa and Gary Schmidt, and his sister, AliciaSchmidt, in memory of Jonathan (Stony Brook/Delta Theta ’06), who passed away in 2011.Criteria: Available to undergraduates in good standing from the Stony Brook/ Delta Theta chapter.Open To: Undergraduates at the Stony Brook/Delta Theta chapterAmount: $1,000RONN & KIMBERLY TULMAN SCHOLARSHIP:This award is made by Ronn Tulman (Kappa ’75), a former Fraternity consultant, and his wife Kimberly.Criteria: Available to undergraduates, sophomore or higher, based on financial need and GPA higherthan 2.87. Preference to Kappa chapter.Open to: Undergraduates, preference to Kappa chapterAmount: $500 Rutgers (Sigma Delta), which had 10 scholarship recipients in 2011-2012 17
  18. 18. For more information please contact us at: Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation 8701 Founders Road Indianapolis, IN 46268 Phone: 317.789.8339 Fax: 317.824-1505 Email: mariam@sam-fdn.org Web: http://www.sam-fdn.org Maria Mandel, Foundation & Scholarship Coordinator Phyllis Grzeskowiak, Administrative AssistantIt is the mission of the Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation to support the educational interests and activities of SigmaAlpha Mu Fraternity, to furnish student aid, and to encourage and develop conduct and traits of characterconsistent with high morals, constructive citizenship, scholarship, leadership and community service.Sigma Alpha Mu was founded in 1909 at the College of the City of New York as a fraternity of Jewish men.The Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Gifts made to the Foundation are tax-deductible.Sigma Alpha Mu Foundation is a member of the National Scholarship Providers Association.