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What's new in microsoft dynamics ax7


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Whats new in Microsoft dynamics AX 7 based on Microsoft new version Cloud based.

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What's new in microsoft dynamics ax7

  1. 1. What's new in Microsoft Dynamics AX7 SUMMARY ABOUT THE EVENT – DEVELOPMENT PROSPECTIVE Sameh Senosi – Software Development lead
  2. 2. Introduction AX7 will be Cloud based solution integration with Visual Studio as a development IDE and SQL Server 2016 as data Repository AX7 will be managed under LCS [Lifecycle Service] that will Hold variant of Tenants under to be managed by the Subscription owner. Each Tenant can have a Varity of development Environment and Production Environment based on the subscription license. AX7 will be Available in a Private Cloud 6 Months Later the release date of AX7 ; Expected at early 2017
  3. 3. Introduction From development prospective; AX7 will not present new technology; it will drive the current technologies with better way  [using Visual studio rather than morphix  using SQL Azure or SQL server 2016 rather than standard SQL server editions  using web trace parser rather than using debugger and compiler in AX  using Real-time Analytic better than using AX SSRS  using SSIS Packages online with Real-time Analytic rather than using SSIS packages with AX direct Database  BI and Reporting in Separated form the Transactional Database [Normal AX database]
  4. 4. Introduction Isolation – in AX7 the Public Cloud will have may tenants from
  5. 5. Databases inside AX will have 2 databases [primary database] Replica1 will be a replicated database [Charts and totals database] replicated every second Replica2 will be a replicated database [BI] replicated every period of time [by setup] The following Diagram will have brief info about the Database structure.
  6. 6. Database Structure inside AX7 Database Replica1 Will be used to execute charts and aggregates [totals] Replicated every second [online transactions] Replica2 Will be uses to execute SSIS packages and integrate with other systems Replicated by period of time [changed through setup]
  7. 7. Databases inside AX Database will use SQL Server 2016 For more information about in this link Some features of using SQL Server 2016 with AX7 - it will have a good functionality --> Scale up and down [to determine the performance of each ax database] - the data is captured in the memory and give you group on each action happen in the database - as ax Development will be inside AX; Database Synchronization will be available from Visual Studio Direct.
  8. 8. Database Inside AX SQL Server will have 3 types of licenses  basic  Standard  Premium [ AX will work with Premium edition]
  9. 9. Development inside AX The minimum Requirement for AX is 16 GB and 2 core CPU The application is fully integrated with Visual Studio; replacing Moephex inside AX 2012 The Complier (CIL) available for all Features Threes more code snippets added in X++ to Match C# Programming Language There's no client will be Installed; it will be a Browser The Debugging in the client will be inside the browser debugging options mainly Microsoft EDGE – Internet Explorer previously known.
  10. 10. Development inside AX New Feature is Available as using Visual Studio as IDE; is using ALM (Application Life cycle Management] this will help loading test cases and keep source control of projects component and versioning The ALM is build for automation, test and deployment for the models to the cloud. Will provide comparing the objects inside visual studio direct There's no AOS[Application object Server]for AX all object will be listed inside visual studio as toolbox. In the development environment will be a standard SQL database not Azure database to decrees the cost. The Development environment can be made on premises locally not hosted in the cloud
  11. 11. Development inside AX The Compile using command line for the packages is allowed The Deployment will be available through package that equals Model Store; The Model Store can be added in LCS; the LCS is responsible for the Application updates that will be sent to Microsoft for production deployment The developer can deploy to the production environment upon agreement with the Customer or deploy through Microsoft team directly.
  12. 12. thanks @samehsenosi